Hi, I’m Dale! I founded Savvy Spice in 2011 and launched the world’s first line of unisex anti-aging satin pillow cases for hair and skin called Savvy Sleepers. I’m a California style columnist, personal shopper, and fashion blogger based in San Francisco and Zurich, Switzerland now that I’m married.

What is Savvy Spice? A fashion and lifestyle blog for women (and men even if they don’t admit it) that shows how to infuse the latest trends in our wardrobes on any budget written and created by Dale Janeé. It’s a sweet spot on the web for a daily dose of light-hearted fluffy fun like a cotton candy stand at the county fair.

Fab 5: My favorite things in life are my husband, family, friends, fashion and my candy stash.

My Dream: Is to help inspire other women to start a blog or their own business and to create my own fashion inspired addictive sour candy line. The thought of seeing it in boutiques, mini-marts in the middle of nowhere and Dylan’s Candy Bar puts a smile on my face. I’m a sour candy expert and have probably eaten millions of calories of sweets in my lifetime (not that it’s anything to brag about.)

The Style: Outfits featured on Savvy Spice are celebrity inspired, realistically priced, and dare to dip into the latest trends while maintaining a conservative classic edge. Each style post has a mini-story line, celebrity inspired fashion and cover photo. .

What to Expect: Naturally sweetened posts 3-5 times per week. Fashion tips, outfit inspiration, the latest news, plus dating secrets & now, decor! Comments, critiques and honest conversations are always encouraged. I’ve enjoyed making friends via blogging all over the world! For details, collaborations and more, check out the FAQ page~xoDale