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‘The Love Note in San Francisco’ Video


Whether you’ve been in love once, several times, or still waiting to meet your perfect match; you’ll never forget those first few moments of meeting that special person. I’m excited to present ‘The Love Note in San Francisco‘ – a short film by Savvy Sleepers based on a true story. Amanda and Fernando meet in the city and fall for each other fast, but will they ever see each other again? Watch below and find out…


We had such a fun day shooting this in San Francisco just before Thanksgiving 2014 taking Philz Coffee breaks and laughing on the Embarcadero. ~Special thanks to the Stars, my cousin Amanda Jenkins, our friend Fernando Guevara, Cinematography by Bobby Huerta and amazing Production Assistants, my cousin, Glori Jenkins and brother, Drew Steliga.

What do you think about handwritten love notes? Do you wish guys (or women) wrote them more?



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  1. That was an amazing video Dale!! Than you for posting it!!

  2. Awe Dale that was really sweet.. xox

    I do think we have lost the art of hand writing a note… it makes it so much more special <3

  3. I think handwritten notes mean so much! It’s a rarity nowadays! Which means it means SO MUCH MORE! Loved this video Dale. Your cousin is gorgeous. He would be a fool not to reconnect with her. HAHAHA

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  5. Kaylene O'Callaghan-Medrano says:

    It is sad that most men (and a few less women) seem to have lost that ability to be genuinely romantic. Handwritten notes are one of the most intensely romantic things another person can give to their romantic partner or person of interest because the note writer chooses everything about the note . They choose the kind of paper, the color of paper, any background on the paper, the color of ink to write with and of course what to say or not to say which can mean more than what is said . From a simple pencil written note on a paper bag to an elaborately crafted handwritten in calligraphy with a background of the two of you and the ink ordered specially in your favorite color that not quite sky blue but not quite turquoise blue your cats eyes were when you were 10, and everything in between the key is to know what your partner feels is romantic . and

  6. Dale,

    Just lovely. What a great video, can’t wait for part 2! I’m a writer by nature and the art of love notes seems like a thing of the past. Who doesn’t love getting a hand written note? Keep up the good work! And love the color on those pillowcases!


  7. Such a sweet video!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  8. Loved this sweet video Dale.. I think hand writing a note (of any sort) is a wonderful idea. When I was dating my husband we didn’t have all of the social media or even cell phones. I have kept some of his letters to me and I treasure them. Being able to write your thoughts down has so much impact and meaning. xxleslie

  9. Very sweet story , great job on the video! Jeff asked me to marry him in a hand written note.

  10. like you blog!

  11. I loved this real life love story, based in two of my favorite cities, Dale! What fun to create such a romantic little ‘movie short’ just in time for Valentine’s day. That secret pocket for love notes, in the savvy sleeper, must hold a wealth of romantic possibilities. Can’t wait for the next one!
    Happy Valentine’s day with your sweetie!
    xx, Heather

  12. Awww this is so sweet. The whole time I kept wondering if this was a certain someone’s story… Then, of course I finally noted above that it was indeed based on a true story! Swoon Dale! Love this! ;o)


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