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Is This the New Napa in Northern California?

Shall we do a weekend in Napa? Swirl, swirl, swish, swish…taste expensive? Not to knock Napa, but if you’re looking for a wine tasting experience in Northern California minus steep tasting fees, pricy hotels and hoards of tourists, it’s time to head north. And I mean more north than Healdsburg and Sonoma. While back in …read more →


Garden Party Chic

DRESS/SHADES/SANDALS/BLUSH/MY FAVORITE CHAMPAGNE I can’t help but notice this year is nearly half zapped. Are your weekends booking up faster than you can click kayak.com? If summer Saturdays on your calendar are already X’d out, my guess is you’re attending a fair share of weddings, birthdays, baby showers, family or high school reunions, and outdoor …read more →


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