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How to Channel Your Inner Donatella Versace in this 90s Style Black Bodysuit

Have you been to Vegas or Disneyland? The Versace Mansion in Miami (which is now a hotel and restaurant) is definitely a tourist attraction – aka ‘selfie-snapping zone’ – these days, but is it worth a visit? When we were planning a weekend in Miami to visit friends last month, this was one place I wanted to go. The Versace brand is so unique and Donatella has been trending like crazy all month since the Met Gala.

The FX! series ‘The Assasination of Gianni Versace’ earlier this Spring was captivating (especially if you love fashion), and it’s a must-see, although it was also dark and depressing. The series was actually filmed in the real Versace Mansion in South Beach. After Versace’s murder, the mansion was sold and is now a hotel and restaurant called Gianni’s at the Villa. It’s quite a scene with tourists snapping Instagram pics and selfies, plus you can walk inside the actual mansion for drinks or to enjoy dinner. I’ll share a bit about our visit to Gianni’s and what you need to know if you plan to visit Miami and eat at the Versace Mansion, plus the 90’s style black bodysuit I found on Amazon and wore that night to dinner…


The Scene – Packing for Miami! It was my first time to visit Florida. After we made reservations at the Versace Mansion, I packed my Versace for H&M gold choker & scarf (2011 flashback!), along with a vintage straw bag. I also brought the NEW Savvy Sleepers Travel Size + White Russian Pillowcase for a nap on the flight, plus so my 3-year-old could sleep comfortably in the hotel because I noticed they offer cribs, but never have kid-size pillows.


Versace on a Budget = this Black Bodysuit on Amazon!? – I love Donatella Versace’s style, but the last thing I’d want on an investment piece like a Versace blouse is spit-up or sticky fingers. I love the idea of wearing all black (a look I saw so often in Europe). I found this low-back black bodysuit on Amazon for under $15!?! *Go down 1 size as it runs a little large and is very long. So if bodysuits are usually too short for your waist, this is the one to buy.

My Wanna-Be 90s Style Donatella Versace Look. Here’s the equation: Black bodysuit + black fitted pants (work pants or black skinny jeans work too) + sky-high heels (gold or black), sleek ponytail (Sally Beauty Supply 22 in. clip-in extensions) + gaudy gold jewelry (Versace for H&M choker) + tied the Versace for H&M crocodile print scarf around my waist as a thick belt = The Look.


What Do You Wear to the Versace Mansion? We window shopped the night before, but you don’t need to wear Versace! The restaurant called ahead to confirm our reservation and mentioned the dress code was business casual. This is the place to dress to impress and the people watching is top-notch. We saw women in barely-there ensembles snapping selfies by the pool. Let’s just say if you want to wear a sparkly mini-dress or sequin bra, you will fit right in with the other patrons.


How’s the Food? It’s good! Although definitely overpriced, each dish at the Versace Mansion was prepared nicely and we were impressed with the dessert complete with the Versace design and gold flakes. Be extra careful about ordering the ‘signature cocktail‘ with passion and dragon fruit in the lobby bar without looking at the menu. Turns out they were $30 each + a service charge. Gulp! PS – Make sure rain isn’t in the forecast or they may not allow outdoor seating by the pool (which was the best part).


Is it Kid-Friendly? I like to think my kid is always friendly with a Dum Dum and an episode of Paw Patrol on my iphone at restaurants. But overall it’s not the place to bring kids if you don’t have to. We did spot a child who was around 6, but otherwise we were the only table with kids. *Although one slept the entire time in her stroller, our 3-year-old was good, and thankfully a nice server offered me a private room in the Villa to nurse Charlotte until she fell asleep too.

Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!


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