Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Mother’s Day Giveaway! Savvy Sleepers + We.The.Birds Macarons

If you have a sweet tooth and a fondness for beauty sleep, this is the GIVEAWAY for you! I met the founders (and sisters Natalie & Sarah) behind the blog and French macaron company called We.The.Birds earlier this year. I was so impressed with their brand and sweet macaron biz that are more like pieces …read more →

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Scottsdale Style on a Budget + ROSS Shopping Secrets

Have you heard? The ‘Great Retail Apocolypse of 2017’ has arrived. As The Atlantic described it this week, there is a full on ‘meltdown’ of retailers. Malls you loved as a teen are souring more than Warheads you scored at the Sweet Factory. It’s only April and according to The Atlantic, ‘J.C. Penney, RadioShack, Macy’s, and …read more →


Savvy Sleepers Free V-Day Gift Including Sugarfina Sour Lips

I’m a self-confessed sour candy lover! Although I cut back to less than a pack of Sour Patch Kids per day, I discovered a candy last year that had me hooked after 1 piece. They are Sugarfina Sugar Lips and they have a hard gel consistency, perfect texture and ideal zap of sour. The sour …read more →

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Hello from Las Vegas! Our First Tradeshow

If you want to know what a hangover without alcohol feels like in Las Vegas; go there for a trade show from set-up to closing. Talk about exhausting! I spent last weekend with the Savvy Sleepers team participating in our first official trade show. Savvy Sleepers had a booth at the International Beauty Show at …read more →

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‘How I Landed My Dream Job at Sephora’

Have you ever thought of making a career change or found yourself quasi-mentoring a neice, nephew or younger sibling trying to decide on a college or career path? I just started a new Interview Series this year called Tru Stories about real people I’ve met throughout the years sharing beauty confessions, one-of-a-kind career advice, or …read more →


Savvy Sleepers Score a Spot in Popsugar’s Must-Have Box

A decade ago I had started my first job in San Francisco. My first 9-5 after college. You know it takes time to adjust. A few months after adapting to cubicle life, I discovered a new website called Popsugar. It was celeb gossip, fashion and the perfect escape when I had a 10 min break …read more →

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