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A Sweet Swiss Goodbye


You know that Facebook feature that privately shows in your news feed with throwback ‘Memories‘ from X amount of years ago? Some are good and some are like ‘eww, go away!’ But thanks to the feature, 3 years ago this this month marked when my husband proposed. I was nervously preparing for Swiss life and a big move away from San Francisco.

I recently wrote an article for the Fall/Winter edition of the international lifestyle print magazine based in Switzerland called ‘The Expat,‘ about having a baby in der Schweiz. The article, ‘From the Bump, Birth and Beyond,’ shared my diary and Top 10 Tips for New Moms in Switzerland. As it turns out; these pics were some of my last taken in Switzerland before we found out we were moving to Dallas. It was the first time I’d blow-dried my hair in months, and while overdressed (as it was nearly 75 degrees in September), Wilhelmina was a trooper as we snapped pics for the Fall/Winter edition of the magazine…


The Scene – In front of one of my favorite homes in Cham, Switzerland before we moved. In fact, one of my very first Swiss posts in my pre-baby style was in this exact same location.


My BFF – We pretty much eat every meal together, we hang out all day together, we have our inside jokes. She see’s me without makeup and tries to pull out my hair extensions and I don’t even care. She’s the definition of high-maintenance, but definitely my BFF.


(Sidenote) If you’re living in Switzerland (Zürich especially), you can pick up a copy of The Expat Magazine at these locations. There are so many articles with stories (from  and tips for expats, plus travel & events. Follow The Expat on Facebook here.


<DETAILS by Dale> My FAVORITE jeans (Citizens of Humanity) / Burberry jacket (last seen here) / Dolce & Gabbana boots / Wilhelmina in Baby Zara

This home along Lake Zug in Cham, Switzerland was along one of my favorite walks after she was born and one day, I will show Wilhelmina where she spent the first few months of her life. Do you have a special place you like to visit when you go back to the city where you were born and raised?


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  1. Wow Dale!!! Are you leaving Switzerland and moving back to the USA?
    Will you miss Switzerland or are you ready to go back?
    What a pity. I will probably be there in June.
    Safe journey back Sweets xx

  2. Dale, how is life outside of Switzerland? It must be a culture shock in Texas xox

    I didn’t know you hair extensions, they look amazing ♡ It’s true our children have our hearts and can get away with just about anything xox ♡♡

  3. Dale, these pics are so beautiful! It’s been fun watching you throughout the years. Here’s to many more!

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