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Expat Confession! ‘I Love Swiss Starbucks’

What is your favorite coffee spot? After living in Switzerland nearly three years, I find myself visiting Starbucks almost daily when I’m out and about or meeting friends. ‘This is so lame I’m going to Starbucks again,’ I thought yesterday. Yet, I made a beeline for the Seattle based chain passing by charming Swiss cafes …read more →


Flare Alert! That 70’s Style is Back

‘Somebody decided that the 1970s are back for Fall 2015,’ ranted this blogger hilariously taking aim at nearly every Fall ‘fashion must-have’ in her post titled, ‘Why does every store want me to wear hideous clothes this Fall?’ Sure, there are some styles like A-line denim skirts and culottes that I will skip, but I’m …read more →


Secrets of the Autobahn! 10 Driving Tips I’ve Learned in Germany

Vroom, vroom! I’m so glad I didn’t have to learn to drive in Germany because I would have been terrified as a teen on the Autobahn in my ’89 Accord. (Remember your first ride?) Over the weekend, we drove from Zurich to Frankfurt, Germany to visit my in-laws. I was behind the wheel as we …read more →


Back to School in Big Bird Yellow

The past week has been a ‘Back to School‘ photo frenzy filling my Facebook feed with adorable pics capturing the first day back for friends and family from preschool to post grad. Time really flies when you’re raising kids! From Skyping with my mom in California, a 4th grade teacher, helping her choose outfits virtually …read more →


The New Nespresso – Milano & Palermo

Maybe you grew up listening to the ‘Folgers‘ jingle, but it’s pretty much all about pods now when it comes to at-home coffee brewing machines. When I first met my husband, we went on quite a few coffee dates, and within a few months he pretty much convinced my entire family to buy a Nespresso …read more →


Gladiator Gal in Spain

How do you spot a trend that probably won’t last? When you see it on every Kardashian sister in one outing. As I scrolled through Daily Mail a couple nights ago at 2 am; Kris, Kourtney and Kendall were all decked out in gladiator sandals filming in St. Barts. Whether you slipped into the not-so-easy …read more →


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