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Travel Advisory: Coming from the eyes of a slightly sheltered Nor-Cal country girl; below are my style adventures and budget-friendly fashion tips through Europe and Cali. I was living in San Francisco and barely traveled beyond LA and Vegas for most of my my life prior to 2013. After meeting my husband and moving to Switzerland (aka the middle of Europe), I was stung by the travel bee. We spent as many free weekends as we could sightseeing through Europe before having my first baby and now moving back to the states — We’re in Dallas, Texas now!

If you’re traveling to the EU anytime soon, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to answer any questions. Personal Email ~ dale202@gmail.com

The Itinerary: Click on the photos below to get to the full post. Let’s go…

Zurich, Switzerland: 

SS 110613 TheWBag FB INSTA


SS 110313 Pink COVER


SS 093013 Zurich Film Fest



SS 032414 Roma COVER 2


SS 022514 Venice COVER1


SS 021914 Venice INDD2


SS 091613 MilanoFashionWeek COVER2


SS 110113 TheDinnerParty COVER


SS 102813 PolkaDots 2


SS 090313 WeekendStripes

SS 091013 BusinessStyle1

SS 052713 MemorialDay COVER

SS 052013 EuropeanRoadTrip StyleBoosters TheWhiteTee COVER 1


France – Paris, St. Tropez, Monte Carlo & Colmar 

SS 030314 ParisFashionWeek SS IG 3

SS 111213 TourDeSavvy COVER 1



SS 081913 PoolSide COVER

SS 081613 FrenchRiviera1

SS 082113 MonteCarlo COVER

San Francisco & LA, California:

SS 072413 CaliforniaRoadTrip1

SS 042413 LagunaBeachLegs  Cover

SS 041713 SafariStyle AnimalPrintFlowerBeauty Cover 1

SS 013113 CapeAlert Time2 PlayFashionPolice COVER 1

SS 021913 SpringTrendAlert TuxStyle COVER 1

Majorca, Spain: 

SS 092513 ESPANA SummerTime COVER

SS 092713 Mallorca2SS 051313 SparklesInSpain GlamInMallorca COVER

SS 052113 SumerTimeSavvy MallorcanTapasParty COVER

SS 040113 ResortWear SpringSpecialfromMallorca Cover

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

SS 101413 FallLayersInAmsterdam COVER

SS 101813 BlackOnBlack InAmsterdam COVThanks for coming along.


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