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Dare to Bare Your Back

Have you ever worn a backless dress before? They’re not that common or easy to find, but I’m recommending you try a dress or top with a dangerously plunging back. The reason I say “dangerous” is because if you don’t take the proper precautions (coverage) in the front, it could be a rather risky situation. I’ve been seeing backless dresses on …read more →

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Ladies, it’s Tee Time! 5 Fun Tips to Get Golfing

And I’m not talking about Long Islands. Ever since I took a golf lesson during a vacation last summer, I’ve been hooked. I used to think golf was just a boring ultra-quiet sport for guys that took way too long to play. Plus, it’s associated with Tiger Woods. Eww! But, if you’ve never stepped foot on a course or played, I highly recommend …read more →

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Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow, Green and…

I’ve never seen so many color posts on Facebook about the Superbowl but people love that “Black and Yellow” song and I do too. So, it’s the second quarter and I just decided who I’m rooting for in today’s big game. I have to go with Green Bay, eventhough I’m not much of a football fan. But Aaron Rodgers …read more →

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Looks VS. Laughs

Have you ever heard someone laugh and thought to yourself, “wow, that is pretty annoying,” and hope for their sake they cut the chuckle short. I’ve been told myself I have an irritating giggle when I really start laughing and one of my best friends was even voted “Craziest Cackle” in high school. I’m not saying someone should …read more →

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Are You Wearing Red Today?

“Thanks Meredith,” I said to myself this morning after I flipped on the Today Show. I usually try to tune her out so I don’t get a headache before work while waiting for segments with my faves Kathie Lee and Hoda. But while trying to find something to wear, Meredith Vieira filled me in about why everyone on the show was wearing red. It’s …read more →

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Would you go Nude?

Going nude in public? Don’t panic, I’m talking about nude heels and there’s nothing shocking or stunning to see in this post. Nude heels have been in style the last couple years, but I’ve noticed them a lot lately in stores and on celebs. So, if you’ve never dared to debut a nude heel, go for it. I …read more →


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