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Flare Alert! That 70’s Style is Back


Somebody decided that the 1970s are back for Fall 2015,’ ranted this blogger hilariously taking aim at nearly every Fall ‘fashion must-have’ in her post titled, ‘Why does every store want me to wear hideous clothes this Fall?’ Sure, there are some styles like A-line denim skirts and culottes that I will skip, but I’m not too picky because I’m just happy to be out of maternity jeans.

Before these crazy 70’s prints and flared jeans are destined for Spring clearance racks; I decided to get into the Fall spirit with a slightly retro ensemble. Feeling like I could grab a coffee with Kelso and the rest of the gang on the set of ‘That 70’s Show,’ here’s my choices for Fall Style ‘Do’s’ and those to AVOID…


Funky Prints – The article hating on Fall trends noted ‘Another hallmark of this dark era of fashion are some of the most hideous prints imaginable.‘ This Zara top isn’t normally colors I’d wear, but the colors felt perfect for Autumn. Plus, loose and flowy tops I can pair over a nude tank are my friend now. But what really caught my eye was the…


Tassel Detail – The gold tassels instantly updated this top for me and if you’re into tassels too, check out this month’s ‘How I Wear My‘ by Adrienne of Rich Life on a Budget. And speaking of Adrienne…


The Adora by Adrienne Handbag – I’ve seen celebs rocking yellow handbags this summer and now, into fall. This Adora handbag is a special edition by my friend and blogger, Adrienne, behind the ‘Rich Life on a Budget’ in Sonoma County. Sidenote – Adrienne’s husband, Bill, is a Fire Chief on the front line of the devastating ‘Valley Fire‘ in Nor-Cal just 45 minutes from my home town. Her new post shows just how terrible this Valley Fire has been to Lake County.


Flare Alert – Of course flares* are back when the 70’s come to town, but I’m sticking with this pair of ultra-comfortable, extra long stretchy pair by Citizens of Humanity I’ve had for years. I will NEVER wear the short ankle flare making the rounds this fall. *Flares can make legs look shorter, so my suggestion is to buy a longer pair and wear them with platform heels or boots to elongate your legs.


Add a 70’s Vibe to Clip-In Extensions – If you don’t feel like rocking a groovy kaleidoscope print dress this fall, an easy way to channel a Charlie’s Angel’s look is to add more volume with updated feathered hair thanks to ‘clip in’ extensions. (Bonus Tip) Curl them with a 1.5 or 2 inch curling iron. Extension with big loose curls are the easiest way to mix them in with your real hair to look the most natural – especially if you’re new to clip-ins.


<DETAILS by Dale> jeans (old) – Citizens of Humanity (last seen here) / watch – Michael Kors / handbag – Adora by Adrienne / top – Zara (recent) / heels – (old) BCBG / nails – LVX ‘Monaco’

The 70’s trends I’ll definitely be skipping are overalls, ankle flares, lace up tops the Kardashians are loving, and a few others’ from the funny blog post, but regular flares, suede and fringe details are a ‘DO’ for me this fall.

Are you in the mood for 70’s trends (again) this Fall?



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  1. Hi Dale,

    Love this look on you! I agree the cropped flares are not flattering on most of us. I am steering clear too.
    I am so glad you like the yellow Adora. A fall color – limited edition by pre-order only – is in the works! I can’t wait to show it to you.
    Hope all is well! Thank you for the kind words.
    xo, Adrienne

  2. Dale, I am so with you… I told my oldest daughter I wore that in the 70’s so she didn’t have to … lol

    I do like a flare jean with a pair of heels… not short as you stated. I just can’t get back in the swing of the 70’s, I like how you updated the look though, you look fabulous xox

  3. I have noticed the 70s popping up everywhere lately. I am really starting to love it. You look amazing.

  4. Really cute post Dale! xox

  5. Beautiful top Dale and in love with this entire look. I am adoring the 70’s vibe for this season, and looking forward to more fashion inspiration looks like this for this Fall.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less!

  6. I love the dark washed jeans with that print top Dale! You make 70’s really cool.

  7. Hi Dale! I was just thinking about you and wondering how life has been!
    I love flared jeans and was just checking out my flared jeans at home (they’re too big now!) There are still good parts of the 70s and I love the vibe of your outfit!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

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