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Weekend Prints and Swiss Diet Secrets

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Animal print, florals and tribal patterns, you name the print and you’ll find them splattered across all styles of pants this Spring. It’s time to take a departure from denim and try printed pants.

While they’re not exactly workplace appropriate, they’re ideal for Happy Hour, weekend getaways and chilly spring afternoons. From simple style tips to my first Swiss diet secret below, here’s a few pics from Zurich, Switzerland this week…

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Downtown Zurich, Switzerland

Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee Steliga, black leather jacket for spring 2012

The Easiest Way to Wear Printed Pants ~ If it’s your first time wearing floral, tribal or striped printed pants, pair them with solid neutral tops, jackets and footwear.

how to wear aviator sunglasses, Savvy Spice fashion blog

Crazy for Aviators ~ Something about spring and the festival fashion frenzy makes me love Aviator shades this time of year. Gold, neon & silver. I just found these for under $10 at H&M. (Style Sidenote)  If you are going to Coachella, it’s best to avoid taking expensive shades.

European diet secrets, cappuccino, Savvy Spice fashion blog, Zig Zag bracelets

Swiss Diet Secret #1 ~ Throughout my time in Switzerland, I’ll share any diet secrets I notice that are different from the US. First, coffee in Europe is so different. They’re  smaller, cuter and usually come with a tiny chocolate and shot of water. Make coffee an event rather than a 400 empty-calorie Starbuck’s on-the-go diet nightmare. Nespresso machines are very popular here and they use celebs like George Clooney in ads. I bought this one when I was in SF and the little at-home coffee maker saves money, takes 1 min to make and is barely any calories. Like how many per cup? 1 Calorie! Of course I add cream and sugar, but it’s still under 100 cals.

Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee Steliga, How to wear printed pants for spring 2013

To Cuff or Not to Cuff ~ That’s up to you, but cuffing your pants with sandals or booties is a style-Do and can actually look cleaner compared to all bunched up next to your shoes.

Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee Steliga, Swiss street style, Zara leather jacket, California fashion bloggers

Tomorrow we’re taking the train to Geneva, Switzerland to a big car show. I’ll be sure to instagram some hot cars. If you could have any exotic car in the world, what would you choose?

Savvy Spice fashion blog, Dale Janee, Swiss fashion bloggers, Dale Janee<DETAILS by Dale> pants & white sweater ~ (Recent) H&M, jacket ~ Zara (Similar from Express here), watch ~ Michael Kors, My fave chevron bracelets c/o ~ LuLuLe (Use Code ‘SavvySpice’ for a discount at LuLu-Le.com),  clutch ~ Max New York, Elepants earrings (old) ~ F21

Are you wearing printed pants this Spring?

Have a great weekend, see you Monday!


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  1. breathtaking!

  2. Gorgeous pants and your elephant earrings are so cute too!

  3. Really love how you styled the printed pants Dale! You look very cool! Kisses dear! xo

  4. Love the outfit, Dale, and also seeing your pics from Europe! xo

  5. Omg, I’d die if I had that much coffee, haha! I need more!

    Pink Carnations

  6. I definitely am on board the printed pants thing. They’re so much fun! Though having your legs be the focus/standout point of your outfit does take a bit of getting used to… It gets you over being self conscious about yourself pretty quickly, though! Those earrings are super cute, and I hope the car show was fun!


  7. you looked stunning dear!

    thanks for the lovely sweet comments:)




  8. Oh my word, I LOVE your elephant earrings! They’re adorable! And the black jacket is so cute, too. I just wore a similar one on Friday, and I always feel so cool when I wear it. 🙂

  9. Kim of A Very Sweet Blog says:

    Dale, you look so awesome with your hair up! I love that leather jacket and your printed pants. I think other countries offer smaller portions which is key. Everything is huge here in the States. Switzerland is sooooo exquisite. You look like a million bucks!

  10. Love the look of the printed pants, but I don’t think I could pull them off!

  11. Cool photos – I want to go here!


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