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One Night in Milan

Savvy Spice Italy Post

The past week has been a whirlwind road trip through Europe as my parents visited for their first time so I was in tourist guide mode skipping from city to city. Last Saturday we stayed in Milan at The Radisson where a ‘little’ band called One Direction also happened to be staying which would have been really cool if I was 15, but navigating through a sea of cute Italian groupies was definitely an experience.

The next morning after a croissant and Cappuccino, we popped into the Cruciani store for a peak at its newest collection of bracelets. The Italian brand is one of my favorites and I have discovered a few other European brands and styles perfect for traveling or making a statement this summer in the States or beyond. Here’s a few of my Italian inspired ‘Summer Lovin’ Favorites…’ Read more ›

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06 /26
Orange Crush at Art Basel

Savvy Spice Dale Janee Fashion Blogger

‘If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.’ -John F. Kennedy

I’ve never been particularly artistic, although I have been called ‘a real piece of work‘ in the past. However, over the years my art appreciation has grown from tagging along with friends to art museums in San Francisco to this year at Art Basel! Art Basel has become the ‘premiere platform’ for the world’s top artists to show off their modern and contemporary art. It’s also going on in Hong Kong and Miami Beach coming up in December. Here’s a quick tour of Art Basel 2014 with some pieces that caught my attention in my orange on orange matching set I just found at Zara… Read more ›

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06 /21
5 Secrets to Instant Longer, Thinner Looking Legs!

Savvy Spice Leg Secrets How to Make Legs look thinner

How do you know if your legs are considered long or short for your body? While there’s obviously no right or wrong answer, I decided to do a little scientific research because sometimes I look in the mirror and think, my legs look long and other times I feel stumpy. But there really is an equation that ‘an average leg has an inseam that represents 45% of the height.’ 

Here’s the equation to get your percentage – Your inseam (cm) x 100 / Your height (cm) = % (Just in case -Here’s how to Measure Your Inseam)

At 5’7″ I did the math and it came out to 44.7% (just below average), which is why I have some tricks to instantly make my legs look longer, thinner and more toned. Here’s my top 5 Summer 2014 Secrets after a couple days in the sun last weekend which brings me to #1 – Prepping with a Faux Tan… Read more ›

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06 /18
Sahara Summer

Savvy Spice fashion blog Dale Janee

If someone would have called me in June when I was living in California and said, ‘It’s going to be sunny this week!’ I would have responded, ‘Uh, duh.’ But as I’ve learned quickly in Europe, people LOVE to talk about the weather and I get a daily update from my husband. A couple weekends ago while packing for a road trip to Frankfurt, I got the news. ‘It’s going to be a sahara summer this weekend – like SUPER hot!’ 

Believe it or not, this was very exciting news. You simply can’t take sunny, warm, rain-free days for granted in Switzerland. HOT days are a special treat, although AC is virtually non-existent and I have to beg for extra ice-cubes at restaurants. I found my romper I’ve been waiting to wear all Spring and we hit the road to Germany. I highly recommend ‘Sahara Style’ this summer from palm print, leopard and neutral accessories… Read more ›

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06 /12
How to ‘Spa’ Your Way to Better Skin

Savvy Spice -How to Spa - Best Facials in Switzerland

Savvy Spice How to Spa Best Facials in Switzerland

Spas are a big deal in Europe and while I won’t delve into the whole ‘mixed sauna’ situation; I can safely say some of the most beautiful spas I’ve ever seen are here in Switzerland. You’ve probably read, ‘you need 8 hours of sleep to replenish your skin,’ but what if you don’t have 8 hours to sleep every night? That’s exactly how my lifestyle was for a couple years in San Francisco starting in 2011 – work all day, run errands, dinner, checking out events, blogging until 3 am and then waking up again at 8 for work. I needed to find a solution to maximize my 5 hours of ‘beauty sleep‘ which was also the same time Savvy Sleepers were born and I discovered how effective steam rooms and spas are for skin.

After quick late night workouts, I’d hit the steam room at the San Francisco Tennis Club for about 15 minutes, then go in the sauna, followed by 2 huge glasses of water. I noticed a huge difference in my skin after the steam room and face felt so calm and relaxed after a stressful day. Since then, I started getting facials a few times a year. Last month we visited the Palace Luzern Spa in Switzerland for an afternoon of R&R. Here’s how to ‘Spa Your Way to Better Skin,’ plus how to know if a facial is worth it and how to create the same ‘spa treatment’ feeling at home...

How to Have Spa Day Relaxation

How to Know if a Spa is Really Worth It? - After getting suckered into a couple Groupon ‘spa’ deals, I learned my lesson. There is absolutely no reason to splurge on a spa unless you can truly relax and stay a few hours of pure relaxation can make anyone’s skin look and feel younger. The Palace Luzern Spa is beautiful and even had this Relaxation Room where you could lounge as long as you wanted, nibble on fresh fruit, before and after your treatment.

Savvy Spice Facials Luzern Spa Switzerland

Facial Confessions ~ Trusting your make-up free face to an esthetician is not always pleasant. They see every imperfection, but you should never feel uncomfortable or even worse, have your skin or products you use at home insulted. I’ve had facials with no steam, no extractions, that felt like 10 layers of oil were being massaged into my pores. Those are the bad ones. You should feel relaxed the entire time (hence my carefree pineapple pom-pom ponytail). The best facials I’ve had involve a light peel, extractions, a tingly toner, a head a neck massage and most importantly, when you look in the mirror after it’s all done, you have no redness. This is exactly what happened at The Palace Luzern. It’s one of the best facials I’ve had since Nob Hill Spa in San Francisco last year.

Ice Savvy Spice fashion blog Luzern

Treat Yourself Head to Toe~  If you’re going to the spa for a facial, try not to rush in and out for your treatment. Take your time and enjoy all the ammenities of the Spa. If you’re new to steam rooms, take a handful of ice (like I did above) and massage it on your skin which cools down your body.

Savvy Spice Luzern Spa Where Nicole Kidman

How to Continue the Feeling at Home ~ Estheticians tend to massage lotions and products in a circular motion especially light around the eyes which you can do when you wash your face at home and apply moisturizer. Try taking a few deep breaths when your head hits the pillow to calm your skin as you fall asleep. And if you’re joining a gym, splurge on the one that gives  you have access to a steam room. Also, a product I’ve loved for years is Clarisonic Cleansing System. It truly exfoliates.

Spa Day Savvy Spice

The Proof is in the Water ~ I’ve never been great about drinking a lot of water, but it’s so important if you use the steam room or sauna regularly and it does wonders for skin. My old roomie from SF, Lisa of Cocobella Ballerina, just shared her secrets to LOSING 100 POUNDS and water was a big factor! Lisa says in her post, ‘One thing is for sure since I’ve switched over to drinking predominately water and tea it’s made my skin AMAZING!!! I used to break out so much more (never EVER left the house without foundation) but since switching to water my skin has never been clearer.’

I’ll be sharing more skin care tips over the next few weeks. If you have any at home ‘Spa’ secrets or experiences (good or bad) you’ve had getting facials in the past, please share.


Screen Shot 2014 02 26 at 12.19.14 PM 2 e1399012953323

Special thanks to Palace Luzern for the Spa day. Check out the monthly special deal.

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