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Skinny Jeans & Basketball Dreams


My family is obsessed with basketball. From the Warriors game on in the background when I call my mom, to my brother playing point guard in college, my sister coaching in Denver, and my dad’s weekday sports report on the radio in Mendocino County. It’s like walking into mini ESPN headquarters whenever I visit. My competitive nature when playing sports is about a 0.0, although growing up playing bball did instill my true appreciation of cardio. Playing Sports = feeling better + more energy. The bonus of burning carbs and dropping a few pounds is a major upside too.

Of course, after a baby it’s not as easy to find the time to work out, which is why I discovered a few style tricks to look lighter instantly. More on that below. As I visited California last month, we spent an afternoon in Modesto, California watching my youngest brother’s college basketball tournament. Ever been to Modesto? It has this ‘Breaking Bad‘ meets ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ vibe. Unfortunately, Walt or Jax were nowhere in sight, but I did have my partner in crime decked out in her leopard print tracksuit. I stuck to my ‘New Mom Uniform…’


The Scene – Modesto Junior College in California


How Basic is too Basic? This style concept may seem really boring, but I’ve been wearing almost all black lately. After moving out of our apartment in Switzerland realizing how much I accumulated in just 3 years, I’m on this anti-hoarding kick. I’m waiting for all my clothes to arrive on a container and I’m not shopping unless it’s something I really need. Plus, basic black has an instant slimming effect. Hence the last 3 posts wearing the same black turtleneck from under a poncho in Wine Country to this lace skirt in Dallas.


#1 Pick for New Mom Style – High-waisted skinny jeans! They’re like ‘mom jeans‘ from the 90’s, but with more stretch and style so they suck in where you want it most. Even teenage top models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner love them! They are back in style again which is a total life-saver for anyone who’s had a baby or just wants to feel thinner.


Sidenote – Torta anyone?


The Soccer Mom Stamp – My weekends of fading night-club stamps are long gone. This bumble bee stamp marks ‘paid entry‘ into my brother’s junior college basketball tournament.  Ahh…Soccer mom life is on the way.


Bleacher Report – Countdown til the game. Wilhelmina Snapchatting with my brother.


See ya next time Modesto…


<DETAILS by Dale> high-waisted jeans (more below I love)Zara, Nike Sneakers (Last seen here in my European Street Style post, shades – Chloé, Wilhelmina in Adidas, jacket (old) – Zara

Hope you’re having a great week!


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  1. Dale, You are looking amazing. Love little Wilhelmina’s track suit too. What a cute pie.I agree black jeans and high waisted are so much more flattering. Hope you are enjoying California. Will we be able to connect before you move? Have a good weekend! x Kim

  2. Dale, I think the high waisted skinny jeans are the best… we are not all 20 with a flat tummy. .. I like them too xox

    Your little one is so adorable in her cute track suit.. how sweet is she ♡

  3. Such a cute post Dale – you look adorable as ever and Wilhelmina is simply a star!

    I always look forward to new posts from you and seeing what you are up to – nice to see things are going well.

    Yvonne xx


  4. Dale, you look fabulous! My wardrobe now is filled with neutrals! You can easily mix n match them with no problems. When you find what works, you go with it. LOL I love basketball too! Lately I haven’t kept up with it, but I love how fast paced it is.

  5. You look gorgeous Dale and I must look into investing in some of those jeans. Wilhelmina looks such a doll too.
    Hope you are doing well in Switzerland Sweets xxx

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