Anti-aging Satin Pillowcases for Hair, Skin & Lashes

Chill Style in Dallas at the New Statler with Guest Appearance by Savvy Senior

Dallas is in full on winter-mode this week so outdoor patio plans will be pushed until March for now. I’m having Swiss life winter flashbacks this week in Dallas dodging freezing cold temps and puddles with a baby and toddler on each hip trying to grocery shop. Ice rain…not a fan. If you’re local and …read more →


The Pelican Print Dress

Locals weren’t kidding when they said ‘fall is amazing in Dallas.’ Warm temps, blue skies and sunshine almost every day this month is a perfect way to start each morning. I’m also addicted to my old fave, the Salted Caramel Frappucino at Starbucks, which I had to skip the past 3 years living in Switzerland. …read more →


Mommy & Me in Marimekko

Saying goodbye to summer is always sweet and sour. After spending the last couple weeks in Europe visiting family and enjoying the ‘summer season,’ we’re already missing our laid-back, messy hair-don’t care, makeup-free mommy & me days in Spain. We spent nearly 10 days in my favorite place, Majorca, an island off the coast of …read more →


New! Geox Italian Sneakers Finally Sold in the US

Hey casual shoe lovers! You know how ‘sneakers‘ have been the ‘it shoe‘ for the past few years? When I was living in Europe, I discovered Geox shoes, thanks to my husband who filled me in on what ‘fashionable Italian women‘ wear. My feet fell in love with them! Geox were never sold in the …read more →


Marimekko for Target + Savvy Sleepers Giveaway!

Can you believe summer is just around the corner? From what I’ve heard from Texas locals, it’s best to be prepared and make sure the AC is running non-stop. Yesterday’s Marimekko for Target collection put me in the mood for sunshine and I snagged the iconic navy and white print beach towel. I’m hosting a …read more →


A Sweet Swiss Goodbye

You know that Facebook feature that privately shows in your news feed with throwback ‘Memories‘ from X amount of years ago? Some are good and some are like ‘eww, go away!’ But thanks to the feature, 3 years ago this this month marked when my husband proposed. I was nervously preparing for Swiss life and …read more →


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