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5 Pick-Me-Ups When You’re Feeling Down Now


The past 6 days have been tough. I’ve felt every emotion from sadness to fear and beyond. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve been tuning into CNN and SkyNews LIVE for hours each day since the Paris attacks. The breaking news as we were finishing up dinner last Friday night in Switzerland was horrifying! And the stories, photos and continuing news of the terror attack details that have taken place around the world are beyond upsetting.

A few nights ago, as I watched the footage of the pregnant woman hanging out of the second story window of the Bacalan theater in Paris, it was just too much. She survived. But I decided I needed a break from the non-stop heartbreaking news and rising death tolls.

Maybe you’re feeling that way too? So I tuned out of CNN, scrolled past political debates on Facebook, and muted my phone to avoid the ‘Breaking News Updates’ on Twitter. I tried to think about something else beyond the pain people were feeling all over the world for a few hours. Here is what helped…

  1. Taking deep breaths and doing a 30 minute Youtube Pilates or Yoga session. (I like Efit30)
  2. Reading positive posts about Paris like this one by my friend Heather of StyleMindChic ‘Paris on my Mind, Today and Always‘ or watching the viral video of the man in France explaining to his young son about fighting the ‘bad guys‘ with flowers.
  3. Trying not to feel afraid. I completely agree with Kim of NorthernCalStyle when she wrote…‘I feel so useless to help, but after reading many others posts, I have concluded one thing, that we cannot let these people put terror in our hearts.’
  4. Talking and asking questions. Living in Europe has made me me realize I never paid enough attention to geography and history while living in California. Everything over here seemed so far away. I’ve asked my husband A LOT of questions lately just to catch up on decade old conflicts. Just talking about what you’re feeling from sadness to anger with someone you’re close to is so helpful. (Sidenote) If you feel a little lost about what is going on in Syria, the new PBS Frontline episode (airing before the Paris attacks on Oct. 27th) explains a lot – although it’s hard to watch.
  5. Writing. If you’re feeling fearful or uneasy at the end of the night, I highly recommend writing a quick journal entry, drafting a blog, or typing an email to yourself about what you’re feeling. Whatever you do, don’t read breaking details on DailyMail right before bed.

Praying, hoping, and wishing for peace in Paris and the rest of the world.



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  1. Carolin Willner says:

    I feel exactly the same way! I felt so much anxiety these last couple of days that I decided to stop reading news all day long. Every time now my brain wants to panic over it I either read a couple of pages of a good book, do some reps of an exercise or play a game for 5′. The best thing we can do now is not let fear take over and stick together 🙂

    Thank you for those tipps Dale! <3

  2. Super nice!

    Yvonne XX

  3. Good morning Dale–
    I can only imagine how this news has impacted you living in Europe. It all feels so much closer doesn’t it? I’m glad that you and yours are safe. Thank you for sharing this excellent list of tips to ease the sadness and anxiety. I like that you started with the deep breathing since that is an immediate brain changer and anxiety reducer–and can be done anywhere. I do feel that the best way to support our friends, our country and our freedom is to refuse to allow this kind of terror to define the way we live our lives. The video of the dad and little boy is amazing. I’m so glad you shared that one. It’s a bright spot in the darkness.
    Happy Thanksgiving dear Dale!
    xx, Heather

  4. I feel as if the entire world is under attack! And for what? It’s madness what’s going on. Talking and writing it out will definitely help.

  5. It’s hard to feel calm during a scary time but these are great tips – thanks for sharing Dale. I especially like #1 – exercise always make me feel better no matter what the problem!

  6. I hear you Dale. It’s just too close for comfort once you live in Europe. For you and I it’s practically on our doorsteps. My cousins from Switzerland were actually in Paris the week before , so they were really feeling it. I just try not to watch any of the coverage just before bed because then I would never sleep. I do worry about travelling now also; something I never ever worried about before (especially as all the news channels are saying that the UK will be next!!!) I can’t even begin to think about that 🙁
    Hope you are well Sweets xx

  7. Dale, I loved this post. I so needed it after watching so much on the television. The pregnant woman was too much. That god she was okay. You are very kind to share my post. It’s so hard..In one way you want to watch the news so you can be connected and know what is happening, but it just almost fuels anxiety. Great idea writing about it and doing deep breathing. I know it’s got to be harder Dale as you are closer to it all. I’ve decided to check out a bit and am reading a few good novels. Be safe and take care of your little family. Hugs xo Kim

  8. Amen.Wish we have a peace world.

  9. Great post.Thanks for sharing.

  10.  This post is so refreshing

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