Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

New! Geox Italian Sneakers Finally Sold in the US

Hey casual shoe lovers! You know how ‘sneakers‘ have been the ‘it shoe‘ for the past few years? When I was living in Europe, I discovered Geox shoes, thanks to my husband who filled me in on what ‘fashionable Italian women‘ wear. My feet fell in love with them! Geox were never sold in the …read more →


Pistachio On-the-Go in LA!

‘I Love LA!’ Randy Newman’s 1983 hit song did a bang up job highlighting the sunshine and fun-loving vibes of So-Cal life, but could you actually handle living there? After sitting in traffic on our way to LAX last weekend, dealing with baggage delays, wannabe socialites in the airport, and crowds everywhere; it makes day …read more →


Too Hot, Too Cold. Who Wins the Thermostat Battle in Your House?

Today’s outfit is in white distressed jeans, again. Why? Because when summer hits in Texas, choosing ‘what to wear‘ is more tricky than dealing with those deceiving Bay Area micro-climates. It may be 100+ degrees outside in Dallas, but when you walk into a mall, museum or restaurant, temps drop fast. I feel like Dallas …read more →


Are Off-the-Shoulder Tops Actually Flattering?

Have you jumped on the trend of the year? No, not Pokémon GO. Push Pikachu aside for a moment while we discuss the off-the-shoulder trend revealing clavicles across the country (and world) this year. ‘Do you have one yet?,‘ I asked my sister last week. ‘No, she replied, adding, ‘those shirts will make my shoulders …read more →


A Very Blue Week in Dallas

Since shots rang out in Dallas last Thursday night, the city has been on edge and in mourning. We live five blocks from where the ambush occurred. As we were sitting on the couch just as darkness fell, we heard the shots. ‘Those were gunshots,’ my husband and I both said looking at each other. …read more →


If You Love Greek Yogurt or Peaches, Read This!

I have fallen in love with a dessert this summer that is so good, I’ve been eating it almost daily for months. I’m always a little skeptical of sponsored food posts (no offense to Blue Apron), which can often seem forced. While this may seem like a sponsored post, it’s 100% real. Ok, back to …read more →


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