Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Stripes & Sand on Galveston Island. We’re Not in California Anymore

After a nearly 4-hour drive from Dallas to Houston a few weeks ago, we decided to forge on to the gulf.  Yep! Galveston. The coast, the ocean, the sand – we were so excited! We’d heard about the coastal resort town, but didn’t know what to expect as we drove across the bridge with the …read more →


Interview: Cassie Chapman of TNT’s ‘Nashville Wives’

‘A glass of wine or champagne for you, ladies?’ the waiter asked. I can honestly say I’ve never sat down with another female and our drink of choice was Crown Royal. ‘I’m a whiskey girl,’ Cassie said unapologetically. Woohoo! my favorite, I thought, as we each ordered a bowl of split pea soup garnished with bacon and our whiskey …read more →


Throwback Thursday – ‘Stay Savvy San Francisco’

Happy Throwback Thursday! I may not have left all of my heart in San Francisco, but I did leave most of my winter wardrobe. I’m looking forward to stuffing my suitcases with all of my winter coats and over-the-knee boots in California I left after the wedding. Many of my winter looks lately have been …read more →


Holiday Prep Style at the Dolder Grand

Fa la la la la, the holidays are here. Decor has decked the department stores since late September; but now ’tis the season’ is officially here. I love the Christmas Markets in Europe and decided every weekend in Zurich is a great chance to explore the city. Last Sunday decked out in my Little Red Riding …read more →


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Zurich

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days sped through Switzerland last week and as a newbie to Zurich, I was both excited and nervous. Why? Because there’s a universal vibe at fashion events that translates the same in all countries. For the spectator, stylists, designers and models; everyone is looking, watching and judging each other’s style. Sure, it’s a thrill …read more →


The Hermès Secret & White Denim in France

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t even know what a Birkin bag was until watching a Sex & the City rerun in my college dorm. It was the ‘Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda’ episode where Samantha is seriously lusting over Lucy Lui’s Birkin bag. Hermès of Paris is one of the most recognizable luxury brands, which is why …read more →


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