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Mommy & Me in Marimekko


Saying goodbye to summer is always sweet and sour. After spending the last couple weeks in Europe visiting family and enjoying the ‘summer season,’ we’re already missing our laid-back, messy hair-don’t care, makeup-free mommy & me days in Spain. We spent nearly 10 days in my favorite place, Majorca, an island off the coast of Spain – just a 45 minute flight from Barcelona. This summer, the island was packed with more than 13 million tourists.

According to The Guardian, ‘As Europeans turn away from Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, and any other destination tinged with a threat of terrorism, Spain – along with Portugal, Greece and Italy – is picking up the trade.’ In fact, ‘the three main Balearic islands of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca have become the second-biggest destination in the Mediterranean for cruise ships.’ This may be good, but stressful news, for Majorca business and hotel owners looking to cash in on added tourism. It’s not so great if you’re trying to score a spot in the sand for your UVA umbrella or a table at a beach-side restaurant…


The ScenePonderosa Beach restaurant in Playas de Muro, Majorca (the northern part of the island). Reservations during high season are highly recommended.


Reservado? – In Europe, you can reserve a table for lunch and stay there 3-4 hours (aka: cocktail/starters/wine/cigarette break/talk/food/more food/cigarette break/dessert/talk/cigarette break/talk/espresso). Just a little pattern I noticed at eateries after living in Europe 3 years. So if a restaurant looks empty, but tables have ‘Reserved‘ signs on them, don’t wait around or think you can sneak in a quick meal.


Seafood fan? Personally, you couldn’t pay me to eat Paella, although my husband said this was one of the best he’s ever had! Paella portions are large at Ponderosa, so you’ll definitely want to split with one or two people.


Styled in Marimekko – Thankfully, the Marimekko for Target designer collab earlier this Spring was far from crazy, so I was able to score a matching set for myself and a few dresses and swimsuits for Wilhelmina. The lightweight fabrics were perfect for vacation.


Beach Time! – There are beaches like this surrounding the entire island. Majorca is also extremely budget friendly – especially if you do an Airbnb and find a great flight deal. My family’s trip to Majorca last summer coming all the way from San Francisco, was less than going to Hawaii a few years ago.


Family Friendly Por Favor – One thing I love about Spain (especially Majorca) is people are nice to kids and babies – especially restaurants and businesses. If you’re looking for the anti-kid party zone, I recommend the 3.5 hour ferry or 30 min flight to Ibiza.


Cap de Formentor – Add this to your itinerary. Cap de Formentor overlooks the Mediterranean with beautiful views. Tip – Drive safe (super narrow roads) and go early during tourist season (before 8 am). There was so much traffic around noon, we had to turn around before getting to the top, but we got this pic above I posted on Instagram.


Adios! – Practicing her German, English and Spanish this trip.



<DETAILS by Dale> Top & shorts – Marimekko for Target / sunglasses – Chloé (last seen here) / swimsuit (one-piece) – H&M / Wilhelmina in Marimekko for Target / hats borrowed from @SavvySenior

Is it already feeling like Fall in your city?




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  1. I miss that place

  2. As soon as I read that trip could be cheaper than a trip to Hawaii, I started looking at flights! That beach is beautiful, and your matching Marimekko outfits are so cute!

    I remember vacationing in Ireland and the waiter wouldn’t bring our bill for such a long time. By the end of the trip, we learned the culture was to stay awhile and relax….Unlike in America where they bring the check while you’re still taking your last few bites.

  3. Your Marimekko outfits look great! Both of your look fabulous! I have the pants in the fabric of Wilhelmina’s dress and love them… 🙂

    And Majorca looks wonderful – it’s on my “list!” 🙂

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thanks Andrea and that is so cool you got the Marimekko pants like her dress. Now that everything is out of stock, I wish I would have bought more at Target that day. 🙂

  4. Hi Dale- I LOVE this post! Don’t you two look adorable in your Marimekko? Seriously darling photos. How fun that your trip included beach time in Spain. It’s so true, Spain is so family friendly. I love dining on the sand. This looks like a fabulous place and Majorca is definitely on my travel list. I’ll be launching my travel consultant business this month so I’ll be adding your recommendations to my super cool (and affordable!) destinations for my travel clients. Glad you had such a lovely getaway!
    xx, Heather

  5. Dale, how sweet that you and your little one are in the same colored dress… you both look adorable…

    My number one place I want to visit in Europe is Portugal and then Spain… they have such a beauty to them… xox

    I am going to miss summer too… I love it, more and more each year… I think it is because it doesn’t last long enough for me here in Nova Scotia xox

  6. Gorgeous place Dale! You and Wilhelmina look awesome! I love your outfit and check out your nails. So pretty. What a wonderful vacation! I would love to go there. I’ve never tried Paella. It always looks so good!

  7. Oh wow such an adorable post Dale.

    I love your little outfits – super cute!!!

    xx Yvonne

  8. Lucky you! I haven’t been to Majorca, but would definitely visit. You two look lovely in the Marimekko prints. I wish I had snagged a few pieces when I had the chance (already clearances when we were in SF!) I love W’s little wisps of hair coming out!

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