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Texas Strong! 8 Ways to Help Hurricane Harvey Relief

When I first moved to Texas last year, every few months during a big storm or heavy rain, the digital road signs on the freeway posted this warning if you were to encounter flooding: ‘Turn Around, Don’t Drown.‘ I’d never seen this message in California and it seemed so shocking and extreme.

Then I experienced a flooded road a few months ago in Dallas after just 20 minutes of heavy rain. As I  nervously followed a couple other SUV’s and drove through just a foot of rushing water on a flooded street below a freeway overpass, I noticed a couple cars in the deeper part of the water who had abandoned their vehicles. It was a huge wake up call. Flash floods happen so fast before emergency vehicles can get there to block the streets and you receive a text message like this below on your cell phone with an ominous alert sound. Seeing what Houston and cities in Southeast Texas are dealing with the past week, and still today, from Hurricane Harvey is beyond belief.

<Flash flooding text a few weeks ago here in Dallas>

I naively hoped last Friday before Harvey hit that it might not be as bad as predicted, or maybe no one would lose their life. Watching the death toll rise and reading the story of the van swept away on a flooded road with a family of 6 or the mom in Beaumont, Texas who drowned while her toddler ‘clung‘ to her body, barely surviving, before being rescued in flood waters yesterday had me in tears.

The strength, generosity and attitude of people in Texas is like nothing I’ve seen. If you are ever in a natural disaster, just hope there is a Texan nearby. They’ll bring their truck, boat, tool box, or bare hands to help. Texas is strong, but this is beyond people’s worst fears. I may not have a boat to drive from Dallas to Houston, but I want to help. If  you want to help too whether you’re local in DFW, in California, or anywhere in the world; here are few ways I’ve found to directly aid those who may have lost everything in Hurricane Harvey…

  1. Houston Texans NFL player J.J. Watt set up a Houston Flood Relief Fund which just passed the $10 million mark today – click here to learn more or donate
  2. If you live in Dallas and want to donate supplies in person, here is a list by the Dallas Morning News where you can drop off food, diapers, clothes and donations
  3. Thanks to Kim of Northern California Style who is helping to raise money for the Red Cross and posted this link to how to directly donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief through the Red Cross
  4. My business, Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases is donating 30% of online sales through Sept. 8, ’17 directly to Harvey Relief through the Red Cross or the Hurricane Relief charity of your choice
  5. Fort Worth based blogger, Katey of Chronicles of Frivolity, posted yesterday about her friend’s jewelry business ‘All the Wire‘ making beautiful ‘Texas Strong’ cuffs donating $10 from every cuff to Hurricane Harvey Relief
  6. Maybe you are from my hometown of Ukiah, CA and know Joe Valente – he is a good friend to many who is now living in Houston. He is loading up a box truck today in Louisiana with baby food, diapers, clothes for families with babies suffering from heart conditions in Houston. You can donate directly to Joe’s cause by Paypal or Venmo. Email: joevalente1911@gmail.com
  7. If you live in Texas and shop at HEB supermarkets, you can donate directly at checkout
  8. For a list of more local and national charity organizations, check out this New York Times article which also advises how to avoid SCAMS

Thanks for reading and if you’ve found a way to help you’d like to share, please comment below.

UPDATE if you live in Dallas (8/31 – 1:10 pm CT): In the past hour I drove by about 10 gas stations with lines over 30 cars long and many fuel stations are running low or are out of gas. More info here about Harvey’s effects on fuel in Dallas today, but I recommend filling up ASAP if you have a long commute home.


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  1. It’s been heartbreaking seeing the devastation in Texas. Thanks for putting this list together.

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