24 Hours in the Big Apple with a Baby

New York Style faux leather jacket

Welcome to NYC! My ‘New York State of Mind’ was all about fashion week and running around the city with my sister a few years ago, but now I have a baby and a husband. On our way to visit family in Boston last weekend, we stopped in NYC for 24 hours.

Other than a rather unsettling moment when a homeless man on 6th Avenue walked toward Wilhelmina’s stroller aggressively barking at her and the nightmare traffic on the way to the oh-so-charming LaGuardia airport, we had a great time in NYC. It’s been a long week, let’s head to The Big Apple

New York City Today Show

The Scene – NYC! 7 AM We ran down to Rockefeller Center to the Today Plaza. The crowd looks huge on TV, but in reality it was around 100 people last Friday. If you want to see the show in NYC for a chance to meet Al or Matt, here’s what you need to know to visit the Today Plaza.

Savvy Spice visiting Today Show

Wilhelmina was over the Today Show crowd, but she was more than happy to stop into Bouchon Bakery next door where it was warm and toasty for a Macaroon. We enjoyed the most amazing croissants and a cappuccino – Bouchon has 7 locations across the US, maybe you’ve been in Napa?

Flowers NYC Savvy Spice fashion blog

Flowers for sale on the streets of NYC

Today Show New York City

Luckily, I walked by H&M on 6th Avenue when the Kenzo collaboration had just hit H&M. There was a crowd inside the store and most of the classic Kenzo tee’s were gone, but I bought a couple pieces before everything was gone. That outfit coming soon.

Central Park Savvy Spice

A few hours before our flight, we took a walk in New York’s Central Park.

New York City Savvy Spice

Mommy & Me in NYC. No hair, fake hair.

Sour Power Candy1

I LOVE the candy street vendors sell in NYC – especially the Sour Power Straws even if they’re a little stale. (Found the Sour Power Watermelon Straws here on Amazon too)

FullSizeRender 10

Until next time NYC…

Dale Janee blogger Adidas Superstar shoes

<DETAILS by Dale> Jacket – Zara / fave black jeans – Citizens of Humanity (last seen here) / purse – Ferragamo / shades –Prada / shoes – Adidas Superstar / lipstick – Rebel by MAC

Wilhelmina wearing Nine West rain boots / matching pink sweat suit with silver hearts from Walmart / Jou Jou Jacket

After 24 hours in New York, our next stop was Boston. Hope you have a great weekend and special thank you to all the veterans and their families today as the US celebrates Veterans Day.


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6 Things to Do if You’re Feeling Stressed & Sleep Deprived Today

Savvy Sleepers Nappuccino Event

I don’t know about you, but I was up until 3 am last night clicking from network to network, scanning Twitter, and reading status updates from Facebook friends going through every emoticon I could imagine. One thing is for sure today, people are exhausted from this election.

Here are 6 Things to Do Today if you’re feeling stressed or sleep deprived…

      • Hug a baby or a puppy. It’s surprising how much better you’ll feel after giving your child a hug or snuggling with your fur baby. When Wilhelmina woke up crying last night as my bloodshot eyes were glued to the TV while googling ‘How many electoral votes does ‘X’ state have?etc etc, I ran to her crib and cuddled her until she fell asleep. My stress level dropped instantly.
    • Do something to pamper yourself. Maybe it’s going home a little early and taking a nap or making a nice dinner, getting your nails done, a blow out, a massage, or buying new lipstick. Pamper yourself. After last night, Savvy Sleepers just extended our Nappuccino Event through Friday (Buy 2, Get 1 Nappuccino FREE + a $5 Starbucks Gift Card). Use code ‘Nap‘ at checkout.
    • Do something local. I attended TedxSMU Women last month here in Dallas where Dr. Margo McClinton Stoglin, the Texas State Director of Ignite, talked about the very real issue about the lack of women in politics. Ignite is a national organization helping young women ‘who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders.’ Encourage your kids, younger siblings or cousins to get involved with student council in Jr. high, high-school and college. More about Ignite here.
    • Clean, organize, cook. When life is feeling out of control, sometimes simple things we can control are a total stress-reliever. Enjoy time with your family, have an amazing dinner tonight, bake cookies, or organize that messy closet in your house because busy-work is a great distraction.
    • Yoga, Pilates or a brisk walk. Take a deep breath. Always a good idea.
  • Make a Real Life Coffee Date with a Friend – There has been so much political communication via social media (especially Facebook) with friends, coworkers and family about this election. But how well do you actually know your friends after this ‘shocking’ outcome? If your communication has been mostly online lately, set up a real-life coffee date with friends and people you care about to learn more about what is going on in their lives. Talk about family, fun times, work, or serious topics – but skip the election discussion.

Anything that’s been working for you today to de-stress?


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4 Tips to Dress Like a Dallas Fashionista

Savvy Spice Dallas fashion tips

Did you dress up for Halloween? My weekends of jam-packed Halloween festivities and candy corn binges ended when I moved to Switzerland. But it will always be a special day for me as I met my husband on October 31st exactly four years ago.

Although, we didn’t dress up for Halloween this year in Dallas, the past few months I’ve been paying special attention to fashion in DFW. There is more leather, fringe, tassel, leopard print, gold and bright colors than I’ve seen in years and I love it. My wardrobe turned to black in Europe with the occasional neutral and grey accents, so this is a welcome change.  Here’s my top 4 tips (so far) to capture the style and vibe of Dallas (if you’re local, let me know your thoughts and what I’m missing)…

Savvy Spice Dallas style blogger

The Scene – One of the cutest coffee shops in Dallas tucked away in the Harwood District called Magnolias – Sous Le Pont. From the marble tables, adorable decor, coffee, and outdoor setting; if you’re a fashion blogger, Magnolias is pure instagram-gold.

OPI nail polish mini Dallas style blogger

1. Nails, nails, nails… It is so nice to be around affordable nail spas again. In Texas, beauty is BIG business, and women have great nails. I carry a mini OPI nail polish around in my purse in case my nails aren’t done before meetings. I’ve been to Posh Nails in Uptown so far where I got this mani (OPI Black Cherry Chutney).

instagram photo coffee shop Dallas

2. Accessorized in Kendra Scott – My rose gold bracelet is the Bianca Cuff in rose gold by Kendra Scott. I’d never heard of Kendra Scott before moving to Dallas, but now I’m convinced that if you live in Texas, you must have at least 1 piece (okay, maybe 15 pieces) of Kendra Scott jewelry. (Bay Area Sidenote) Kendra Scott opened a location in Santana Row if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area.

LV bag Savvy Spice fashion blogger

3. Fringe or Leather Booties – They go with skirts, jeans, dresses and yep – denim shorts for a warm evening out at the Katy Trail Ice House. I see leather and faux leather booties everywhere (especially in brown natural tones.)

FullSizeRender 1

4. Dallas Hair &  Handbags! – There are SO many LV handbags in Dallas (mainly brown neutral tones) especially this tote. Now let’s talk Dallas hair! I can’t even keep up with the gorgeous hair here. It seems there are high-end hair salons on every corner and I see women who look like they walked out of a Pantene Pro-V commercial daily.

Louis vuitton yellow handbag

<DETAILS by Dale> jeans & top (last summer) – Zara (I can’t wait for Zara coming to Dallas this winter at the Northpark Mall) / shoes – Report  / handbag – Louis Vuitton (first seen here) / lipstick (Rebel by Mac) / Bianca cuff in rose gold – Kendra Scott

Hope you’re having a great week! If you live in the DFW area, what are some of your favorite trends this Fall?


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The Savvy Sleepers Dallas Launch Party

Story time savvy sleepers

Feeling like a sweaty mess in the Texas heat, I laced up my 16-month-old daughter’s pink Nike’s, piled her diaper bag full of toys, her sippy cup, and a zip-lock full of sweet potato Puffs. We rushed out the door to meet Bianca.

Bianca works for Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support helping victims of Domestic Violence in Dallas. This was two months ago and I remember driving down the Dallas Tollway feeling overwhelmed with an afternoon to-do list I had no chance of finishing before I picked up my husband from work a few hours later.

I met Bianca and we drove to the shelter together. It is both an emergency shelter and long-term shelter for women escaping an abusive relationship. Within the first few minutes walking through the shelter, I saw women who had a sense of relief on their faces, yet also sadness and exhaustion.

There was a woman standing in the lobby area holding a tiny, adorable newborn who I will never forget. The baby was only five days old and they were both living in the shelter. We asked how she was feeling. Tired, of course. She had a 5-day old and was still recovering from her C-section. She was on her way to pick up her other two children from school.

Every little thing I had to worry about that day felt like nothing. Here was a woman with a 5-day old, a 1-year-old, and older children living in the shelter handling all of this alone with the help of Genesis.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and while it may feel like there is a cause, charity, or go-fund-me just a click away on every social media channel, I have always felt strongly about helping women who are trying to escape the cycle of Domestic Violence and wanted a way my business, Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases for hair & skin, could give back to a shelter which does SO much for this community. After all, 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence at some point in their life.

Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillowcases

Earlier this month, Savvy Sleepers celebrated moving our business headquarters from San Francisco to Dallas, Texas with a launch party to benefit Genesis.

5 300x79

Savvy Sleepers Slumber Party Bently

It was a ‘Slumber Party for a Cause‘ specifically benefiting Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support which has been around for decades in Dallas. Sponsors included Platinum Motorcars, Freshii, Sweet Beat Vodka, Frost Bank, Ruth Chris Steakhouse and Cafe Victoria.

Slumber Party Swag Savvy Sleepers

 Guests were invited to grab info about Genesis, Savvy Swag, network, and were treated to cocktails, cupcakes and meet Bianca. Dallas Sidenote – Jan Langbein, CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, will actually be speaking at the TEDxSMU Women event in Dallas today.

Party pics Dallas Savvy Sleepers Party collage 2

Bianca was there to speak at the party and share how Genesis gives women help, support, legal aid, clothes, training and most importantly, a safe shelter to stay in where they make it feel like a cozy bed and breakfast. Some party pics above and you can see more of the Dallas Launch Party pics here.

Savvy Sleepers party 9 shopping

Savvy Sleepers is donating 20% of all sales this October to Genesis Women’s Shelter. We will also donate enough satin pillowcases for each bed in the Genesis shelter with a tiny note and message of hope for the secret pocket. It’s one of our favorite English proverbs…

‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.’

Savvy Sleepers Pink Pillowcase


Fried What!? Top 7 Highlights from the Texas State Fair

Texas State Fair Dallas

Have you ever heard of a lemon shake-up? It’s not Beyonce’s newest song, but it is the icy beverage that had me hooked after one sip at the Texas State Fair. It’s been going on the past 3 weeks and just ended, so you’ll have to wait a whole year if you’ve been waiting to try your first Corny Dog.

In case you haven’t been to a state fair lately, the Texas State Fair is a MUST-SEE for the fried food, football, music and so much more. For the record; everything is bigger in Texas. So come on y’all, here’s my TOP 7 Highlights from my first time at the Texas State Fair in case you find yourself in Dallas next October…

Ferris Wheel Texas State Fair

The Scene – The Texas State Fair

Savvy Spice fashion blog Texas

#1. Check Out Big Tex – The 55 foot statue ‘Big Tex‘ has become a ‘cultural icon of Dallas and Texas’ since 1952. Everyone tries to get selfies in front of it, whether their foundation is melting or not.

Lemonade shake ups Texas State Fair

#2. You Must Try the Lemon Shake-Ups – The bottom of the cup is filled with fresh lemons and sugar. They add water, ice, and shake like crazy for the most refreshing beverage on a hot Texas day. I found the Youtube recipe if you want to make one at home. *Special thanks to the carnival worker who gave Wilhelmina a pink bunny after my husband and I tried unsuccessfully from basketball to ring toss to win her a stuffed animal. Ugh, those games are so hard!

Taylor Swift Experience Dallas State Fair

#3. The Taylor Swift Experience – My husband and the baby skipped this one, but it was my strategic escape into an air conditioned building and a chance to see a room full of Taylor Swift memorabilia. There was at least 20 of her actual outfits (which are tiny) on mannequins that Miss Swift wore throughout the last decade from performances to red carpets which you’d love if you’re a fashionista or Taylor fan.

Texas longhorn Texas State Fair

#4. A Texas Longhorn – He was mainly chilling in the shade, but even after living in Switzerland surrounded by Swiss cows, this Texas Long Horn was an impressive sight drawing a crowd the entire day!

Texas State Fair Dallas childrens area

Fashion Sidenote – Wear comfy shoes and bring sunscreen! The fair grounds is HUGE. After a couple hours, we were exhausted, but Wilhelmina was still wanting to run toward every stuffed animal and livestock area she could find.

Fried food Texas State Fair

#6. The Fried Food! First, the food is not cheap and it’s definitely family style so plan to share. The portions are HUGE. We tried curly fries, a hot dog for my husband, fried zucchini, corn on the cob and chocolate dipped ice-cream. But we saw fried cheesecake, fried Snickers, Funnel cake with every topping you could imagine and fried Turkey legs everywhere!

Super Slide Texas State Fair

Up Next, the Rides….

Not! My husband and I are totally chickens when it comes to carnival rides, plus we have the baby as an excuse. But if you’re a carnival ride thrill-seeker, they have every super slide, twisting or upside-down ride you could imagine.

tips for the Texas state fair

#7. A Chance to Relive Your Childhood – The Texas State Fair is impressive and has something for everyone, especially kids. They even have a football stadium inside – the Cotton Bowl. I have never seen Wilhelmina so entertained bouncing around from the carnival games, to roosters at the petting zoo area and especially watching the pigs in the livestock area. It was an afternoon full of memories I’ll never forget.

Texas State Fair Savvy Spice baby

<DETAILS by Dale> jeans & top (Zara) / my shoes – Keds (last seen here) / bag – Banana Republic c/o (last seen in Milan) / Wilhelmina in an outfit from a Dallas tourist shop & Target shoes

Would you try the fried food creations at the Texas State Fair including fried butter?

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The Pelican Print Dress

Dallas Texas Design district1

Locals weren’t kidding when they said ‘fall is amazing in Dallas.’ Warm temps, blue skies and sunshine almost every day this month is a perfect way to start each morning. I’m also addicted to my old fave, the Salted Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks, which I had to skip the past 3 years living in Switzerland.

The Swiss Starbucks didn’t carry the sea salt which added to a complete condiment conundrum I had while living there. Fast food restaurants charged for ketchup and mayo. Salt and pepper might not even be on the table at eateries and many Chinese restaurants actually charged for fortune cookies – almost $3 each! Solution – I had a little condiment keychain with compartments for sea salt, pepper and even paprika for my husband when bland dishes needed a bit of flavor. So yes, Fall in Dallas is off to a good start as I slipped into a pelican print dress on a recent excursion that can easily be paired under a trench with suede boots when the temps actually dip…

Dallas Texas Style blogger

The Scene – Dallas Design District. We recently discovered an amazing Mexican restaurant called El Bolero. The Design District is quirky and full of art galleries, modern furniture stores, and antique malls like Lula B’s and White Elephant Antiques. They are a must-see if you’re ever visiting Dallas.

Versace platform sandals

I wore my nude Versace platform sandals (last seen in Venice beach) with this pelican print dress from Zara. PS Dallas fashionistas, have you heard?…

Zara Pelican print dress

Finally, a Zara in Dallas! The first Zara in Dallas is opening in North Park Mall this winter. Yay! If you’re from Europe, you’re probably thinking ‘um, big deal,’ but I have always found my favorite printed dresses from hot air balloons, seahorses, and owl print at the European retailer, so I’m sure Dallas fashionistas will be excited to get their stylish staples there too.

Detail shot pelican print dress

<DETAILS by Dale> Pelican print dress (recent) – Zara,  LV handbag, Versace sandals>

New posts coming all week! Hope you’re doing well and enjoying Fall in your city.

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