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A Very Blue Week in Dallas


Since shots rang out in Dallas last Thursday night, the city has been on edge and in mourning. We live five blocks from where the ambush occurred. As we were sitting on the couch just as darkness fell, we heard the shots. ‘Those were gunshots,’ my husband and I both said looking at each other. Within about two minutes, we looked out of our apartment and could hear police sirens coming from every direction. I must have counted 50 police cars rushing to downtown within a couple minutes. It was then I had a sick feeling in my stomach and knew something very serious was happening.

I ran to my phone to check Twitter. ‘Breaking News’ — ‘shots fired at the protest’ as we watched the local anchors live at the protest run, hide and try tell the city of Dallas what was going on downtown. Although I’ve only lived in Texas about six months, there is a sense of pride and patriotism across the state and in Dallas that I thought only existed in Hollywood movies. Walking around the city the past couple days, you can see the sadness on people’s faces, memorials, vigils and I’ve seen men and women walk up to police officers (who are all over the city) telling them ‘sorry,’ ‘hello,’ or ‘thank you.’ But last night we realized we still need to be very careful…



The night after the shootings the Bank of America building, Omni Hotel and buildings in the Dallas skyline have been lit in blue with messages of hope scrolling across all night.


Over the weekend streets surrounding the ambush have been closed

Last night around 8:45 we were walking downtown with friends visiting from Germany and my sister. There were police everywhere downtown helping block streets 24 hours a day near last Thursday’s ambush. As we finished dinner walking home from downtown, we were near the Dart tracks when a police officer’s radio came on loud and clear. All of a sudden he had look of worry on his face and grabbed for his gun.


Downtown Dallas last night

The voice on the other end of the officer’s radio stated there was an ‘Active Threat’ in the area and for all officers to be on the look out for a grey car. ‘Where are you going?’ he said to us, as he watched a look of fear come over our faces. ‘We’re heading home right now’, I replied holding Wilhelmina. ‘Hurry up and go!’ he said.

We all started running a couple blocks until we got out of the area and while the threat turned out to be nothing once we got home, it’s clear Dallas is on edge and police aren’t taking any chances. Officers are doing everything to protect people downtown, but if you live in Dallas, I recommend staying out of the area a few more days.


American Airlines Center yesterday where the Mavericks play 

There will be an interfaith memorial in the next couple hours in Dallas for the five police officers where President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and former President George W. Bush will speak and meet with the victims’ families.




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  1. Oh my gosh Dale, I had no idea how close you lived to the shootings… my heart was torn out when I heard and saw what was happening. The fear that must be going on there. I hope somehow there is a resolution before anyone else is hurt or killed. I thought of you and your family almost immediately …. whenever something happens in an area where a blogger friend is I worry. Stay safe and I’m sending prayers xox ♡♡♡

  2. Dale, This is such a scary time in our country. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling only 5 blocks from all this. I’m glad you were all safe last night, but it does make you sick to your stomach to go out. I fear for my kids every day. If we only had a better handle on guns and ammunition in this country like other countries. It’s actually becoming like the wild west and everyone is carrying a weapon. I just don’t agree with it. It only makes us all more vulnerable. I cannot imagine what it’s like to be a cop either. Clearly we need change in our country and I’m glad at least in California we are passing stronger gun laws as we did last week. The open carry thing just seems nuts and a bad decision all around. Cops are fearful of those carrying and then there are the cops who shouldn’t be on the force. It’s a mess.

    Take care of your sweet little family. Sending hugs. xo Kim

  3. OMG Dale, thank you for sharing this story – thinking of you ever so much!
    So sad that all these shootings are happening and so scary – take care!

    Huge hug and lots of love to you and your family,
    Yvonne oxoxox

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