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Walk on the Wild Side

Weekend In Poland

What is your number on the ‘high-maintenance’ scale? I consider myself relatively easy going, but let’s just say the term ‘not a happy camper‘ and my name were used synonymously growing up during summer vacations in National Parks across California, Utah and Nevada. So when my husband and I planned a weekend in Poland to visit his grandpa in the country side, he told me it would be ‘super hot’ with lots of mosquitoes, huge bugs, and the ultimate ‘roughing it‘ buzzword – no internet.

So I saddled up and packed my carry-on for the summer cottage in Southern Poland. Thankfully, my skin’s level of fake tanner and shimmer lotions have made it a natural repellant to skeeters for years and ‘super hot‘ in Europe is the equivalent to a typical summer day in California. Without going into detail about which one of us had a ‘major afternoon allergy attack,’ mosquito bites head-to-toe and a swollen ankle thanks to a nasty spider; here’s a quick tour through our weekend in the beautiful country side, my first time in Poland, which I loved… Read more ›

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Savvy Sleepers Now Sold in the World’s Largest Blow Dry Chain

houston blo woodlands texas

After long hours, plenty of phone calls with their headquarters in Canada, a new retail package designed by my father-in-law, and regular Haribo gummy bear breaks; I’m excited to share a new Savvy Sleepers partnership! Our luxe satin pillow cases are now sold in the world’s largest blow dry chain - Blo Blow Dry Bar! 

Savvy Sleepers were first inspired after the dramatic difference I noticed in my hair and skin after sleeping on a hand-sewn satin pillow case recommended by my Aunt Jean – a hair stylist who had been sharing her hair care secrets with me since my first highlights at 16. Now that Savvy Sleepers are specifically sold as a beauty investment to help protect blow outs in the world’s largest blow dry bar chain, it seems like one of those perfect ‘circle of life‘ Lion King moments.


Savvy Sleepers are already available in these Blo Blow Dry Bar Locations: W Hollywood, California / Austin, Texas Fifth St. / Woodlands, Texas / Tampa & Miami (Brickell) Florida / Charlotte, North Carolina / Shreveport, Lousiana / Gaithersburg, Maryland / Chelsea, New York NY. pic via

Big thanks to Blo Blow Dry Bar for giving our growing beauty startup from San Francisco a chance and my family for helping with the nitty gritty logistics in Nor-Cal. Follow us on Instagram for the latest news, beauty & bedding by our Marketing and Social Media Director, Brittany! For yesterday’s official press release by our Chico State PR intern, John Riggin, click here.

Thanks for all the support since our launch! It is REALLY REALLY appreciated. See you Monday…


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 2


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08 /05
Casual Basics in Berlin

Casual in Berlin

‘It was labor day weekend I was seventeen – I bought a coke and some gasoline - And I drove out to the county fair.’ In a Tim McGraw nutshell, those were my ‘Something Like That summer years as a teen. There’s something about a white tee-shirt and ripped-up jeans that takes me back to my Nor-Cal country roots. While I’ll miss California’s hot August nights this year, exploring new European cities on weekends has been a welcome treat from the non-stop rain here in Switzerland and crazy weather everywhere.

California is on fire, Switzerland is flooding, but last week Berlin was hot and a bit balmy when we visited. Here’s a quick city tour, plus distressed denim on-the-go before we hopped in a cab to the airport. PS – If you’re ever traveling to Berlin, Tegel Airport is the fastest most efficient airport I’ve ever seen…

Berlin White House Savvy Spice fashion blog

<The Scene – Berlin, Germany>

Savvy Spice distressed denim Mango Clutch

<Super Casual - A white tank and distressed denim is one of those outfits I throw on when I’m in the mood for pure comfort. The look can always be styled-up with a pair of heels>

Berlin Germany Savvy Spice Fashion Blog

<Sightseeing in Berlin where the taxis all seem to be Mercedes painted the same shade as a Manila folder>

Berlin Savvy Spice sightseeing Dale Janee

<One of the most well-known landmarks in Germany, the Brandenburg Gate>

Distressed Denim Dale Janee Savvy Spice

<DIY Shredded Denim? I’ve had enough near disasters with old Levis and a cheese grater trying to create my own ‘distressed denim.‘ There are so many ‘ready made shredded jeans,’ I prefer to buy like these by Mango>

photo 88

<Auf Wiedersehen for now Berlin, I’ll definitely be back>

Dale Janee distressed denim Mang0 jeans Euro Style

<DETAILS by Dale> jeans (recent) MANGO (exact pair on sale below) / Nine West heels (black here)/ H&M tank / metal screw cuff bracelet (Zara) / vintage watch / yellow Cartier trinity bracelet / MANGO clutch / Prada Sunglasses

Is distressed denim a summer ‘do’ or ‘don’t’ for you?


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How to Avoid Travel Acne

Savvy Spice beauty tips

There were many moments in my early 20’s (aka the pre-filter years) where I avoided photos with direct sunlight on my face at all costs. I finally got the blemish situation under control (I’ll get to that later), but my skin still tends to revert back to teenager mode when I travel.

I’ve always been jealous of those friends who say, ‘Oh, I can just wash my face with any bar of soap and my skin is fine.’ But for those of us (guys and gals) that have temperamental travel skin, here’s how to keep it looking clear on any summer getaway. After testing multiple products this year – I’ve found Murad is a big winner especially for travel:

  • Hotel Water – I’m convinced my skin is truly sensitive to water in different cities. Either it’s too drying or will barely wash off my makeup. After testing Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser for the past 2 months I love it! The face wash is strong and ‘fights blemishes,‘ but I recommend using eye-makeup remover first. It gives skin that tingly feeling and the Murad Mattifying lotion is an absolute MUST during the day. It truly hydrates while keeping skin matte for men & women. I’ve been using it all summer, plus it’s oil free.
  • Skin Savers in the Sky – On our last transatlantic flight from the US back to Switzerland, I woke up as we were about to land feeling gross. I looked over and my husband’s skin looked perfect, clean, refreshed and not greasy at all. ‘Wow, your skin looks so good!’ I said. ‘I know, it’s my beauty secret for flying,’ he replied coyly before spilling his tricks. Here’s what he used: Murad Cleansing Wipes 1 in the beginning of the flight / 1 at the end. I highly recommend these cleansing wipes because I’ve used other brands and never saw results like his.
  • Skin Confessions – Traveling or not, I believe in getting a handle on constant breakouts through a great dermatologist. It can make all the difference and save you years of trying over-the-counter/infomercial products that don’t work. In Nor-Cal – I highly recommend Dr. Dans who I saw in San Francisco and in Chico, CA – Brent Hopson is amazing. While everyone has varying opinions on the medication Accutane, it is has helped so many friends, family, and myself in the past that I highly recommend it. It’s a commitment and can have side effects, but it’s the only medicine that ever worked (long term) for me. If you use it and have excess dry skin, I recommend La Prairie Cellular Time-Release Moisturizer (1 container can last up to 6 months and it’s the most hydrating moisturizer I’ve ever used).

Hope this helps. Please share your own skin saving products if you’ve ever been prone to breakouts?


  ASQ web banner

Savvy Sleepers Update: Our luxe 100% satin pillow cases are now sold in Dr. Kimberly Henry’s MD plastic surgeon offices in 3 locations: Greenbrae, CA, Petaluma, CA & Davis, CA. Dr. Henry has an amazing staff, plus was voted ‘Best Plastic Surgeon in Marin County’ selling one of my faves - Clarisonic and now Neocutis - the luxury Swiss facial products only available only by physicians!


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07 /28
What to Wear: Summer Girls’ Night Out

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee paint splatter print

There’s nothing like reminiscing with an old friend in a new city. My husband and I visited Berlin, Germany over the weekend and met up with one of my savvy Silicon Valley BFF’s, Whitney, visiting from San Francisco. We ate at Dudu’s (which was SO good) and giggled about the late nights we had back in the Bay – cue the cheesy flashback sound effect. Oh…the nights out on Polk street, the holiday parties, Giants games, those $16 infused cocktails at ‘the hottest new ultra-lounge‘ and how we met at our first (tech) job right out of college smack-dab in the middle of SOMA.

Sure, life changes, but isn’t it nice to have good friends where you can always pick up where you left off? Even if it’s half-way across the world Berlin. And speaking of Berlin – I loved it! It’s the first place I’ve been in Europe with that quirky San Francisco vibe, the big city ‘shopping mall‘ feel of LA, plus the history and landmarks of European must-see destinations. The ultra-warm weather was just the cherry on top, so I slipped into a paint-splattered print dress I’d been crushing on all week for our semi-girls’ night out in Berlin

Dale Janee old red Mercedes Savvy Spice

Savvy Spice Fashion Blog Dale Janee

Savvy Spice paint prints TJ Maxx purse

Savvy Spice Dale Janee Berlin Style

<DETAILS by Dale> Zara paint-splatter dress (recent on sale) / clutch + necklace (old) TJMAXX / Louboutin Heels / Cartier Trinity bracelet / 1001 Hair Extensions c/o (on sale now) / LVX nails  c/o

Hope you had a great weekend! See you soon.


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 2

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