Hello from Las Vegas! Our First Tradeshow

Savvy Sleepers Tradeshow IBS Las Vegas

If you want to know what a hangover without alcohol feels like in Las Vegas; go there for a trade show from set-up to closing. Talk about exhausting! I spent last weekend with the Savvy Sleepers team participating in our first official trade show. Savvy Sleepers had a booth at the International Beauty Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center with 300+ beauty brands from hair, skin, lashes, extensions to waxing, bleaching, botoxing and literally every beauty treatment you could imagine.

After months of planning, we put on our game face and comfy shoes for 24+ hours on the floor over the 3-day show. We had a great time revealing our pillowcases to hair and beauty professionals from around the world. Trade shows are A LOT OF WORK. It’s like planning a wedding in a 10 ft x 10 ft space, but instead of a kiss to seal the deal, you’re looking for real deals from buyers, spreading the word about your brand, and making valuable connections. More pics from Vegas coming soon on our Slumber Party Lifestyle & Beauty Blog.

We have exciting news coming soon, plus our new packaging reveal coming later this summer. Thank you for all the support of the years and I hope you have a great 4th of July! Any big plans?


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PS – If you have any salons, blowdry bars, spas or boutiques in your city who may want to sell our pure satin pillowcases to customers, please email brittany@savvysleepers.com. We’ll send them wholesale info and rush some Savvy Swag to you!

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Staycation in ‘The Big D’

Savvy Spice The Big D

While Hillary and Bernie were battling it out in Cali yesterday and Trump is working on ‘Making America Great Again,’ does anyone else need a break from politics and the candidates this summer? Speaking of politics, did you know June is National Potty Training Awareness Month? But on a more serious note, we stepped into a much different political scene last weekend. It was goodbye 2016 – hello 1960’s.

We enjoyed a staycation in Dallas and checked out the newly opened JFK ‘Special Exhibit‘ at The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza. Perhaps you know all about November 22, 1963 (conspiracy theories and all) when JFK was assassinated. To stand on the sixth floor overlooking Dealy Plaza seeing photos and hearing voices of bystanders who saw the assassination that day was surreal and upsetting there are so many unanswered questions to this day. It is the #2 tourist destination in Texas (after the Alamo in San Antonio) and I highly recommend adding this stop to your travel list…

Dallas Texas Historic district

The Scene – Dallas on our walk toward the JFK Memorial and the Sixth Floor Museum.

Big Dallas Sign Texas

Just a few minutes from the JFK Memorial, you’ll find tons of tourist-stye restaurants and souvenir shops.

JFK Memorial Dallas Texas

There is a constant stream of tourists visiting this scene where Kennedy was assassinated which has been preserved to look exactly like it did in the 60’s. You can stand on the Grassy Knoll and there is actually an ‘X’ painted in the street that marks the spot where he was killed.

JFK Museum Dallas Texas

‘A Time for Greatness’ – There is a ‘Special Exhibit’ that just opened inside the Sixth Floor Museum where you can view more photos of JFK and Jacqueline as you literally step inside the 1960 Kennedy Campaign. (It’s open through November)

Kennedy Museum Special Edition 2016 Campaign Headquarters

You can even sit down and snap a pic as if you were working in the Kennedy/Johnson campaign headquarters. It felt so authentic right down to the rotary dial phone and ash tray.

Wilhelmina sleeping baby

Special Thanks! – This post was made possible thanks to our generous sponsor, Wilhelmina, who donated a 90 minute mid-day nap so we could enjoy the museum.

Dallas Texas tourism JFK

<DETAILS by Dale> olive dress (old) H&M – last seen here on my sister / leopard studded sandals (old) – Zara / purse – Ferragamo

Have you ever visited the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas?


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My Night at the Rihanna Concert

rsz savvy spice rihanna concert date

Rihanna is coming to Dallas next week, can we go can we go?’ I begged my husband like an 11-year-old school girl a few weeks ago. ‘Yea, sure!‘ he said. We hadn’t been to a concert in years (the last was Pink in Zürich), but I love Rihanna’s music. ‘Love the Way You Lie‘ was practically the theme song of my life the year it debuted, and I grew to love ‘FourFiveSeconds‘ after hearing it FourFiveHundred times.

As it turns out, a lot of teens and 20-something females in DFW also love Rihanna (more on that below). Luckily, my mother-in-law was in town last month and we took advantage for a few baby-free date nights in Dallas. The night after the concert, I was telling my sister about the evening. ‘You went to the Rihanna concert?‘ she said surprised. I was at least a decade older than most of the party-goers, but all it took was the first few notes of Umbrella-ella-ella to wash my insecurities away and enjoy the night. From my concert style in a romper to sipping a stiff Crown & Diet Coke before the show, here’s a recap of our night with Rihanna…

Rihanna concert Dallas Texas

Rihanna opened the show walking across a clear bridge that hung through the air as she danced in a sleek white satin bodysuit and thigh-high boots. All eyes (and iPhones) were following her every move and she is stunning!

Crown and Coke Diet Coke

Friday night Crown & Cokes! There’s nothing like Canadian whisky to get the party started. After we made it inside and took our seats, I noticed a group of teens to our right in denim cut-offs and F21 off-the-shoulder tops. They were Shapchatting away while their grandparents (looking bored and chaperoning) looked the other way.


I thought my romper and Zara lace-up heels were racy enough, but Rihanna fans go all out! The crowd was about 80% women and I’ve never seen so many sheer jumpsuits, short-shorts, and bandage club dresses in one night. It was a fashion blogger’s paradise for people watching.

Messy braid with extensions

(New to Dallas Sidenote) It’s already getting humid in Dallas and I’m finding myself searching for foundations that don’t melt in five minutes and shampoos that help keep frizz at bay. Any tips or Midwest bloggers you known who share beauty secrets to deal with these weather conditions, please let me know. Rihanna concert Dallas Texas style

As Rihanna addressed the crowd between songs with profanity-laced pleasantries saying how much she ‘F’n loves Dallas,’ the crowd cheered. Although, she seemed like she’d rather be chilling at Coachella with Leo, she put on an amazing show with 4 costume changes, unique back-up dancers and a mash-up of all of her top songs over the past 10 years.

Calvin Klein romper

<DETAILS by Dale> romperrecent Calvin Klein / heels (old) – Zara / beverage – Crown Royal & Diet Coke / nails – Sinful Colors ‘Snow Me White’

What is the last concert you went to? PS – Rihanna’s Anti-World Tour is headed to Europe next including Zürich so definitely see it if you can!


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Fringe Gladiator Sandals at White Rock Lake

Savvy Spice White Rock Lake

‘Let’s go to the lake this weekend!’ Whether you’re gearing up for summer ‘staycations,’ or mini roadtrips; that one simple phrase can have a plethora of definitions depending on the lake in question. Growing up in Nor-Cal, my family spent weekends at good-ole’ Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa on Clear Lake or biking around Lake Mendocino. College typically meant the shores of Lake Tahoe and Switzerland was a whole new ball game with breathtaking lakes and shades of blue that could make the Mediterranean jealous.

And now, we’re in Texas. A few days ago we ventured over to White Rock Lake. Technically it’s a reservoir (‘a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply’), but who’s counting? Murky or not, it’s the perfect escape from downtown Dallas. White Rock Lake might be man made, but it’s only a 15 minute drive from downtown Dallas lined with charming (HUGE) homes with easy access for sailboats, canoes and a trail packed with people biking and walking. We stopped near the White Rock Lake boathouse as I was decked out in casual duds including some of my favorite distressed denim and my new leather fringe gladiator sandals I’m loving…

Lakes Dallas Texas

The Scene – White Rock Lake (Dallas, Texas)

Leather Fringe Sandals

Vintage Belt – I’ve had this belt my mom made in college for years. Now I’m on the outlook for vintage belt buckles. If you’re local and know any great vintage stores in Dallas, please let me know.

Brown leather fringe sandals

Fringe  Sandals for Spring – Tassels, fringe and pom pom details are all over heels and sandals this year. I’m loving these leather sandals and they are so comfortable and go with denim, shorts and this BCBG dress I wore for Margarita date night.

White Rock Lake Dallas Texas

Casual Mom Hair-Do – Half-back with a bobby pin and then a low messy bun. Done.

White Rock Lake

Aviators & a Slightly Hazy Day – The perfect remedy for tired eyes after a night out at the Rihanna concert (more about that in the next post).

White Rock Lake Savvy Spice

<DETAILS by Dale> tank & jeans (old) – Zara / bag c/o Adora / gold necklace – F21 / shades – Calvin Klein / fringe leather sandals – Marc Fisher (also available in black & gold)

Any lakes you’d recommend near your city? If so, what do you love about it?


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The Mother’s Day Slumber Party

New Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee founder of Savvy Sleepers

If there’s one thing I’ve learned to appreciate since having a baby, it’s that phrase, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ And I only have one. Now that I’m a 3-hour flight from California, I’m seeing my family more often and was so excited when my mom, aunt and sister visited Dallas last month. We explored the city, walked to the JFK History Museum, had an amazing steak dinner, grabbed cocktails at Nobu and even managed to have a carefully orchestrated ‘Slumber Party.’

I had just received our new Savvy Sleepers shipment with our new ‘Serenity’ shade we’d be releasing for Mother’s Day. I thought it was a perfect chance to sneak in a quick Saturday morning photo shoot before heading out for Texas style BBQ. I know it was a Kris Kardashian kind of move, but I had the perfect combo to create some new content. My husband – the photographer, my sister for behind-the-scenes help, plus my aunt, mom and Wilhelmina for the lifestyle pillowcase shots. So it was two hours of business and then we were ready (fake lashes and all) for a weekend of play…

Savvy sleepers satin pillowcases our story

My Aunt Jean, who is like a 2nd mom to me is also an amazing hair stylist and the inspiration for Savvy Sleepers. About five years ago, she told me to start sleeping on a satin pillow case to help protect my fragile hair from more split ends, after I spent years damaging it with straightening irons and highlights.

light blue pillowcases Mothers Day gifts

(Sidenote) As a new mom, I have a new appreciation for my mom and aunts who made having kids and raising them look so easy!

Pantone colors Satin Pillowcases

My Mom, Jan, has always been there for me (and my three siblings) – through the good and bad – and now she’s there for my daughter. They even Facetime almost every day!

Wilhelmina Savvy Sleepers Dale

My first Mother’s Day with Wilhelmina! Although she doesn’t hair yet and people always think she’s a boy, even when she’s decked out in pink head-to-toe, she’s the best little daughter I could imagine and I can’t wait to spend this Sunday with her.

PS – Thank you for all the comments on our FB page with words of wisdom your mom taught you growing up. Such great advice I’ll definitely be sharing.


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Margarita Chic for Date Night in Dallas

rsz date night style mexican restaurants dallas

¿Cuál es tu comida favorita? Yep, I’m taking it back to Spanish I today asking, ‘What is your favorite food?‘ Mine is Mexican food. I love it and missed Mexican cuisine more than any other dish while living in Switzerland. Sure, there were some Mexican restaurants in Zürich, but with Swiss spices, there was always something that was just off from the tortillas to the salsa.

One night in Zug, Switzerland at an ‘authentic‘ Mexican restaurant, I spotted ‘horse meat,’ on the menu. I completely lost my appetite. I was looking for Barbacoa, not BBQ’d My Little Pony, so I decided to make tacos at home and keep my chips & guac cravings at bay until I was back in California. Now that we’re living in Texas, I’m in Mexican food heaven and taking full advantage in Dallas. I’ll share my favorite spots below so far, plus what-to-wear secrets if you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo in your city tonight…

Mesomayo Dallas Mexican restaurant

The Scene – Dallas, Texas on our way to Mesomayo Mexican Restaurant

Margarita Savvy Spice BCBG dress

What-to-Wear – Restaurants can be packed on Cinco de Mayo so I recommend a flirty patterned dress in case you get splashed with a margarita. I scored this BCBG dress last week at Ross.

Mesomayo Mexican restaurant Dallas

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Dallas?! * – So far, I’m loving Mesomaya (gourmet), Urban Taco (fun, stylish, small portions), Unlce Julios (reminds me of Chevy’s), Gloria’s (El Salvadorian & Mexican food). *I know there are so many more, so if you’re a local in Dallas, please share your favorites!

Best Margarita Dallas Texas

Frozen or on the Rocks? – I used to be an on-the-rocks only gal, but frozen margaritas are so popular in Dallas (probably because they’re so refreshing in the heat). At Mesomayo I order the top shelf frozen margarita with a shot of Grand Marnier on top (highly recommended) and salt on the rim (I love salt!).

Downtown Dallas Savvy Spice

Long Hair, Don’t Care – I’ve had no time for highlights lately (a 3 hour hair appt. with a 10-month-old is a nightmare), so my hair is a bit darker these days. I just bought these Light Blond with Golden Blonde clip-in extensions on Amazon to match. PS – If you’re on Prime, your hair can be to your house by tomorrow. Gotta love Amazon!

nude heels to elongate legs

Nude Heels! – I’ve been using this style trick for years. Whether they are lace-up, chunky or stilettos, look for a pair of nude heels in the closest shade to your skin tone to help elongate your legs.


Dark Lipstick for Date Night – Even if you have pale skin like me, give ‘Rebel’ by MAC a try. It’s semi-matte and a deep merlot shade of lipstick that I’ve worn for years.

hot pink Chanel purse with chain strap

<DETAILS by Dale> dress – BCBG / nude heels – Nine West (last seen here in France) / lipstick – ‘Rebel’ MAC Cosmetics / purse – Chanel / nails – OPI ‘Five Apples Tall’ Hello Kitty Collection / (Shop the Look Below)

Will you have a margarita today? Frozen or on the rocks?


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