Swiss Charm & Swollen Feet

Luzern Switzerland Savvy Spice

A ‘staycation is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night,’ according to wikipedia. That’s exactly what we’ve been up to lately as my due date approaches and one of my husband’s worst fears is being hours from home in a neighboring country on a road trip when my contractions start. I appreciate his concerns, although I suspect it has something to do with protecting his car’s pristine leather seats as well.

So we’ve been enjoying little weekend day trips close to home. When my in-laws recently visited, we decided to go to Lucerne, Switzerland – a tourist hotspot in Switzerland. Here’s a quick stroll through the city full of Swiss charm before my swollen feet called it a day…

Luzern Switzerland Savvy Spice fashion travel

<The Scene – Luzern, Switzerland (spelled ‘Lucerne’ in English) with the Gütsch castle on the mountain up above with the crystal clear lake below>

Savvy Spice fashion blog pregnancy style

<Sightseeing through the old town in an olive H&M maternity top>

Farmers Market Savvy Spice fashion blog

<Fresh flowers for sale at the farmers market throughout the city on Saturdays>

Flowers Luzern Switzerland

<Swiss Farmer’s Markets are a little different than those in the US because prices are so high here, yet most of the produce in the Supermarkets is already organic anyway. So we skipped the $8 baskets of strawberries and pricy flowers (or ‘Blumen‘ in German)>

Luzern thrift shop Savvy Spice

<A little flea market along the water with paintings, Swiss memorabilia and a few fake Louis Vuitton handbags scattered throughout. Then we took a walk along the lake…>

Lake Luzern Switzerland Savvy Spice 1

<Duck, Duck……Swan>

baby duck Luzern Switzerland

<He was ready for his close up. So cute!>

Lake Luzern Savvy Spice Luzern bridge Switzerland

<The famous covered bridge in Lucerne is called ‘Kapellbrücke‘ and is a major tourist attraction in the city>

Savvy Spice Luzern visit

<Quick stroll on the bridge before it was time for a coffee break>

Savvy Spice Nespress coffee

<My husband has a Nespresso addiction so we stopped by the store to stock up on pods and they have a complimentary coffee bar in all Nespresso stores>

My Swiss Diary Savvy Spice

<Coffee Sidenote – Nespresso, which is a Swiss brand, has its Inissia Espresso Maker available at Macy’s for less than $200. I love it, especially when we have guests, because you press one button and your coffee is done, plus the milk frother is actually fun and will make you feel like a professional barista>

Swollen Feet pregnancy Savvy Spice

<After 2 hours of walking through Lucerne, my feet were swollen like little Swiss veal sausages, so we made our way back home>

Do you have any trips planned this summer including staycations?

lake shots & Nespresso store photo credit – Savvy Senior


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5 New Zesty Life Hacks!

Savvy Spice Neon Nike Shoes

Remember procrastinating for school projects feeling stressed out as the deadline approached? I feel like I have 3 weeks to squeeze in every summer task on my to-do list before the baby arrives because from what I’ve heard, read and seen with friends is that ‘EVERYTHING CHANGES’ once the baby gets here.

While I’m definitely not running (and haven’t for months), I have switched to sneakers in the past week to take care of last minute errands and my hospital suitcase is packed by the door for when the big day arrives. There’s a few simple items and routines I’ve had lately that I’d consider ‘life hack’ status, so I wanted to share them with you…

Savvy Spice fashion blog black white neon Nikes

<Pregnancy Update – 37 Weeks!>

Dale Janee Savvy Spice Neon Nike shoes

<1. Start Your Day with Lemons! – My mother-in-law told my husband and I about drinking a bit of lemon water in the morning. The fresh, cleansing feeling before I sit down for breakfast has made it an easy habit to continue. Here’s all the benefits of drinking lemon water. To Make It – Squeeze a half a lemon into a small glass of warm water (about the size of a shooter) and drink it first thing in the morning>

Neon green Nikes Free

<2. Just Do It – I’ve actually been saving these neon Nikes in a drawer for months until summer arrived because sometimes new workout shoes are the perfect pick-me-up! Especially when clothes aren’t fitting well, what better way to get energized?>

Savvy Spice pregnancy style Dale Janee

<3. White Nails! – There is something so crisp and clean about a white nails, but they do chip easily so I usually go with Sinful Colors and expect the look to last a couple days. Always use a clear top coat to protect white nail polish>

Loccitane Citrus lotion

<4. Zesty Lime by L’Occitane – I love L’occitane hand cremes because they never leave a greasy residue and the scents aren’t overpowering. My favorite is Almond Delicious>

Savvy Spice fashion blog neon Nike shoes

<5. Take Advantage of Casual Trends – The sneaker trend has been in style since going down the runway on Chanel a few seasons ago. While I don’t see a lot of neon in Europe, I do see women wearing sneakers from white Adidas by Stan Smith to grey or black Nike’s everywhere! You can walk farther, faster and burn more calories before the summer heat so take advantage of this casual trend that seems to be sticking around (hopefully forever)>

Neon Nikes black jeans Savvy Spice

<DETAILS by Dale> top – Tresics / shoes – Nike Free (Love these in black too) / white watch – Michael Kors (but I like this one better) / leather jacket (old) – Zara / white & black bucket bag & maternity jeans – H&M >

Any new products or healthy ‘life hacks’ you’re loving this Spring?


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Meet Funky Forty in Zurich

IMG 5617

I met Yvonne last Fall in Zurich and she mentioned wanting to start a blog, and within 30 days she took the most important leap and really launched it! Yvonne, originally from New Zealand, founded November 2014 and has already had great success posting nearly daily, shooting street style pics at Paris Fashion Week, sharing her own European travel secrets (hello Lake Como), plus street style posts throughout Zurich and beyond!

We met up last week on a warm, sunny day lakeside in Zurich and she featured me in her latest street style edition – ‘Baby on Board.’ Thank you Yvonne!


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How to Feel Thinner Instantly

Savvy Spice penguin style dale Savvy Spice

One nice thing about getting pregnant is not having to worry about the number on the scale. I still check mine here every couple of weeks to see how many kilos I’ve gained (15+), which is a little misleading because then I need to multiply it by about 2 to see it in pounds. Some mornings I wake up ready to hop out of bed, and then I slowly roll over and catch a glimpse of myself walking by the mirror and think, ‘Wow, I look like a penguin.’

Pregnant or not, sometimes you want to get dressed up and feel your best in a style that is classy, but still comfy. Last week, I stopped by the beautiful new luxury hotel in Zurich called The Kameha Grand which just opened and will have Savvy Sleepers on their official pillow menu. Here’s a few of my new style secrets to feel look and feel slimmer in seconds… [Read more…]


Trend Alert! Off-the-Shoulder Summer Dresses

Atlantic Pacific Summer Dresses 1024x1024

I’ve been seeing off-the-shoulder dresses all over lately and decided to round up some of my favorites because showing a bit of shoulder is one of the easiest and most conservative ways to show some skin, especially for summer.

Here’s 5 Off-the-Shoulder Summer Dresses I’m loving already this Spring and how to get Atlantic-Pacific’s Look-for-Less on the Savvy Sleepers ‘Summer Getaway‘ blog series. Hope you enjoyed a nice long 3-day weekend.


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How to Do Varsity Chic

Sweet Valley High Letterman Varsity Jacket

Living in Europe is a big change, and being married to a European has its differences too as you could imagine. Over the weekend, my husband’s childhood friend from school in Germany was visiting when the BIG sports story about Tom Brady popped up on our Apple TV.

‘Who is Tom Brady and what is the ball story all about?’ they both asked. I can honestly say two men asking me about the latest news in football never happened once living in the US. Apparently, ‘Deflategate‘ was sailing over their heads, so I decided to explain.

‘Well, Tom Brady is like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL – that’s the football league – and they won the Superbowl this year.’  I watched as their eyes glazed over.

And Tom Brady is married to Giselle,’ I said. Suddenly, I had their attention.

Ohhh, Giselle Bündchen,’ my husband replied in a perfect German accent.

Yea, you know who she is, right?’ I laughed.

Uh…Jaaa!!‘ they both replied practically in unison. Ok, calm down Hans and Franz. So I went on to explain the deflated balls, the NFL investigation, the 4-game suspension next season and how some people think Brady is a big liar, but oops…I lost them again.

While my husband could care less about professional football and I occasionally miss the sound of NFL games on the TV Sunday afternoons, I don’t really mind that he’s not a sports nut. He did play sports in high school after all and I have his Varsity jacket to prove it along with my TOP 6 Sporty Chic Styles I’m LOVING this Spring…


<Turns out my husband was a German foreign exchange student in Orange County, California on the swim team and kept his letterman jacket. Go Dana Hills Dolphins! Since I never got one in high school – I don’t think any guy on the Varsity football team even knew my name – now I have his>

Stan Smith Savvy Spice fashion blog white Adidas shoes

<Sporty Style #1 – Stan Smith I am LOVING these original Stan Smith sneakers that are everywhere this spring. They’re comfy too!>

Swatch white watch macarrons Savvy Spice

<Sporty Style #2 – SWATCH Watch – The classic Swiss brand is one of my favorites because they constantly have new designs at great prices (especially for gifts) and they’re Swiss made – meaning won’t break. Check out the huge selection at Macy’s or this Hit the Line Tennis watch>

Varsity Jackets Savvy Spice Golden Bear Jackets

<Sporty Style #3 – A Ponytail – Of course I don’t wear my hair on top of my head like I did in high school, but a ponytail can always give off a fun, sporty vibe>

Dale Janee Savvy Spice sporty style

<Sporty Style #4 – Striped Tanks! – Stripes are always in style, but I love this vintage inspired striped maternity tank from H&M. Look for baby blue or grey and white stripes – something fresh for Spring>

Dana Hills High School Orange County

<Sporty Style #5 – Show Your School Spirit – Buy a tank or sweatshirt from your old college or high-school and wear it with a pair of distressed jeans! Or if you prefer to leave those memories behind, there are SO many vintage sports tee’s and Varsity jackets from random schools at 2nd hand stores>

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee

<Sporty Style #6 – Letterman Jacket! Last week Julia Roberts sported a black & white Varsity jacket on one of the final episodes of David Letterman. Turns out that brand, Golden Bear, is based in San Francisco and is famous for stylish Varsity jackets>


<DETAILS by Dale> Stan Smith Originals – Men’s / white denim & tank – H&M Maternity / watch c/o- SWATCH last summer (more I’m loving below) / silver bracelet – Zara (Miansai knock-off) / jacket – ’98 Vintage >

So by the end of the Tom Brady convo, they were both asking why the deflated balls were such a big advantage? The truth is I didn’t know the answer. The only thing I really know about football is ‘Laces Out‘ and after that discussion along with my Dana Hills Dolphins Varsity jacket, I just felt like watching Ace Ventura with a bowl of Swiss ice-cream. What did you think about Tom Brady’s punishment? Was the league too harsh, is he a cheater, or could you care less?


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