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Techs & the City – ‘Urban Mom Edition’


‘Do people break into cars in San Francisco for baby car seats?’ was a question I started to ‘google’ as we arrived in the city a couple weeks ago. Then I realized, if in doubt, take it out. And that means everything. Car break-ins are at a disturbingly all-time high in San Francisco. If you plan to visit any time soon, do.not.leave a single thing in your car or you’ll likely find your window(s) smashed the next morning. As you can see, I was already in cautious mom mode for our time in the city.

It was my first time visiting CA since Wilhelmina was born, and although I lived nearly 10 years in San Francisco before moving to Switzerland, I knew this trip would be a whole new ballgame with a baby. It’s not an anti-baby city, but I definitely got the feeling at a few coffee shops in SOMA, if there was an app to detect and avoid approaching infants, it would be downloaded in SF. Insane traffic and filthy streets aside, the week was beautiful with summer temps you can expect this time of year in San Francisco


The Scene – SF (SOMA district). I decided to crop the littered sidewalks out of the other pics in this post. There is new construction was everywhere and the housing market is cazy! Directly across the street from this photo was a building of condos built over a decade ago. They were having an open house for the only available unit for sale. A 682 Sq. foot apartment 1 bedroom/1 bath. Price: $849,000. Welcome to San Francisco.


 Uber for Babies!? – I didn’t attempt Uber because I wasn’t sure how it would work with the baby and car seat running errands. Plus, I figured ‘Surge Pricing‘ would kick in by the time I got my buggie, baby and bags on board. Any city moms with advice on this? With perfect weather we walked all over the city with our rugged, Britax stroller. It handled potholes, construction zones, and easily navigated around sights in the city a baby should never see.


Switch to the Mini Bag in the City! – I usually have my Adora tote in the bottom of the baby stroller next to the diaper bag in Switzerland, but I didn’t want anyone to steal it in SF so I decided to stick everything of value in my mini-bag as I walked through the city.


Cool Mom Sneaks! – I seriously love my GEOX sneakers. They’re an Italian brand of shoes  (that need to have stores in the US) with a cheesy tag-line that their shoes are made to breath with little holes in the bottom. I wore them all over the city and walked for miles blister-free.


Techs & the City Part II – It was great to be back in the Bay and although nowhere near as clean or safe-feeling as Zurich, I do love San Francisco. Of course, it was a much slower pace with the baby than Part I ‘The Work Date’ last summer running around the city in my Fiat.


<DETAILS by Dale> ivory dress (old) – Banana Republic / sneakers – GEOX Shoes / stroller – Britax / watch – Vintage / bag – Ferragamo / sunglasses – Calvin Klein

Do you have any city tips for moms?



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  1. Dale, I am glad you got to visit San Fransisco… I thing before I travel anywhere I better check each place carefully… note to self, do no leave anything in a car… The prices there see like what they pay in Vancouver and more… it is ridiculous there… Nova Scotia is a lot cheaper but then we don’t have that fabulous weather. I am loving on the sneakers, I want a pair, so cute xox

  2. I bet there is a difference Dale. Crime is rampant here also. I leave nothing in my car and my motto is ‘get and go’. I think you did well. One has to be vigilant.

  3. No tips from me sorry. But I certainly loved getting a little heads up about SF. I plan to visit early Feb and I am HOPELESS when it comes to leaving things in parked cars. My friends are even worse then me so I’m going to have to be constantly aware of this hahaha!


  4. Aww Dale, you and little Mina look so adorable. I am glad the weather was great for your visit before returning to cold yet beautiful Switzerland. Hope to see you the next time you are in town.

  5. Awesome post dear! Have a nice day:)


  6. Super cute bag and sneaks!! I can’t believe all the breakins! Abe is always warning me not to leave stuff in my car and I always thought he was being crazy but I guess I should be more careful!

  7. I was just wondering how you were doing. You look amazing!
    I also don’t leave much in my car either. My friend got her entire wardrobe and wedding gifts stolen on her honeymoon in Rome (even though she stuck everything in the trunk). I’ve also gotten my windows smashed in France. It’s not safe in a lot of places!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

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