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Fried What!? Top 7 Highlights from the Texas State Fair


Have you ever heard of a lemon shake-up? It’s not Beyonce’s newest song, but it is the icy beverage that had me hooked after one sip at the Texas State Fair. It’s been going on the past 3 weeks and just ended, so you’ll have to wait a whole year if you’ve been waiting to try your first Corny Dog.

In case you haven’t been to a state fair lately, the Texas State Fair is a MUST-SEE for the fried food, football, music and so much more. For the record; everything is bigger in Texas. So come on y’all, here’s my TOP 7 Highlights from my first time at the Texas State Fair in case you find yourself in Dallas next October…


The Scene – The Texas State Fair


#1. Check Out Big Tex – The 55 foot statue ‘Big Tex‘ has become a ‘cultural icon of Dallas and Texas’ since 1952. Everyone tries to get selfies in front of it, whether their foundation is melting or not.


#2. You Must Try the Lemon Shake-Ups – The bottom of the cup is filled with fresh lemons and sugar. They add water, ice, and shake like crazy for the most refreshing beverage on a hot Texas day. I found the Youtube recipe if you want to make one at home. *Special thanks to the carnival worker who gave Wilhelmina a pink bunny after my husband and I tried unsuccessfully from basketball to ring toss to win her a stuffed animal. Ugh, those games are so hard!


#3. The Taylor Swift Experience – My husband and the baby skipped this one, but it was my strategic escape into an air conditioned building and a chance to see a room full of Taylor Swift memorabilia. There was at least 20 of her actual outfits (which are tiny) on mannequins that Miss Swift wore throughout the last decade from performances to red carpets which you’d love if you’re a fashionista or Taylor fan.


#4. A Texas Longhorn – He was mainly chilling in the shade, but even after living in Switzerland surrounded by Swiss cows, this Texas Long Horn was an impressive sight drawing a crowd the entire day!


Fashion Sidenote – Wear comfy shoes and bring sunscreen! The fair grounds is HUGE. After a couple hours, we were exhausted, but Wilhelmina was still wanting to run toward every stuffed animal and livestock area she could find.


#6. The Fried Food! First, the food is not cheap and it’s definitely family style so plan to share. The portions are HUGE. We tried curly fries, a hot dog for my husband, fried zucchini, corn on the cob and chocolate dipped ice-cream. But we saw fried cheesecake, fried Snickers, Funnel cake with every topping you could imagine and fried Turkey legs everywhere!


Up Next, the Rides….

Not! My husband and I are totally chickens when it comes to carnival rides, plus we have the baby as an excuse. But if you’re a carnival ride thrill-seeker, they have every super slide, twisting or upside-down ride you could imagine.


#7. A Chance to Relive Your Childhood – The Texas State Fair is impressive and has something for everyone, especially kids. They even have a football stadium inside – the Cotton Bowl. I have never seen Wilhelmina so entertained bouncing around from the carnival games, to roosters at the petting zoo area and especially watching the pigs in the livestock area. It was an afternoon full of memories I’ll never forget.


<DETAILS by Dale> jeans & top (Zara) / my shoes – Keds (last seen here) / bag – Banana Republic c/o (last seen in Milan) / Wilhelmina in an outfit from a Dallas tourist shop & Target shoes

Would you try the fried food creations at the Texas State Fair including fried butter?



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  1. I’m so glad you and baby girl had fun at the State Fair! I was also slightly disappointed there wasn’t more livestock to pet… so maybe I’m a gigantic child as well 🙂

    • Yes, it was a great time Rooth! What has your favorite part and you’re right they didn’t have a ton of livestock to pet, but she loved the pigs most so I was okay with her keeping her distance. They were huge! 🙂

  2. Love this post Dale – always adore your lovely photos…this time it’s making me wish Cassia was little again, oh how I miss those times.
    Daughters are such a lovely thing to have!

    xx Yvonne

  3. I love your smile and life style.Great!

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