Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes



Where do you live? Savvy Spice is based in San Francisco. I grew up in a small town north of SF called Ukiah before moving to San Francisco. I lived in Nor-Cal my entire life until I met my fiancé on Halloween 2012. We married in 2013 and are now living in Switzerland traveling back and forth to San Francisco. Hence, the posts all over the place in Europe including Switzerland, as well as Germany, France, Spain and back in California (SF & LA). We were married Aug. 2013.

What Kind of Camera Do You Use? Aug. ’13 to present: Sony 2.8/16-50 SSM, Pre Aug’ 13 – Canon EOS Rebel T3i (from Costco)

Can I use Your Photos on my Site? Yes, of course. Please be sure to link back to my blog as my images are all copyrighted.

Who Takes Your Pictures? My husband.

How Tall are You? 5’7

Where Did You Go to School? California State University, Chico with a degree in Journalism and focus on Public Relations.

What are Savvy Sleepers? ~ Savvy Sleepers are my first product – 100% pure satin pillow cases ultra-smooth for hair and skin. Savvy Sleepers were inspired in 2011 after my Aunt Jean, a hair stylist, told me to sleep on a satin pillow case to prevent hair breakage and keep my hair smoother. See the full collection here.

Savvy Spice + Savvy Sleepers Team…

BrittSavvy –  (2013-present) Brittany Longden graduated Chico State last Spring and is the Marketing Director and beauty behind the social media accounts for Savvy Sleepers. Brittany helps drive sales in Northern California finding hot spot salons to carry Savvy Sleepers. She also manages twitter and instagram @SavvySleepers. Meet Brittany.

Lily Spice – (2013-2014) Lily Scrip attends college in the San Francisco EastBay and is my PR and marketing intern. Lily not only covers events and fashion conferences in SF, she has done extensive PR and marketing for Savvy Spice. She is also a whiz at social media and handles Pinterest and Twitter during special events. Lily on LinkedIn click here.

Where Do You Shop? Michael Kors/Zara/MANGO/Forever21/AGJeans/Macy’s

Are you Available for Styling and/or Events? Yes, I love to help out when I can or get the word out about local fashion events or new products I love on Savvy Spice. Please email dale202@gmail.com.

What Is the City Supply Co? Friends of Savvy Spice and a fashion line of premium streetwear & apparel based in the SF, NYC and Chicago fashion scenes. The CEO is Wallee the pup and City Supply Co. models are from everywhere in the US. If you’d like to order a custom tee or contact the City Supply Co. for a collaboration, click here.

Who is Sister Spice? My younger sister, Jody. She’s the head women’s basketball coach at Mendocino JC in Nor-Cal. She’s often styled on Savvy Spice in my outfits.

What is DruTV? My younger brother, Drew’s, comedy channel on Youtube & FB. ‘Like’ for laughs. Drew is also an intern for Savvy Spice and a Savvy Sleepers partner.

Who is Fifi? Fifi is my cute little mint green Fiat 500 Pop in California. It’s the best car I’ve ever owned in San Francisco and fits my lifestyle perfectly. In Switzerland, I have baby fifi, my new little white Fiat Lounge.

What are Your Top Tips for Starting a Blog? SEO will give you a headache so don’t stress about it at first. Here’s my other tips…

1. Take a seat, write down what you love to do and want to write about. 

2. Brainstorm a few topic ideas for your first 5 posts.

3. Write them and only show your close friends and ask them for feedback, ideas, thoughts, but don’t take criticism personally. Networking is also so important with others in your industry and especially other bloggers. Here’s my top 5 tips for Networking at Any Age.

4. Keep your design and photos quality, clean and modeled after your favorite blogs.

5. If you can develop your own logo in your first few months, that’s a bonus.

6. It’s easier to start a blog on blogspot, but everyone will start telling you wordpress is more customizable. That’s true, but use what is best for you.

7. Make sure to have some way on your blog for people to follow you whether it’s facebook, twitter, instagram, etc along with blogger business cards to hand out in public. 

8. Always try to have fun with your blog and feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Here’s a past post I wrote if you’re looking to start a small business.



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