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Do You Have These Two Winter Wardrobe Classics?

Fads come and go, but winter is here every year. Even in LA, there’s a chilly rainy day every now and then. I consider a pair of over-the-knee boots and a leather jacket two must have staples in every woman’s closet. It doesn’t matter if they are flats or a 5-inch heel, when you step into an over-the-knee boot, you just feel more powerful. Don’t ask me why, but it’s true. I feel like I can conquer the world when I’m wearing these Cognac colored thigh highs, when in reality I can barely walk a block in SF without practically toppling over.

The other winter classic is a leather jacket. You can wear a leather jacket with a dress, skirt or over a simple white tee with a pair of jeans. Either way, a leather jacket is classic year after year and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And while basic black is nice to start, depending on your wardrobe, you could go with a brown, olive green, or even rust colored.

As for the boots, over-the-knee boots have been in style the past couple years and if you think they’ll be out by Fall ’11, which I doubt, then I recommend getting a pair that can fold down. They are more versatile and able to weather any stormy style changes. If you’re on the petite side and worry they will shorten the look of your legs, wear black leggings with over-the-knee black boots to elongate.

They also look great with sweater dresses if you dare to bare your legs. Trust me, you won’t look like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” if you wear a sweater dress with over-the-knee boots. You may feel like a street walker, but as long as you’re not showing more than a couple inches of leg, you won’t look like one. They look great over skinny jeans, tights and leggings as well.

You can find many reasonably priced boots and leather jackets, especially now as they start to go on sale as winter is coming to an end. So if you find a good deal and great pair of boots or a jacket, stock up on these two essentials for Fall 2011 or wear them this month before Spring is here.

I’ll include what I’m wearing in this picture: My black leather jacket is Forever 21 as well as the jeans (only $9.50) and Report Signature boots from Nordstrom that fold down below the knee. Here’s some other examples and links to them:

These are a racy pair of Report Signature boots more recent than mine, but I’d definitely take off the removable garter strap.

All different styles and heights wearing over-the-knee boots:

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  1. Great picture of you. Your blog is really fun and this post makes me think I should take a second look at the jeans at Forever 21.

  2. Thanks Suzanne! 🙂 Yea, surprisingly I have found quite a few pairs there. These jeans are kinda old, but they are still online: here’s the link.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I love the boots Dale! They look so sexy on you! I completely agree with you about over the knee boots. I love them dearly too. I would love to see you style the boots with other items. Take care.


  4. Hey Francesca…Thanks so much! I will definitely have to find some new outfits to wear with them when it gets cold again this fall. 🙂

  5. asdfasdf

  6. corner wardrobe says:

    these boots are so cute!

  7. them boots tho


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