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Mansion Hunting in Texas


‘Wow, compared to California, you can buy a mansion in Texas?!‘ This is what I heard so many times when I found out we were moving to Dallas. House hunting in Texas is actually fun compared to in-my-dreams while living in San Francisco and Switzerland, but can you really buy a mansion in Texas for $300K? Not quite…although it depends on the location.

The first month in Texas I was logged into Zillow like it was my first year on Facebook. I was glued to updates, price-drops, new homes on the market, and researching like crazy! I wanted to see these huge homes. I drove around to all the neighborhoods within 15 minutes of downtown Dallas and fell in love with Highland Park (considered the Beverly Hills of Dallas). The homes are beautiful, with HUGE manicured yards, guest houses, and luxury cars parked in the driveways. After a couple months of house hunting all over Dallas, here’s what I learned in case you’re thinking of moving to the Lone Star State


The SceneDallas, Texas (Highland Park)

Dallas, home-highland-park

This is a single family home?! – In Dallas, yes! There’s no denying homes in Texas can be HUGE. Now lets pretend this house above was in SF (if it was even possible). The owner would probably be renting each bedroom to 2 people (paying $1200 each) with 10 people in the basement in bunk-beds ($900 each), and probably two illegal in-law units in the backyard. That black SUV in the driveway would be an UberBLACK of course. Life in Dallas is much different than SF.


House Hunting in Dallas! – If you want to live close to downtown Dallas, most options include townhouses (3-4 levels if you love to climb stairs), apartments, and high-rise condos. As you drive closer to the suburbs you can get BIG homes with backyards in the $300-$500K range.


How Much Do Houses Like this Cost? – In University Park & Highland Park neighborhoods in Dallas – where these homes are – most have 5-6 bedrooms and 6-8 bathrooms (can you imagine?) with perfect yards and many have guest homes and gorgeous backyards with pools. Most are in the 1.5 mil range – $2 mil. I’m guessing in California, these would be much closer to $10-$15 mil and you’d probably be neighbors with a Kardashian.


Dream Home Alert – There are some of the biggest, most beautiful homes like this on Armstrong Street in Dallas! I highly recommend driving down this street if you’re visiting Dallas.


<DETAILS by Dale> capris (old) H&M / Zara top (last seen here on my honeymoon) / Zara heels & handbag / Chloé shades / Hermés belt

Hope you had a great weekend and there’s all new posts coming this week! PS – Have you ever seen the show Fixer Upper that is based in Waco, Texas?



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  1. I am so glad you are enjoying Dallas. Some of those same homes in Houston would be $400K -$600K. It’s crazy and more expensive things are in SF/Bay Area.

  2. Wowza! I house hunted in Austin once. Not because I was actually moving there, but because we had time to waste and I had always heard that houses in Austin were inexpensive (compared to Cali). Found a lot of great, big houses for $400k and under — just like you did. And yes, I do sometimes watch Fixer Upper.

  3. Thanks for taking us on a little home tour in and around Dallas! Love your outfit!

    Good luck with the house hunt!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  4. Wow those homes are large and beautiful… I wouldn’t want a condo or apartment and I wouldn’t want to walk up tons of stairs… those houses would be outside my price range… 🙂 I do know what you mean about the costs being different from SF… I have friend in New York and she is paying astronomical rents for a one bedroom… I have come to love living in Halifax xox

    • Hi Launna, Yes rent prices in NYC and SF are crazy! They’re so expensive and I can see why you’ve come to love Halifax. I can’t wait to visit Canada one of these days. 🙂

  5. Wow!!! I can’t imagine what this type of property would cost in Switzerland or the UK.
    These images are what most of us can only dream about 😉
    I would be on Pinterest all day and night planning my interiors 😉
    Good luck Sweets x

    • Thanks Vanessa and I know what you mean, these houses are definitely dream homes compared to tiny flats in Europe. Hope you’re doing well! xo

  6. I love these images, Dale! It’s so fun to take a peek into dreamy neighborhoods like this. Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? 😉
    I’m a fan of Fixer Upper. I can’t believe the prices of homes in Waco. I wonder how many people have moved to Waco specifically due to the prices and PR of that show? Love the pearls, pretty lady!

    • Thanks Heather and everything does seem bigger here! Especially cars and houses. I can’t believe those prices in Waco either and I’ll have to let you know what it’s like when I go. There are so many cities in Texas! 🙂

  7. That’s it Honey – I’m moving to Dallas right now!!! My daughter too just have to get hubby to agree 😉

    Awesome post!

    Yvonne XX from Zurich (where real estate costs an absolute fortune)

  8. While staying at The Ritz in New Orleans, two guys were talking about how expensive San Francisco was. Thanks for sharing this information about Dallas. The homes are gorgeous.

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