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How Much is that Dress-ie in the Window?

Do you remember that song “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?” You know, the one with the waggley tail. I like dogs, but I’ve never longed for a puppy. I’ll take a cashmere sweater over a canine any day. One thing I do know is I’ve looked at thousands of store windows with stunning dresses calling out my name as I stare from the sidewalk at those perfectly styled mannequins. In my case, the question isn’t wondering if they’re for sale, it’s how much?

The worst feeling shopping is spotting a gorgeous dress you want whether it’s a celebrity look or not, then making your way inside only to find it’s completely out of your budget. Major shopping buzz kill.

Consider this the first “How much is that dress-ie in the window?” segment which is all about when you find an outfit or dress you really want but can’t afford and how to find a knockoff or similar look just as nice that fits your price range. So, this first scenerio happened last week as I strolled down Market Street. All of a sudden a cute, unique, fun sparkly dress caught my eye at St. John. I saw it and was immediately drawn to it like a fruit fly to a freshly sliced peach. I pictured it in my head paired with glittery silver Louboutins (just had to google how to spell that because it’s not like I have any Christian Louboutins). I reached for the door handle to go inspect the cost and they were closed. Nooo! I called the next morning only to discover not only is this dress not a St. John brand, it is not for sale at all. Huh?

Apparently, it’s just on display for a limited time and was temporarily donated by the San Francisco Ballet to promote the ballet. I want this dress and if there’s a way to buy it or find another one like it, I’ll sniff it out. To Be Continued…

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