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Sweater Weather in Spain


Hola! Throughout the past year I’ve visited a few different countries in Europe and so far, my favorite is Spain. Maybe it’s the familiar language I heard so often growing up in California or maybe it’s the laid-back friendly atmosphere, affordable shopping and delicious tapas, but I love it.

Last weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday in Barcelona. While it’s very touristy toward the city center, we explored and the mild weather was a welcome treat to run around in just a sweater, skinny jeans and sneakers. Here’s a little tour through Barcelona accessorized with my strawberry Cornetta Soft Serve ice-cream I ordered daily from the street vendors…


<‘Me gusta caminar’ – I love to walk miles through city when we’re sightseeing>


<High School Spanish Class Flashbacks – We loved this restaurant (it had a San Francisco hipster vibe) called Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe>


<Bicicletas rojas near the Port in Barcelona>


<Sweater Weather – I’ve been loving thick, comfy sweaters this winter and I know this is kinda lame, but I actually stole this look from Kris Kardashian. I found my knock-off version of her sweater at H&M>


<Most Comfortable Jeans for Sightseeing – Citizens of Humanity have been my favorite brand of designer jeans since 2006 and I have this skinny jean pair in both black and dark denim and love them. They’re stretchy, but don’t stretch out and are so flattering>


<Pink Crush – This is my new favorite pink shade (that’s actually from an old collection) called ‘Mod About You‘ by OPI>


<DETAILS by Dale> H&M Sweater (recent) / Michael Kors watch / Persolé bracelet c/o / Citizens of Humanity jeans (seen here with an Express collared shirt) / Geox Shoes (last seen here)

I hope you have a great weekend. I’ll be doing some last minute Christmas Shopping, what about you? Are you ready for the holidays?




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  1. Love this look and you know Ive been in love with your kicks for a while. That pop of pink on the nails is def. a lot of fun 😀

  2. Hi Dale-I love it~great minds think alike! I posted about our trip to Barcelona on my blog earlier this week. Isn’t it a gorgeous city? It has a vibrant, sexy vibe with all the flamenco, etc. We stayed just off Barri Gothic and the harbor this last trip. Super location. Love your outfits! How fun that you and your husband were able to get to Spain for the weekend to celebrate. Aren’t plane fares amazingly good in Europe? Cheers to Spain!! Merry, merry girlfriend!
    xx, Heather

  3. Such a cute outfit! Gorgeous pictures! I want to go to Spain so badly!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  4. Happy Birthday to your husband Dale! What a great time! Love your sweater and how sweet are your nails! Looks so good! The food sounds delish.

  5. What is there not to love about Barcelona? It always feels more European than Spanish. If you want the feel of a really great Spanish city, you must visit Seville (where I have lived for the last 13 years 😉 I think you will love it even more Dale xx

  6. Dale, Spain is second on my list of countries to visit… Portugal being number one… they are so close I would try to see both. After reading this I want to go even more… sweater weather, I would love that, I too would walk for miles sight seeing, I would want to see it all up close…

    Have a wonderful holidays, Merry Christmas to you and your family xox

  7. Hey..Love this post and love your outfit. I wish I could also visit barcelona comeday.


  8. Hi Dale! Cannot be more agreed with you! I have a huge passion for Spain as well, visited 2 times and Im looking forward to visit it again! Happy Belated Bday to your husband, Im sure you had an amazing time in Barcelona, how beautiful is it?! And so are you, wear the perfect comfy and stylish look to stroll in the city. Happy Holidays! xo

  9. I have been to Barcelona too and I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s a beautiful city with lots to see. I mainly did all the Gaudi architectural stuff, which is gorgeous! Yes, I will certainly be doing last minute Christmas shopping! 🙂

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