Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Stripes & Sand on Galveston Island. We’re Not in California Anymore

After a nearly 4-hour drive from Dallas to Houston a few weeks ago, we decided to forge on to the gulf.  Yep! Galveston. The coast, the ocean, the sand – we were so excited! We’d heard about the coastal resort town, but didn’t know what to expect as we drove across the bridge with the …read more →


5 New Zesty Life Hacks!

Remember procrastinating for school projects feeling stressed out as the deadline approached? I feel like I have 3 weeks to squeeze in every summer task on my to-do list before the baby arrives because from what I’ve heard, read and seen with friends is that ‘EVERYTHING CHANGES’ once the baby gets here. While I’m definitely …read more →


Party Like a Pop Star

It’s the weekend – time to ‘Party Like a Rock Star!’ Or in my case ‘Pop Star.’ And by that, I just mean a blogger who’s about to pop. When we found out I was expecting, I decided to wait until the 2nd trimester to start telling people I was pregnant. But there was one …read more →


Styled in Suburbia

Old School is one of my top 5 favorite comedies! Remember Mitch-A-Palooza?  When I first saw the movie in 2003, Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell seemed soo old trying to relive their college glory days in their 30’s. Then I had a little wake up call a few weeks ago in California visiting …read more →


Pregnant in Python Heels

Did you ever watch that Bravo! show ‘Pregnant in Heels?’ It was cancelled after two seasons and although I couldn’t relate at the time; I loved how the host, Rosie Pope, helped women find stylish pregnancy looks. Although, how hard could it be with so many brands pumping out maternity lines season after season? Now …read more →


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