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Swiss Charm & Swollen Feet


A ‘staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night,’ according to wikipedia. That’s exactly what we’ve been up to lately as my due date approaches and one of my husband’s worst fears is being hours from home in a neighboring country on a road trip when my contractions start. I appreciate his concerns, although I suspect it has something to do with protecting his car’s pristine leather seats as well.

So we’ve been enjoying little weekend day trips close to home. When my in-laws recently visited, we decided to go to Lucerne, Switzerland – a tourist hotspot in Switzerland. Here’s a quick stroll through the city full of Swiss charm before my swollen feet called it a day…


<The Scene – Luzern, Switzerland (spelled ‘Lucerne’ in English) with the Gütsch castle on the mountain up above with the crystal clear lake below>


<Sightseeing through the old town in an olive H&M maternity top>


<Fresh flowers for sale at the farmers market throughout the city on Saturdays>


<Swiss Farmer’s Markets are a little different than those in the US because prices are so high here, yet most of the produce in the Supermarkets is already organic anyway. So we skipped the $8 baskets of strawberries and pricy flowers (or ‘Blumen‘ in German)>


<A little flea market along the water with paintings, Swiss memorabilia and a few fake Louis Vuitton handbags scattered throughout. Then we took a walk along the lake…>

Lake-Luzern-Switzerland-Savvy-Spice (1)

<Duck, Duck……Swan>


<He was ready for his close up. So cute!>


<The famous covered bridge in Lucerne is called ‘Kapellbrücke‘ and is a major tourist attraction in the city>


<Quick stroll on the bridge before it was time for a coffee break>


<My husband has a Nespresso addiction so we stopped by the store to stock up on pods and they have a complimentary coffee bar in all Nespresso stores>


<Coffee Sidenote – Nespresso, which is a Swiss brand, has its Inissia Espresso Maker available at Macy’s for less than $200. I love it, especially when we have guests, because you press one button and your coffee is done, plus the milk frother is actually fun and will make you feel like a professional barista>


<After 2 hours of walking through Lucerne, my feet were swollen like little Swiss veal sausages, so we made our way back home>

Do you have any trips planned this summer including staycations?

lake shots & Nespresso store photo credit – Savvy Senior



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  1. This summer I plan on acting like a tourist in my own city… taking pictures, seeing all the sights. Halifax is a good walking city… so I plan to do a lot of that xox

    I wouldn’t go far from home in my last trimester either but my mom had her children quick which scared me… lol … I made it to the hospital both times without incident ♡ I am sure you will be fine ♡

  2. Such a charming little town! Love the pretty flower pics 🙂 Your poor feet though – sounds like someone needs a foot massage 🙂

  3. oh no to the swollen feet. I am glad you are taking this pregnancy in stride. You still look amazing. Can’t wait to see the little tyke

  4. Hi Dale! Nope, at the moment not yet but I do hope to manage to plan something during the summer. Btw, your husband is very sweet, your staycation in Lucerne must have been amazing, despite your swollen feet at the end!:P I visited it when I was a child. I got a Nespresso addiction too, their coffee is really good! You look fantastic and I do love the top, the sandals are so cute as well! Many kisses Dale! xo

  5. Your flea markets look charming! My feet were swollen the entire time I was pregnant! You look darling!! We’re planning a cruise out of Copenhagen to celebrate my husbands birthday. Elevate your feet .

  6. I love staycations. I’ve been in New Orleans all my life, and I’m still finding things. LOL It’s so beautiful there Dale. You look gorgeous and your feet look fine. I can’t wait until the little one gets here. I know you two are super excited. So happy for you.

  7. I Love this post – and such cute pictures too!
    xo Yvonne

  8. Hi Dale! You are just darling with a baby bump:) The Feet…….. yep, they swell (like everything else). Hang in there, this too will pass and you will have a beautiful and healthy baby soon! The scenery in your photos is stunning and I can’t think of a better place to enjoy a stay-cation.
    Enjoy your day Dale!! xxleslie

  9. Such beautiful scenery and those flowers are gorgeous! I love nespresso too, and somehow they taste better in Europe 🙂

  10. I’ve heard of Lucerne and think my friend moved there from Basel. It looks like a lovely city and you still look fab!
    I hope you get to squeeze another staycation in soon!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  11. I’m always looking forward for your blogs.!!!!!!


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