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The San Francisco of Texas! Weekend Style in Austin

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Austin, Fall is an ideal time to go! I found myself day dreaming of a spur-of-the-moment road trip like we took last year after recently having a real wake-up call as parents of two. It was late Saturday evening a couple weeks ago when our 2-year-old woke up sick with the stomach flu. A bad one. It was a sleepless night and Sunday AM pancakes were out of the question; she needed Pedialyte.

‘I’m gonna go to Target really quick,’ I said to my husband. ‘Okay, sure,’ he said.

Within 5 minutes I was out the door, revving my Ford Explorer with black Chloé shades concealing my mascara-free tired eyes. As I merged onto the Central Expressway and tuned into Sirius 100, I thought ‘Wow, what a rush!?’ My first moments alone away from the babies in over a week. The vacay to Targé didn’t last long. It was less than 15 minutes before I noticed the incoming call.

8:15 am – ‘Hey, are you almost done?,’ Jakob said. ‘Uh, I just got here, but I’ll hurry,‘ I replied as I glanced over ‘Gripe Water’ options while scanning the aisle for baby wipes, Desitin and Pedialyte.

8:19 am – ‘OMG, you have to come home right now. I need help with this diaper, it’s really bad!! And Charlotte is crying now too. Hurry!!’  Two more calls before 8:30 as I arrived back home.

I’m sure parents of 3 or more are thinking, ‘haha, two is nothing,’ but as we met up with friends visiting Dallas from Austin recently, I reminisced about a road trip we took last fall. A quick flight to Austin, a chic AirBNB and back in the day when 1 baby was so easy. Although we didn’t realize it then. Here are a few pics from that getaway last October to the ‘San Francisco of Texas‘ and why this is a GREAT time of year to visit Austin


The SceneFall in Austin at sunset 


Where to Stay in Austin – Hotel prices in Austin on busy weekends can make New York look like a budget-friendly city. Check AirBNB’s and during the fall (especially Nov.) you can find some great prices for hotels. We have stayed at the Hyatt multiple times and thankfully Austin is building more hotels downtown which will help.


Weekender Bag – I highly recommend a strong leather tote, especially for a weekend road trip. I stuff this with diapers, wipes, snacks, my lap top, mags and more whenever we go anywhere. I’m surprised the straps haven’t snapped.


Food Truck Fan? Austin has food trucks, cupcakes trucks, vegan trucks and even a lemonade stand called Austin City Lemons on S. Congress Ave. that I loved! Here’s an Austin food truck map if you’re going soon. Also, my husband highly recommends the ‘European Kitchen in the Heart of Austin’ called Fabi + Rosi.


Throwback Thursday – We visited Austin last year just before the Presidential election. There were Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine campaign posters all over front lawns reminding me of San Francisco and the Bay Area. There was also this mural painted on South Congress Ave.

Austin Style – In the fall and winter, temps can get chilly, so I recommend a poncho or puffer jacket. Overall, there is a casual vibe about Austin so save the stilettos and glittery dresses for Dallas.

<DETAILS by Dale> jeans – Zara / shoes – Report (last seen here in Dallas at Magnolia’s Coffee in Harwood) / poncho – old from TJ Maxx / LV tote (seen here wine tasting in CA)

Hope you have a great weekend!


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