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The French Yogurt that Makes My Morning


My 3-month-old is waking me up multiple times a night lately, so it’s the little specialties in life that I can enjoy (in my kitchen) each morning like Nespresso and a new French style yogurt that makes it easier to pop out of bed and start the day. I have to share Oui by Yoplait because it was surprisingly delicious (and no, this is not a sponsored post). Oui yogurt is the best I’ve tasted since living in Switzerland.

The plain flavor is my favorite (it’s often sold out, so this day I had Vanilla) and I LOVE that is comes in a glass jar. It’s so rich and creamy that I actually look forward to it a few mornings each week because it feels like such a treat – too good to be a breakfast.

I hope they never discontinue it because I have tried SO MANY yogurts at Whole Foods and Central Market since moving to Texas to find one close to Swiss yogurt and this is the best I’ve found – Greek Gods Greek Yogurt is a close second. Normally I add a sliced banana, berries and a handful of granola like this one from Bird Bakery in Dallas. Have you tried Oui by Yoplait?

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  1. I didn’t know about it Dale. I’m definitely going to look for it now. Your breakfast looks both beautiful and delicious 😀

  2. This sounds wonderful! I adore Greek yogurt and French yogurt. Hopefully we’re going to France in the spring and i can get more French yogurt then!

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