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Is Calypso St. Barth Closing Forever? What is Going on with the Resort-Wear Retailer

An email in caps with the subject line, ‘Final Countdown Sale 70-80% Off‘ caught my eye yesterday. It was from the hot resort-wear retailer Calypso St. Barth and they never have sales like that and I thought their marketing team had been hacked. If you’re a Calypso fan, walking into their brick and mortar store locations felt like a vacation getaway. Somewhere with palm trees, a breeze in your hair and coconut cocktail in hand.

The resort-wear collections were pricey and I can count how many Calypso items I have on one hand. I featured a few Calypso pieces on my blog 5 years ago on a vacay and our honeymoon. So much has changed since then…


According to the NY Post, ‘The French clothing chain, founded in 1992 by designer Christiane Celle, once had 35 stores in Paris, Palm Beach, New York City and Santa Monica, among other tony locations.’

I’d visited the Santana Row and Dallas locations in the past couple years and loved checking out the new styles online, especially if there’s a major sale. But yesterday, I opened the email and saw this…


‘What is going on?!’ I thought. Had their mailing list been hacked and someone photoshopped Calypso’s logo on this huge tacky clearance sale image? I thought about sending a quick email to their PR rep, but first I did a google search. Apparently I missed the retailer’s bad news a couple months ago that Calypso is closing and filing for bankruptcy in the midst of still owing countless vendors and employees money.

Maybe you’re thinking it’s just another retailer that bit the dust in the age of Amazon, but this one is messy. Many employees were left in the dark until stores received actual eviction notices. Customers asking on Instagram if they can use their gift cards are told ‘no, the stores are closed.’ What a change from the way the brand used to be just last year. Check out Calypso St. Barth’s Instagram feed a few months ago.

It was a dreamy collage of fashion, Calypso St. Barth styles and vacation dreams.

According according to this NY Post article last November, ‘The retailer, where a simple frock goes for as much as $850 and T-shirts start at $95, also may have been behind on payments to landlords, as Sandler claimed some landlords have taken to locking out Calypso workers.’ Now employees are out of work trying to get their last paychecks and vendors are trying to sue to get money owed. New York based Solera Capital invested in Calypso in 2007, becoming its majority shareholder and seems to be making all the ‘Closing Forever’ marketing decisions.

And now look at the Calypso St. Barth Instagram feed…


According to the NY Post article, a note posted on one of the closed Calypso locations said, “We apologize for the store closing, it wasn’t in our control. In fact, our company Solera Capital failed to pay their people, down from vendors, charities, UPS, the light company even the stores’ rent, etc.”

It’s sad to see a brand essentially flushed down the toilet, and it’s terrible for all of the employees and vendors who are not being paid by Calypso as it’s stated everywhere ‘Closing Forever,’ by the company handling their marketing.

Were you a fan of Calypso St. Barth and surprised to see it going out of business?

PS – If you’re a big fan of resort-wear styles, check out my ’15 interview with the Founder of Back from Bali who I met in Switzerland. She successfully launched her own resort-wear fashion line made and designed in Bali helping to support women there. It is sold exclusively on Amazon at budget-friendly prices. Some of my favorite pieces from ‘Back from Bali’ this season below.



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  1. Oh wow Dale! I knew of Calypso St. Barth. I was aware of their exquisite & dreamy resort wear. I wasn’t aware they were going out of business. This is so sad! I really feel for their employees. It’s so unclassy how things were handled. It shouldn’t have happened this way.

  2. Wow Dale, someone messed up there big time. I had no idea. Loved their things, but a bit pricey. Too bad they did that to all the employees. Not a good way to do business. I will look at Back From Bali. I have not heard of it, but I love anything resort wear. Even if I’m not going I feel like I can dream about it!

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