Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Wine Country Strong from Redwood Valley, CA

‘Is your family ok??‘ is a never a good text to wake up to from a friend at 7 am. Especially when you have no idea what is going on as you’re thousands of miles and three states away. As my eyes adjusted to the iphone light with Charlotte asleep in my arms, I noticed …read more →


Savvy Sleepers Free V-Day Gift Including Sugarfina Sour Lips

I’m a self-confessed sour candy lover! Although I cut back to less than a pack of Sour Patch Kids per day, I discovered a candy last year that had me hooked after 1 piece. They are Sugarfina Sugar Lips and they have a hard gel consistency, perfect texture and ideal zap of sour. The sour …read more →

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6 Things to Do if You’re Feeling Stressed & Sleep Deprived Today

I don’t know about you, but I was up until 3 am last night clicking from network to network, scanning Twitter, and reading status updates from Facebook friends going through every emoticon I could imagine. One thing is for sure today, people are exhausted from this election. Here are 6 Things to Do Today if …read more →


The Savvy Sleepers Dallas Launch Party

Feeling like a sweaty mess in the Texas heat, I laced up my 16-month-old daughter’s pink Nike’s, piled her diaper bag full of toys, her sippy cup, and a zip-lock full of sweet potato Puffs. We rushed out the door to meet Bianca. Bianca works for Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support helping victims of Domestic …read more →


Hello from Las Vegas! Our First Tradeshow

If you want to know what a hangover without alcohol feels like in Las Vegas; go there for a trade show from set-up to closing. Talk about exhausting! I spent last weekend with the Savvy Sleepers team participating in our first official trade show. Savvy Sleepers had a booth at the International Beauty Show at …read more →

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It’s National Lash Day!

Quick FYI Today, Friday February 19th is National Lash Day! Remember when it was as easy as a coat of Covergirl or Maybelline? Now, lashes are a booming business with lash bars expanding all over the country and fake ‘natural‘ looking lashes in every drug store. Did you know satin pillowcases protect hair & eyelash …read more →

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