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5 Tips to Networking at Any Age

When I first moved to Switzerland, it was like starting kindergarten all over again and instead of burgers and Mac-N-Cheese, the cafeteria serves sausage and Schnitzel. I didn’t know anyone (except my husband) and learning German isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Meeting new people starts out, ‘Mein Name ist Dale. Ich komme aus …read more →


A Fresh Start in Winter White

After seeing the mashup videos of bad behavior on Black Friday with crazed shoppers being compared to zombies, holiday shopping felt a bit dirty. At least we can all breath a sigh of relief now that it’s Cyber Monday although I’m sure ‘Out of Stock’ alerts online today will cause some mini breakdowns across cubicles nationwide. …read more →


Savvy Sleepers + Tiffany & Co Necklace Giveaway

You’ll never forget your first little blue box. One of my favorite gift ideas ‘for her’ has always been the classic ‘Return to Tiffany pendant necklace.’ It’s dainty, classic and perfect for layering. Coming up on the 1 year anniversary of launching my line of luxury anti-aging satin pillowcases, Savvy Sleepers, I wanted to host a …read more →


How to Dress Slimmer with 3 Simple Style Tricks

We’ve all done it! Worn a dress or outfit and thought it looked fine, then saw photos splattered across FB or uploaded to iPhoto and immediately thought ‘Wow, that’s really unflattering on me.’ Here’s a Before & After pic of the way I looked in this same MANGO dress a few weeks ago. It was …read more →


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