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Why Was The Marimekko for Target Launch So Low Key ?


Have you heard about the latest designer collaboration with Target? The Nordic brand from Finland called Marrimekko officially launched today. Were you there? Judging from the turnout I saw in Dallas, my guess is ‘no’ after I was able to snap this pic of a fully stocked shelf nearly an hour after doors opened. Not typical in past Target collaborations I’ve seen.

I first heard about Marimekko for Target a few days ago and immediately set my alarm clock for Sunday at 6:45 am. Marimekko was new to me, but after checking out the Target lookbook I thought the prints were bright, fun. And the truth is, I really missed Target and how convenient it is while living in Switzerland. Not to get off topic, but if I wanted buy raspberries, Aspirin, a greeting card, and a television in Zürich, I would literally need to go to three different stores (only open Mon-Sat) and a pharmacy just to buy those items.

Anyway, back to my shopping trip to Marimekko for Target today after arriving at 7:45 am…


I missed the last few Target designer collabs, and heard the horror stories of what fashionistas went through last Spring with the Lily Pullitzer launch. Sold out in minutes with greedy jacked-up prices on E-bay. On the quick drive to our local Target in Dallas today before it started pouring rain, I prepared my husband for my past experiences from Versace for H&M to Missoni for Target.

It could get crazy,’ I said. We pulled into Target 15 minutes before it opened and there wasn’t a line. Not a single person except an employee out front.

I guess you’re the only crazy one in Dallas,’ my husband said. As it turns out there were eager shoppers who were waiting in their cars. Five minutes before the doors opened there was a small crowd of about 10 people and we all walked in together casually as a security guard and extra Target staff were on hand for the ‘rush.’


But there was no ‘rush,’ and it was actually refreshing being able to scan through all the items and decide what I wanted without people piling up their carts like I saw at Missoni and Jason Wu.

The baby items were adorable so I grabbed a couple bathing suits for baby Wilhelmina including the black & white bathing suit on the girl here and the flower print floppy hat for myself.


At Target in Dallas, Texas this morning about an hour after doors opened, there were still plenty of home wear pieces from Marimekko still available.

There were adorable items for your home and patio from serving trays and napkins to table runners and glasses. All of the prints were giving off a retro fun 60’s vibes.

Of course, I heard there were many Marimekko pieces sold-out online my midday, but for the most part this was one of the most low-key Target launches I’ve seen. The items from beach towels, kites, hammocks to swimwear are fun with a back-story printed of how the Finnish design came to life.


Table settings and fun prints at today’s launch. pic via NYMag.com

Now a bit about Marimekko below

According to Apartmenttherapy.comMarimekko began in the late 1940s, when a Finnish couple, Viljo and Armi Ratia, bought Printex, a company that produced printed oilcloths and textiles. Armi, Viljo’s wife (image 2), was the creative vision behind the new company, hiring young designers to create new patterns.


Marimekko for Target outfits, cover-ups & caftans above – pic via HelloGiggles.com

‘Though Marimekko dresses and textiles were gaining traction in America throughout the 1950s, the company’s popularity exploded in 1960, when Jackie Kennedy bought six Marimekko dresses for the campaign trail and wore one on the cover of Sports Illustrated.’

Now that I’m living in Dallas, I’m definitely reading a lot more about the Kennedy family and Jackie O. has always been a style inspiration to me and I can definitely see this brand becoming more mainstream in the US. Especially after this collab. Many of the pieces were soft, nice quality and the swimwear had built-in UV protection which was a perk. So did the hype heat up throughout the day with this collection?


After I got home after my weekly Target shopping was done, I noticed online items were starting to sell out online like this Lokki print navy & white beach towel yesterday. I got one extra and will do a Giveaway with it tomorrow in case it was on your must-have list!! Stay in touch with social media below.

Why the slow start with Marimekko for Target? Maybe because this was a European designer not as well known as past collabs or was it not hyped in the media as much as others (I just heard about it a few days ago)? Either way, Marimekko is definitely worth checking out at your local Target store if there’s anything left – and there should be with what I saw in Dallas. Plus, there are always returns and exchanges.

Had you heard about the Marimekko for Target collaboration launching today?





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  1. Dale, I hadn’t heard of Marimekko but we no longer have a Target, the store didn’t last long here… Walmart prevailed, from what I hear that was too bad as I’ve been told that Target had better quality items.. I am glad you were able to get a few items… the bathing suit is really cute xox

  2. I hadn’t heard of it before the commercials so that’s why I didn’t feel a big desire to shop. And it’s very colorful so not entirely my style. But I always find myself in Target each week so I’ll check it out soon.

    • I know what you mean Cheryl. I hadn’t either until I saw the commercial and it is definitely really colorful. Definitely check it out on your next Target run. I wonder if it was more popular in the Bay Area compared to Texas? 🙂

  3. I knew it was coming out, but there wasn’t much buzz about it. I think many are unfamiliar with the name. Glad you were able to get what you wanted without chaos Dale.

  4. That’s it Dale – after reading this I am going to have to come and visit you for a trip to Target 😉

    Lovely post, always so nice to read your updates!

    Yvonne XO

  5. Dale, I love Marimekko!! The shop at Stanford in Palo Alto is one of my favorites. I think people who are into design are more familiar maybe? I bought a dress today online, but noticed many of the home items are available at Targets nearby, so I may go tomorrow if I have time. I do think these collaborations get hyped and the products are often cruddy quality. This was supposed to be one of the better ones. I’ll let you know about my dress. The hats and baby things were so cute! xo Kim

  6. Hmm I did hear the buzz about Marimekko, but I wonder if it’s because Marimekko has already done collaborations (at least with Target) or because the price point is pretty decent anyway (not like a regular Jason Wu or Thakoon piece). Regardless, the prints are fab and I’m still trying my look online (and via my family!)

    • That’s true, I saw they’d done a collab with Banana Republic too. Yes I really liked the prints too and think they’re very bright and bold – perfect for Dallas hehe

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