Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Skinny Enough? Brandy Melville Sells ‘Size 1’ Only

How does reliving ‘body issue’ moments of your teen years sound? Imagine being a teenage girl now with the pressure of selfie-perfection, Snapchat drama, and discovering a store adored by 2 million 10-somethings on Instagram that makes Abercrombie & Fitch look like a plus-size brand. Meet the popular teen retailer Brandy Melville. I first heard …read more →


Gone Glamping

A few months after I was married, we were staying at my old apartment in San Francisco one night when suddenly the power went out – a stayed out for hours. It was an especially cold night so I started lighting candles everywhere, searching for extra blankets stuffed into a closet when my husband said, ‘I feel …read more →


‘Too Old for Coachella’ Style

I’m a big believer that ‘age is just a number‘ and it’s all about staying ‘young at heart.’ After all, I still get excited like a 5-year-old over a fresh pack of Sour Patch Kids and sprint to the mailbox for my fashion mags after the Swiss postman arrives. But have you ever thought to yourself, …read more →


How to Quit Your Day Job to Start Your Own Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Be your own boss, brand, and the ultimate decision-maker. Perhaps open your own restaurant, start a jewelry line, website, clothing brand or some sort of online marketplace for your idea or service? I always did and now that I’m technically a full time ‘entrepreneur’ after quitting my …read more →


90’s Flashback! Austin Powers, Dr. Evil & Foxxy Cleopatra Appear in SF

Did you know that Halloween happens twice a year in San Francisco? Once on October 31st and then again on the third Sunday of every May for the annual Bay to Breakers race which happened to be yesterday. The annual footrace from the Bay side of the city to the beach is 7.46 miles and was recognized in the 80’s by the Guinness …read more →


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