Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Q. What’s the Opposite of a French Manicure?

A. A Reverse French Manicure of course. ūüėČI read about this trend a few months ago and decided to try it out this weekend. Typically, I¬†banish black polish from going anywhere near my nails even when it’s trendy, but this seemed like a fun one to try. My manicurist for the last 5 years in …read more ‚Üí

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Favorite Celeb Look of the Week

Jennifer Lopez¬†carefully graced the red carpet in her super short sparkly mini Pucci dress with Louboutins at the Grammy’s last Sunday. She kept her hair and makeup simple and with a dress this short toned it down with long sleeves. And how does she get her legs looking so perfect?¬†Lunges and cardio help,¬†but there are …read more ‚Üí

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Affordable Vegas Trip? Sorry Guys, Females Only

A Vegas trip on a tight budget may seem impossible, but it can be done without too much stress. I was off to Vegas this weekend and as soon as I catch up on my sleep I’ll have a post for everything you need to know¬†to plan a¬†great girls weekend to Vegas. Including:1. Best room …read more ‚Üí

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Not to Ruffle Anyone’s Feathers……

But what’s the deal with these new feather extensions? I know they’ve been around a few months, but I recently noticed them on a bunch of¬†teen girls¬†at my brother’s high school¬†basketball game, a few women around SF,¬†and then Rosanne Barr was sporting them on Oprah a couple days ago. Is this a new trend here¬†to …read more ‚Üí

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To Tan or Not to Tan?

There’s Something About Mary-Magda My Magda¬†Cum Laude¬†high school days are over. Those afternoons¬†of climbing a ladder onto my parent’s roof¬†with my sister, slathering on baby oil, and tanning for as long as we could handle it will not be happening anymore. I accepted years ago I have the skin tone of Casper the Friendly Ghost …read more ‚Üí

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White Haute Savings! Get em’ While they’re HOT!

Have you ever seen a designer dress and thought, “I would like to buy that, but then I might not be able to afford rent or food this month?” Of course¬†you can find a knockoff, but there’s another¬†way to get the real deal at a fraction of the price. And I’m not talking about those …read more ‚Üí


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