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Affordable Vegas Trip? Sorry Guys, Females Only

A Vegas trip on a tight budget may seem impossible, but it can be done without too much stress. I was off to Vegas this weekend and as soon as I catch up on my sleep I’ll have a post for everything you need to know to plan a great girls weekend to Vegas. Including:1. Best room …read more →

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Not to Ruffle Anyone’s Feathers……

But what’s the deal with these new feather extensions? I know they’ve been around a few months, but I recently noticed them on a bunch of teen girls at my brother’s high school basketball game, a few women around SF, and then Rosanne Barr was sporting them on Oprah a couple days ago. Is this a new trend here to …read more →

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To Tan or Not to Tan?

There’s Something About Mary-Magda My Magda Cum Laude high school days are over. Those afternoons of climbing a ladder onto my parent’s roof with my sister, slathering on baby oil, and tanning for as long as we could handle it will not be happening anymore. I accepted years ago I have the skin tone of Casper the Friendly Ghost …read more →

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White Haute Savings! Get em’ While they’re HOT!

Have you ever seen a designer dress and thought, “I would like to buy that, but then I might not be able to afford rent or food this month?” Of course you can find a knockoff, but there’s another way to get the real deal at a fraction of the price. And I’m not talking about those …read more →


Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

Sparkle sparkle little starlet, how I wonder what you wore? Jessica Alba may not be the best actress in Hollywood, but she sure had A-list style in this silver dress she wore to Paris Fashion week recently. This beaded Gucci dress is so unique and she wisely nixed accessories because she didn’t need them in a crystal dress this flashy …read more →

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Dare to Bare Your Back

Have you ever worn a backless dress before? They’re not that common or easy to find, but I’m recommending you try a dress or top with a dangerously plunging back. The reason I say “dangerous” is because if you don’t take the proper precautions (coverage) in the front, it could be a rather risky situation. I’ve been seeing backless dresses on …read more →

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