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Have you Heard of Shopping Bulimia?

Well I hadn’t until this morning when the ‘Today Show,’ hurting for content, had a story about the signs and symptoms of “shopping bulimia.” They explained this disorder as a component of shopping addiction when someone goes on excessive shopping sprees in stores and online. Once the “happy buzz of buying wears off,” they immediately return the items. Unless you have an endless …read more →


It’s Time to do Something NEW this Weekend

Are you tired of the same old routine on weekends? Maybe it’s a movie, clubbing, bar hopping, trying new restaurants, shopping, hanging out at home, but whatever it is may be getting old. Sorry to change the subject, but I went to bed last night with a cold and woke up this morning reading texts asking me if I was okay because …read more →


Dear Sketchers CEO, Please Ship Out the Shape-Ups

You know there’s a problem when Kim Kardashian and Joe Montana can’t sell your shoes. Even with names like that attached to Sketchers, I’ve seen three people in San Francisco wearing Shape-Ups including a couple of women at my gym and a homeless lady in the Tenderloin. Do you know anyone who wears them? No offense to anyone who …read more →


Favorite Celeb Look of the Week…Except the Heels

Blake Lively was officially named the new face of Chanel Mademoiselle handbags this week and here she is wearing, you guessed it, Chanel. I really like this dress and think it’s unique, sophisticated and would be fun to wear to a party. The top almost looks painted on her, but yet it’s still conservative. I don’t like these shoes though …read more →


I’m on a Fringe Binge

Hey, it’s better than a Fendi bender and less painful than Dior detox. There are so many affordable cute fringe purses out now that I find one I like every time I’m shopping. But there’s no reason to spend your money on a designer fringe purse when you can get the celebrity style for less. Plus, they probably won’t be in style too much longer. Fringe purses come in all …read more →


No Needles! Bigger Lips with Make Up Tricks

For those of us not born with Angelina’s naturally lucious lips, make up can do wonders if you want to get that plumped look We’ve all seen the classic “trout pout” pics of celebs of all ages who have gone too far injecting their lips with fillers like Restylane and silicone. There are tricks with make up to give a similar …read more →


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