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Simple 70’s Style. Hint: Just Add Suede


‘To me, the Seventies were very inspirational and very influential. With my whole persona as Snoop Dogg, as a person, as a rapper. I just love the Seventies style, the way all the players dressed nice, you know, kept their hair looking good, drove sharp cars and they talked real slick.’Snoop Dogg

I couldn’t agree more Snoop. Although I was just shy of living in the 70’s, I LOVE that the styles seem to cycle back every few years. Seventies prints might be bold and look like tacky sofa covers at times, but the retro swirls and wildflowers are everywhere right now! I slipped into a forgiving jersey knit dress for Thanksgiving and wanted to share my top 4 tips for Simple 70’s Style…


1. A Dress is All You Need – There’s no need to stock your closet with bell bottoms and fringe tops because all you really need is a dress in the 70’s print of your preference.


2. If it’s on the Short Side, Just Add Tights – If there’s one thing I learned living in Europe, it’s that women do not leave the house wearing dresses in cool weather without wearing tights or nylons. You never have to worry about silky smooth legs or a tan during winters in Switzerland, because you always.wear.tights.


3. Suede Heels – I bought these chunky suede heels a few years ago and wore them once. I was about to toss them in the giveaway box this Fall when the 70’s made a comeback. If you’re looking to add one 70’s look to your wardrobe, suede is very trendy right now – whether it’s a suede jacket, skirt, dress or heels.


4. You Don’t Need Feathered Hair – Sometimes you just need a little winter pick-me-up in the hair department. And with a 70’s outfit, I’m not a fan of going full Charlie’s Angels with the hair. A simple option is an understated ponytail with a retro 70’s outfit. After getting partial highlights (I highly recommend Cris at Toni & Guy in Zug, Switzerland), I had my bangs trimmed to complete my simple, slicked back ponytail.


<DETAILS by Dale> dress (recent) – H&M / tights – Calzedonia / heels (old) – H&M / Nails – OPI ‘Do You Take Lei Away’ / purse – Ferragamo

Cheers to that 70’s style in your closet. And special shout-out to friends here in Switzerland hosting some amazing Giveaways! Follow my_sweet_valentine on instagram as she hosts her Advent Calendar Giveaway with new prizes every day. And FunkyForty with her new post ‘Staying Visible after 40′ + a Chance to Win a cute Micro Scooter’



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  1. Dale, I like your 70’s look… I grew up in the era and never liked the clothes… I do like how they have upgraded them these days ♡ xox

  2. This is such a cute post Dale – LOVE that dress on you and the heels are adorable!

    Yvonne XX

  3. You are rocking this 70’s look girlfriend!! This is such a fun look on you. The print makes it feel fresh and fun. Love the tip on the tights. Somehow dressing in the fall is just so much easier. I’m loving the layers this season-such a comfy way to dress.
    We are getting loads of rain here in Chico today–such a wonderful change!
    Hope you are enjoying many holiday festivities!

  4. Love love this outfit! You are looking fabulous!

  5. Dale I love this look on you! So pretty. I have the blouse version of this print and am crazy about it. The tights and suede shoes are so cute with this as well. I did get to live in the 70s and it was cool.. I had platforms as a 9 year old! Can you believe it? I was really into clothes though. Hope you are enjoying the season over there! Have a good weekend. xo Kim

  6. This dress is amazing! As is the whole look!!! Thinking I’m going to need to scoop this one up. So cute!! Happy Holidays girl 🙂 xo

  7. That dress is so gorgeous! I love the print Dale and you’re right about the tights thing. Gorgeous suede shoes!

  8. Thanks for sharing.I love it!

  9. These photos are just amazing

  10. Great post :)So beautiful pics!

  11. This photo shoot is breathtaking!

  12. Love this dress, amazing, and thanks for your share

  13. Absolutely not a single look.

  14. It is so beautiful. Nice choice.

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