What to Do When You’ve Hit a Fitness Wall?

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This gym isn’t for me,’ I told my husband as I cancelled my Equinox gym membership last month after a year. Suddenly, I was gym-less and feeling like a fitness orphan. If you’re already in a fitness rut by March 1st, it’s not a good sign. Maybe it’s time for a resolution remix? My philosophy is you deserve to splurge on a gym membership if it inspires you to go often because it’s worth every penny and peace-of-mind. In the Bay Area, I fell in love with the San Francisco Tennis Club and stayed for nearly a decade. Last year when we moved to Dallas, I joined Equinox.

You’re probably too young for this, but Troy Aikman is on the machine next to you,’ my trainer said during my complimentary personal training session. Definitely not too young for that, as I awkwardly glanced back between lunges. Yet, despite the beautiful facility, cozy childcare room, friendly personal trainers, Dallas Cowboys, and endless cool eucalyptus towels, I just didn’t feel at home. So here’s a few solutions below if you’re in the same boat looking for a new gym. Plus, if you’re local, I’ll share some fitness centers you should definitely consider if you’re living here in Dallas…

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The Scene – A brisk February walk across the Continental Avenue Bridge (pedestrians only) that connects the Design District to Trinity Groves. Our ‘brisk walks‘ are numbered in Dallas as the stifling Texas heat will be here within a few months.

Walking in Dallas bridge to Trinity Groves

Take a Breather I decided to check out new gyms in Dallas for the month of February instead of rebounding with another bad fit. If you just cancelled a membership searching for something new, check out Class Pass which allows you to try multiple gyms, classes and workouts in cities across the country until you find what you love. Or just stick to Class Pass if you prefer variety.

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Splurge on Fitness, Not Fitness Attire ~ Everyone has their workout attire preferences, but I’ve always believed in investing in the membership, while sticking to budget-friendly active wear. FAVES: Adidas outlet, Old Navy, Lorna Jane sales, TJ Maxx, and a new line called Lemonade by Lauren launched by a Dallas entrepreneur who desired affordable trendy active wear which I just discovered over the weekend.

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Local Tip! Fitness & Networking in Dallas? I had the chance to attend a conference over the weekend at the W Hotel in Dallas called ‘What She Said‘ hosted by Grit Fitness. It was one of the best networking conferences I’ve attended with inspirational panels and topics. Grit Fitness is also attracting women from around DFW with its upbeat vibe and classes! The founder, Brittani Rettig (her story is a must read), launched Grit Fitness which now has 2 locations after leaving her corporate job for her dream career. I met many women who go to Grit Fitness for the work out + networking.

Adidas work out pants Brazil collection

<DETAILS by Dale> top – Zara / vest – Old Navy (my all-time fave work out pants crops from Old Navy here) / shoes – Nike (below) /  pants – Adidas Brazil Collection (old) / shades – Quay Austrailia (below)

***If you’re looking for a gym in North Dallas with amazing childcare (ultra mom friendly), I also just discovered Telos Fitness Center. Amazing selection of group fitness classes and you’ll fee like you stepped into a country club on the set of the classic ‘Dallas‘ TV series. No JR or Sue Ellen sightings yet.

Have you ever re-set your fitness goals or joined a gym that didn’t work out for you?


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