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Steamy Shanghai Nights plus 5 Tips to Survive Shopping in a Fake Market

My sister and I spent the past week in the big beautiful city of Shanghai with friends and while we soaked up new experiences; it was a bit of a culture shock. We saw families of four holding onto each other carrying an infant on a motorized scooter driving all over the streets. Most cars and definitely taxis don’t have seat belts, the pollution is thick enough to taste at times and you can find almost any product copied in China from DVD’s to their own non-carbonated version of Red Bull. They even make fake Mercedes. Apparently, they also make faux Louboutins. The US border patrol seized potentially $18 million in fake red soled heels yesterday in So-Cal coming from China.

I’ll share pics from our big night out at The Bund which is a huge historical waterfront district in Shanghai as well as a few pointers if you ever find yourself in a fake market negotiating for a faux Ferragamo or a Roberto Cavalli replica…

As mentioned in the previous post, we visited a 4-story fake market called Han City and it’s overwhelming. There are people calling out to you asking “What you want? What you’re looking for?” pointing to watches, shoes, jewelry, purses. These aren’t like the fakes you’ll find in the US. They are real leather (they even show it can’t be burned with a lighter) and have details like boxes, dust bags and manuals. Luckily, we had friends help wtih the negotiating and show us how these markets work.
TOP 5 Things you Need to Know at a Market
 1. Make a list of exactly what you’re looking for
2. Once you pick out your items, ask them what price they want and they will type it into a calculater
3. Cut that price in half or more and type your final price you’re willing to pay and let the bargaining begin
4. Don’t act excited about any item (after all it’s not exactly real) because if they know you really want it they won’t be willing to go down.
5. Always check the quality. If something is crooked, ask to see a new one and often they will go in the back and get you a better quality purse or shoes
Massage Time
Head Scratcher ~ China is confusing in the sense that you can stay in a hotel that charges tourist rates from $150-$250 a night and then walk across the street to find massage parlors and hair salons for the most unbelievably low prices. It was $30 US dollars for a 90 minute massage! We ended up buying a membership card for our week there after our first relaxing foot massage.
BlowOut Time
How Much?! ~ My sister and I were having major problems with our hair in the humidity. We couldn’t believe that hair salons in every city we visited only charge only $3-$5 US dollars to get your hair washed and blow-dried perfectly. They were so good at taming hair in the humidity, we ended up going a few times for that price.
Nightlife Time
The Bund ~ There are so many clubs, restaurants and cocktail lounges overlooking parts of the city, but my favorite part was The Bund seen along the water. If you visit Shanghai make sure you visit the Park Hyatt in the Shanghai World Financial Center and have dinner on the 87th floor
Mango-rita & Lychee Martini Time ~ Special thanks to our friend Matt living in Shanghai who was the best host ever & our new friend Jordan who I think should definitely launch her own fashion blog in Shanghai 🙂
 Our last night in Shanghai ~ Jody in my “Fifty Shades of Lace” outfit & me in an old BCBG maxi dress
Along The Bund where there’s endless restaurants, clubs & shopping
‘When the Lights go down in the City’ ~ To save energy, Shanghai shuts down all of the lights on these buildings at 11 pm sharp. Luckily we made it about 10 minutes before all of the lights behind us went off.
Until next time Shanghai….
What are your thoughts on the “Fake Markets“? Do you think it’s okay to carry a faux handbag now & then that looks identical or would you be worried people would notice?
Next week, I’ll add a few items from the “Fake Market” into my outfit posts as a little test. If you think it’s a ‘faux’ item, feel free to call me out and I’ll admit it. 🙂

For more pics from the Silk Factories to the Lotus Gardens, I’ve added a FB Shanghai album HERE

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