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Too Hot, Too Cold. Who Wins the Thermostat Battle in Your House?


Today’s outfit is in white distressed jeans, again. Why? Because when summer hits in Texas, choosing ‘what to wear‘ is more tricky than dealing with those deceiving Bay Area micro-climates. It may be 100+ degrees outside in Dallas, but when you walk into a mall, museum or restaurant, temps drop fast. I feel like Dallas establishments set thermostats around the mid-60’s (aka – summer in San Francisco). You’re either boiling up outside, or freezing indoors dealing with goosebump city. Brrr! If we’ll be indoors a few hours, I keep my legs covered and usually bring a sweater.

Okay, so before the outfit pics, I have two questions for you. Who controls the thermostat in your house and what temperature do you prefer indoors during summer? In Switzerland, we had no AC so my husband and I never had an issue. In Dallas, he installed Nest and controls the thermostat from his iPhone despite my attempts to sneak over and turn the dial. We have varying degrees (literally) of what’s comfortable and usually compromise around 74. But enough about our Texas thermostat spat – whether you’re as cool as a cucumber or carry a portable fan with you at all times; here’s one look to have you feeling cobalt chic all summer long…


The Scene – Uptown Dallas


Hey Preppy! I haven’t worn Tommy Hilfiger in years, but there is a crazy summer sale going on at Macy’s (and Nordstrom of course – in case you haven’t seen the #NSale all over social media). Check out Hilfiger tops, polos and summer shorts. You might just start having a little Tommy crush too.


Navy Blue Summer Tote – the Bigger the Better! I switch off between 3 oversized totes that act as my diaper bag + office-on-the-go + mini fridge because I carry a bottle of water every where in this heat. This leather navy tote goes with nearly all my summer outfits.


Cobalt Blue Heels – I love Dallas because women wear fun colors (bold, neon, floral -you name it!) so I find myself reaching for the brightest heels in my closet lately.


Distressed White Denim! Not sure if I would have sported distressed white jeans so often in Europe, but they’re my go-to in Dallas. White jeans are easy to dress up on date night or lounging around the house in pineapple print Keds.


<DETAILS by Dale> top – Tommy Hilfiger (same prints & more Tommy tops I love below) / jeans & tote (old) – Zara / belt – Hermés (also perfect over a printed dress) / heels – Kurt Geiger )

How have you been handling the heat this summer in your city (or has it been mild?)




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  1. Dale, I love the cobalt blue pumps and the floral shirt is so pretty xox… thankfully I have control over the A/C… although I am changing it left right and center… besides I tempt anyone to decide on the temperatures for a woman going through menopause… lol xox

  2. Oh I love this post Dale – you look adorable and so cool the way you matched the background of your photos to the colour of your shoes!

    XO Yvonne

  3. Dale, I’ve heard about the heat in Dallas! We have stifling humidity & heat here in New Orleans. LOL I just got a new air conditioning system, so I keep the thermostat on 72. It proves to be comfortable. I love your outfit! That is distressed done right and I love that pop of blue color. Looks very pretty on you.

    • Hi Kim! Luckily it’s not too humid in Dallas because that is definitely tough to deal with and I heard it can get bad there in New Orleans. I really want to visit New Orleans sometime soon so I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for the compliments too

  4. Hi Dale,
    I love your whole Cobalt Chic theme! Dallas sounds like new adventure temp wise. As we know, Chico is hot, but since we have a pool we keep it about 78 inside. The ‘nest’ app would probably cause some adventures around here. Those pumps are fab on you! We do need a phone date!
    I’m headed to LA for the weekend and a Jason Wu/Caudalie launch event but am in town until Thurs. evening or let’s chat next week.
    Hope the wedding was a blast!
    xx, Heather

  5. I love the background and your fun shoes! I didn’t realize Hilfiger had such cute clothing and will have to check them out!

    Oh and I always lost the temperature battle at home. I just bundle up!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

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