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Newborn Life on Cloud Nine

I can only describe the past few days with baby Wilhelmina as ‘floating on cloud nine.’ Well, I guess it’s not really floating, but more like strategic hovering with my husband as we watch, hold, feed, burp, change and smile at her. We did a ‘can we go out in public with a baby?‘ practice …read more →


Kim Kardashian Stole My Pregnancy Style

Okay, that’s a little dramatic, but can’t a post be a bit over-the-top when I’m 9 months pregnant and it involves a Kardashian? Unlike last year, it has really felt like summer in Switzerland lately! There have been consecutive weeks with warm, humid days and most buildings in Zurich, including our apartment, do not have …read more →


1-Hour ‘Beauty Secret’ Course in Zurich

Feeling pasty in Zurich? I caught a glimpse of my legs yesterday as the Swiss sun finally peaked through our bedroom window. Whoa, they are a shade of bright white after bundling up for months which brings me to a 1-Hour Simple Beauty Secret course I’m giving next week at the American Women’s Club of …read more →


4 Tips to Winterize Your Look

Hello Winter! Last week, we had our first real snow storm this winter in Switzerland. I didn’t leave the house for two days. It was New Year’s Eve, my Fiat was covered in 3 feet of snow that just kept falling and Uggs or not, walking to the grocery store was out of the question. Finally, …read more →


3 Tips to Instant Fall Glam

Maybe you could care less about Kathie Lee and Hoda, but I used to love all the ‘Today Show‘ style segments when I was sipping coffee in my cubicle back in San Francisco. I was always fascinated with the ‘How to Take Your Look from Day to Night‘ segments. They made it seem so effortless to …read more →


5 Tips to Instantly Style Track Pants

Faux leather track pants – a style ‘Do’ or ‘Don’t?’  When I first started seeing this trend, track pants felt more like ‘high-school P.E.’ than posh, until I tried them on and realized they were so comfortable! Not only are track pants still on trend, faux leather is perfect for fall because they’re warmer than the …read more →


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