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The Mother’s Day Slumber Party


If there’s one thing I’ve learned to appreciate since having a baby, it’s that phrase, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ And I only have one. Now that I’m a 3-hour flight from California, I’m seeing my family more often and was so excited when my mom, aunt and sister visited Dallas last month. We explored the city, walked to the JFK History Museum, had an amazing steak dinner, grabbed cocktails at Nobu and even managed to have a carefully orchestrated ‘Slumber Party.’

I had just received our new Savvy Sleepers shipment with our new ‘Serenity’ shade we’d be releasing for Mother’s Day. I thought it was a perfect chance to sneak in a quick Saturday morning photo shoot before heading out for Texas style BBQ. I know it was a Kris Kardashian kind of move, but I had the perfect combo to create some new content. My husband – the photographer, my sister for behind-the-scenes help, plus my aunt, mom and Wilhelmina for the lifestyle pillowcase shots. So it was two hours of business and then we were ready (fake lashes and all) for a weekend of play…


My Aunt Jean, who is like a 2nd mom to me is also an amazing hair stylist and the inspiration for Savvy Sleepers. About five years ago, she told me to start sleeping on a satin pillow case to help protect my fragile hair from more split ends, after I spent years damaging it with straightening irons and highlights.


(Sidenote) As a new mom, I have a new appreciation for my mom and aunts who made having kids and raising them look so easy!


My Mom, Jan, has always been there for me (and my three siblings) – through the good and bad – and now she’s there for my daughter. They even Facetime almost every day!


My first Mother’s Day with Wilhelmina! Although she doesn’t hair yet and people always think she’s a boy, even when she’s decked out in pink head-to-toe, she’s the best little daughter I could imagine and I can’t wait to spend this Sunday with her.

PS – Thank you for all the comments on our FB page with words of wisdom your mom taught you growing up. Such great advice I’ll definitely be sharing.




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  1. Great pictures of all of you Dale!! Have a WONDERFUL MOTHER’S DAY✨Our love to all of you

  2. Dale, I do not think your daughter looks like a boy… she is super cute… what a sweetie and I adore her dress… very sweet xoxo

    I am so glad you are getting more time with your family now that you live closer.

    Happy Mothers day xox

  3. What a cute post!! & OMG your baby is sooooo cute!!!! Happy Mother’s Day!


  4. Such a beautiful post and beautiful memories for you and your family 😉

  5. I remember seeing these pictures on Facebook – Wilhelmina is such a doll! You’re right – one totally appreciates parents and everything they of through after becoming parents right?

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