Tulips to the Rescue

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Last week Pennsylvania’s famous little groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow meaning the weather-predicting rodent forecast six more weeks of winter. Great. Apparently this whole Punxsutawney Phil theory is based on an old German legend that takes place on February 2nd every year; and yet, I didn’t hear a peep about it around town in Zurich. I suppose once you’ve spent a couple winters in Switzerland, you know not to be so naive and hunker down for snow well into April despite lil Phil’s prediction.

Luckily, I have a few ‘Spring infusion‘ tricks up my puffy coat sleeve including fresh tulips, which according to this CBS article today – ‘Are tulips the new roses?‘ – reports a massive increase in imports of the beautiful blooms from tulip central (aka Holland). So here’s a few tips to bring a warm spring vibe to any city covered in fresh powder or frigid temps… [Read more…]


‘The Love Note in San Francisco’ Video

Savvy Sleepers Savvy Spice Cover photo

Whether you’ve been in love once, several times, or still waiting to meet your perfect match; you’ll never forget those first few moments of meeting that special person. I’m excited to present ‘The Love Note in San Francisco‘ – a short film by Savvy Sleepers based on a true story. Amanda and Fernando meet in the city and fall for each other fast, but will they ever see each other again? Watch below and find out…


We had such a fun day shooting this in San Francisco just before Thanksgiving 2014 taking Philz Coffee breaks and laughing on the Embarcadero. ~Special thanks to the Stars, my cousin Amanda Jenkins, our friend Fernando Guevara, Cinematography by Bobby Huerta and amazing Production Assistants, my cousin, Glori Jenkins and brother, Drew Steliga.

What do you think about handwritten love notes? Do you wish guys (or women) wrote them more?


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Glam Instagram Giveaways! Enter To Win…

Savvy Sleepers La Prairie

If you follow Savvy Sleepers on Instagram, we’re in the mood for love and having 3 Giveaways now through Monday with some our favorite romantic, sexy and beautifying brands!

FIRST – LA PRAIRIE! When I first moved to Switzerland I got a tiny sample of La Prairie night cream at the department store and I made that sample last nearly a month. The Swiss skincare line is luxurious and pricy, but I do notice a big difference in my skin looking smoother, firmer and ultra-moisturized on nights I use it. (I buy this and using 3 times a week, it lasts 6 months.)

I’ve been able to attend La Prairie events in Zurich and now have the chance to give away one of the best products for your body – especially in the winterthe La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator ($125) + a Savvy Sleeper in the color of you choice. Enter now as it ends today! (Friday) Here’s the NEXT Giveaway starting this afternoon…

New Instagram Giveaway Splenderosa

COMING TODAY- SPLENDEROSA! When I first read about the front/back earring trend, I thought it was so fun! The Dior inspired earrings above are a trend I’m seeing everywhere now and come in 5 different shades by Splenderosa. These earrings are CZ Solitaire, White Shell Pearl with Sterling Silver Posts. One winner will win the pair of your choice, plus a Savvy Sleeper.

Coming MondaySavvy Sleepers + Third Love lingerie.


Have a great weekend & see you soon.


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WARNING: Sugar Rush Ahead!

COVER Candy Land

You know those people who say, ‘I’m not really a sweets person, I prefer salty.’ I always think to myself ‘I love salty snacks too, and then I totally crave sweets after.’  From childhood through college, I ate massive amounts of sour candy. While I still eat candy daily, I’ve cut back now that my metabolism doesn’t burn off gummy bears like it did back in the good old days.

Over the weekend, I had a chance to fulfill a little dream, which was to visit the ISM Conference held annually in Cologne, Germany with over 1400 snack and candy brands from over 70 countries. It’s the World’s Largest Sweets & Snacks Convention and while I was there sourcing mints and chocolates because it’s an official trade show, of course I went around exploring, sampling and taking notes. Welcome to Candy Land… [Read more…]


‘Back in Black’

Savvy Spice fashion blog Black leather jacket

Do you ever feel like your winter wardrobe is feeling a bit stale, but you know Spring the collections are around the corner, so why buy another puffy coat? That’s how I felt last weekend, but decided to dress up the basics in a simple 80’s AC/DC ‘Back in Black’ inspired weekend ensemble.

Layering black basics is the perfect solution any day you want to feel a little taller, less bulky (aka thinner), and put together on a chilly winter day which was exact what I needed… [Read more…]


Closed: Prada + Savvy Sleepers Giveaway!

Prada Giveaway Savvy Spice

There’s a study you’ve probably heard that ‘American consumers are willing to spend more with companies that provide outstanding service, and they will also tell, on average, twice as many people about bad service than they are about good service.’

If I have grandchildren one day, there’s a few old ‘fashion tales‘ I’ll always remember to tell them. The horror story about the homeless woman who ripped out my hair extensions walking down the street in San Francisco, strategies during crazy designer collaborations like our Versace for H&M night, and most recently, my Trois Pommes Tale at the Prada store in Zurich which leads to the Prada + Savvy Sleepers Giveaway at the end of this post… [Read more…]