Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Anti-aging luxury satin pillowcases for hair & skin


I launched Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillowcases the year after starting this blog. Savvy Sleepers are ultra-smooth for hair & skin while you sleep.

After growing up in the country, with straw-like hair, I took off to tech-ville in the Bay Area. Working full time in San Francisco, blogging until 3 am, and dating drama was taking BIG toll on my hair and skin. My Aunt Jean – a hairstylist – recommended sleeping on a satin pillow case. “It’s healthier for your hair and will keep it from breaking,” she said.

After one night, I woke up feeling refreshed. My skin felt younger, crease-free, and my hair was smoother and more manageable. ‘Why aren’t we all sleeping on satin?‘ I thought, as I set out to design the best and most luxurious satin pillowcases.

Savvy Sleepers launched in Fall ’12. Before moving to Dallas, Texas, I ran the biz in Switzerland for 3 years (my pretend Swiss dream house pictured above) with my husband and new baby, Wilhelmina. Sales superstar & Marketing Director, Brittany aka SavvyBrit, is based in the San Francisco headquarters.

Each pillow case is 100% pure satin – the highest quality polyester blend and stitching – now sold in 7 rich shades. Recommended for anti-aging and preventing split ends, Savvy Sleepers are available in salons, blow dry bars and online worldwide!

A beauty secret rediscovered and the anti-aging luxury we all deserve. Order Yours Today.


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