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New! Geox Italian Sneakers Finally Sold in the US


Hey casual shoe lovers! You know how ‘sneakers‘ have been the ‘it shoe‘ for the past few years? When I was living in Europe, I discovered Geox shoes, thanks to my husband who filled me in on what ‘fashionable Italian women‘ wear. My feet fell in love with them! Geox were never sold in the US until recently on Zappos and last weekend in Dallas I discovered they are new at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Sidenote – Their amazing return policy and customer service is the cherry on top and one of the only reasons I drag myself to the mall, and Nordstrom Rack of course, instead of going on ‘Amazon Prime‘ for everything.

Back to the shoes. When you find a comfy, well made shoe, you can walk miles in and wear with almost any outfit while feeling youthful, stylish and fun all at once – spread the news. That’s why I have to tell you about Geox shoes – specifically the ‘New Club’ High Top Sneaker! Here’s why you’ll love them…


  1. Comfy! No offense to Converse, but my heels ache after long walks in chucks, eventhough they’re a classic fave. I wore my Geox shoes here sightseeing in Barcelona when I was three months pregnant for at least 5 miles. Even on cobblestone, my feet were fine.


2. Easy to Clean! Canvas can be so annoying to keep clean, but the ‘New Club High Top Sneaker‘ in patent leather is a breeze to wipe off if they’re dirty. They have the same ‘Off-White’ color I’m wearing here available at Nordstrom. PS – For amazing tips how to clean your white sneakers – check out this post by FunkyForty.


3. Geox Shoes are Made in Italy. You can really see the difference (aka they don’t fall apart after a few months). I still have both my black & off white pairs I’ve worn so many times and they are still in great condition. I bought my first pair on this trip in Venice back in 2014.


4. ‘Big Foot’ Protection! If you’re a size 9 like me, these are one of the few sneakers that won’t make your feet feel huge and they have a cute zipper design on the back! PS – the sizing is a little different and in EU sizes – I’ll explain below.**


5. You can Wear them with a Dress – These were so convenient in San Francisco when I was trying to walk off my baby weight last fall. If you’re traveling abroad this summer, Goex has stores all over Europe including Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.


Shop Geox Here…


Info about Sizing**

I am a size 9, but like my shoes to fit on the smaller size. In Geox I wear a size 39 EU – which says US Size 9 inside the shoe. It would definitely be tight if you’re a true Size 9 and wear thick socks. My recommendations…

  • If you are size US 7, order Geox size EU 37
  • If you are size US 7.5 or 8, order Geox size EU 38
  • If you are size US 8.5 or 9 (on the small side), order Geox size EU 39
  • If you are a US 9 or 9.5, order size Geox EU 40

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions. Are you wearing sneakers this summer?




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  1. Dale, they look great with so many different kind of outfits. Nordstrom is shoe heaven! They are really reaching out from all areas of the world. I can see that they are more lightweight than Converse. HAHAHA And easier to clean! Thanks for showcasing them.

  2. Dale, these sound like a great shoe for Valentina, she loves high tops and I like that they are easy to clean and last so long… I am going to see if they are available here… I don’t scrimp on sneakers, I believe in comfort as I wear them the most out of all my shoes xox <3

  3. Very cute shoes! You look fabulous!

    There actually used to be a Geox outlet store in the Vacaville Outlets, and it was our tradition to stop by there on our way to Tahoe. 🙂 Sadly, it’s been closed for several years now.

  4. You look so cool in your sneakers Dale. Yes, I never saw Spanish women wear the usual type of trainers in anywhere other than the gym.
    These look so lovely on you. I’m am now inspired to check them out.
    Hope you are well Lovely xx

  5. I totally have a Nordstrom SA who also alerts me to sales and returns. They have the BEST customer service and I never lived close to a Nordstrom.
    As an aside, I want your sneakers! The black ones in particular are too cute!

    Ooh and I have a giveaway for credit to an amazing baby/kids website if you’re interested 😉

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