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A Tale of Two Levi’s Girls


We arrived in Dallas exhausted and slightly overwhelmed with 7+ suitcases and a crying baby. ‘Can I help you with those, Ma’am,’ a friendly man working at the airport offered. ‘Oh sure, thank you,’ I replied. ‘You’re welcome, Ma’am,’ followed by a, ‘Have a good day, Ma’am.’ He was so friendly and polite, but I cringed inside. I was called ‘Ma’am’ 3 times in one minute. I’m was used to California casual when it comes to titles and manners, and then in Switzerland, it was ‘Frau,’ for three years. But now I’m in Dallas, I’m in my 30’s, I’m a mom, and clearly my new title is ‘Ma’am,‘ – NOT Miss.

What do I need to do to be called ‘Miss‘ around here I thought? Hmmm… Perhaps hot pink Ray Bans? A higher ponytail? And Abercrombie & Fitch tee? Maybe a bright yellow Fiat Pop? Snapchat? Yeezy Sneakers? I know I’m a mom, but do teen moms in Texas get called ‘Miss’ or ‘Ma’am?‘ Clearly, sleep deprivation and life in a new city was causing some seriously superficial concerns. After three weeks in my mom uniform, last weekend I stepped up my game. If my new title is ‘Ma’am,’ I needed a bit of Dallas glam, plus a wardrobe staple that screams ‘youthful at any age‘ in my opinion – a classic denim jacket. With that, Wilhelmina and I stepped out in Levi’s for an afternoon in the sun…


The Scene – Dallas, Texas in a fitted H&M tan dress. I copied the look straight from a dress I saw on Kylie Jenner, then I added a layer of Fake Bake faux tan.


A Texas Blow Out – Next, I went to Blo Blow Dry Bar in the Knox Henderson neighborhood and got a blow out with Eric who was amazing!


Levi’s Girls – She wore her baby stretch Levi’s (gift from Wallee Dog at The City Supply Co). I wore my vintage Levi’s jacket – it was my dad’s when he was in college at SF State (last posted here in San Francisco years ago on my sister in front of the Full House ‘Painted Ladies’ set). PS – ‘Fuller House‘ is out on Nextflix Feb. 26th. So excited!


Sneaker of the Day – The only section of my wardrobe growing these days is my sneaker collection. Now that she’s crawling, heels are out of the question and thanks to Nordstrom Rack in close proximity, with all the cute Nike’s and Adidas out there – it’s tough to resist.


Ma’am or Miss? How do people address you? Do you prefer being addressed formally, by your first name, or something else when you’re out and about?


<DETAILS by Dale> dress – H&M /  Nike Court Royale Shoes (Nordstrom Rack) also love these in black & white / Prada Sunglasses / Levi’s Vintage jean jacket / Ferragamo mini bag

Have a great weekend and enjoy your Superbowl Sunday!


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  1. Dale, I know people are trying to be nice but I never liked being called mam … especially when I was in my 30’s … I’m in my 50’s and still not fond of it but it’s really a part of my life now.. I never call another woman mam myself… By the way you in way look like a mam, you look incredibly young♡

  2. Yes the Mamm thing was a bit over the top. Not used to that either but that is how Texan’s are raised to show respect. You and Mina look amazing. Styling in Dallas

  3. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you….I still remember when people started calling me “Maam” on trips down to NZ – I literally cringed inside, my hubby laughed and said I was being silly so I am soooooo please to read I am not the only one….I’ve gotten used to it now but it still makes me cringe and I would never call another person “maam”.

    Love your outfits, you look as adorable as ever!
    Yvonne X

  4. It definitely takes getting use to! It’s a thing in the south and sign of respect! They don’t know your name, so I’m not sure how they would handle it otherwise. Dale, you and your daughter look so good in your jeans! Such a cutie patootie.

  5. This look is both stylish and comfy, ‘Miss’ Dale! Love the Texas blow out by the way. Sorry I missed seeing you while you were
    in Chico. I bet we crossed paths on I-5 on Tuesday. Here’s to next time!
    xx, Heather

  6. What a lovely post Dale – love the photos! Hope it’s all going well! Christina x

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