Anti-aging luxury satin pillow cases for smoother hair & skin

The Story: In 2011, after starting this blog I slept on a satin pillow case for the first time. After one week I noticed how relaxed and smooth my skin felt and how much more manageable and less tangled my hair was in the morning. I felt so much better every morning that I wanted to create my own brand of the highest quality satin pillow cases for men and women to achieve their best sleep too.  After a year of R&D and production, I launched Savvy Sleepers at the end of 2012.  Savvy Sleepers are the world’s first unisex satin pillow cases for healthier hair and smoother skin with the secret pocket!*

Benefits of Sleeping on Satin: Sleeping on satin has been a celebrity beauty must-have and anti-aging secret for decades. Why? Satin is dermatologist recommended as  smoother against your skin preventing facial wrinkles, especially if you sleep on the same side for years. For hair, top stylists urge clients to sleep on satin to protect locks from friction and breakage often caused by sleeping on cotton pillow cases. Satin also prolongs the life of pricey salon blowouts.

Our Promise: Savvy Sleepers pillow cases are the highest-quality, hand-picked blend of pure luxury satin. Our goal is to provide you with relaxation, plus life long health and beauty benefits. Savvy Sleepers satin pillow cases have been compared to feeling like ‘a nightly spa treatment for your hair and skin. If you’re not completely satisfied, just let us know and we’ll make things right. #SleepBetter

Why Satin Pillow Cases are Good for Him: Savvy Sleepers are the first unisex satin pillow cases popular among men for preventing hair loss and breakage during the night. They’re extremely smooth against his skin and especially non-irritating for men with facial hair. The fabric is low sheen and won’t slip off pillows at night unlike silk which is why both men and women prefer Savvy Sleepers. Our satin compared to cotton or silk is more desirable for its stylish modern appearance and ultra-soft comforting touch for both him and her.

The BONUS: Savvy Sleepers are machine washable (wash delicate cold – tumble dry low, washing instructions also on tag inside each pillow case). Our signature collection comes in white (Divinity), black (Night Knight), and neutral (Nappuccino). All shades of Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases are sold in both standard and king size. See the full collection here. Each pillowcase has a secret bonus pocket on the inside for love notes, hair ties, jewelry when traveling, headphones, etc.

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Where to Buy Savvy Sleepers: Buy online here and your order is shipped USPS priority. Also available in speciality hair salons throughout California. For upcoming news, events and special promotions, please sign up for our monthly newsletter.

We want to hear from you! Are you a already a Savvy Sleeper or will be soon?

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*If you have any questions or are interested in applying to be a brand ambassador in your community or carrying Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases in your boutique or hair salon, please email ~xoDale & the Savvy Sleepers team.

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