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The New Nespresso – Milano & Palermo


Maybe you grew up listening to the ‘Folgers‘ jingle, but it’s pretty much all about pods now when it comes to at-home coffee brewing machines. When I first met my husband, we went on quite a few coffee dates, and within a few months he pretty much convinced my entire family to buy a Nespresso machine. Since then, we’ve all been hooked. So when I moved to Switzerland, the home of Nespresso headquarters, one of my favorite errands to run was buying new pods in the store (I’ll explain below) and they just released the newest flavors: ‘tribute to Palermo,’ and ‘tribute to Milano.’

And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I just love Nespresso! I was excited to try the new Italian flavor creations last week at my in-laws in Frankfurt (photo credit Savvy Senior) and wanted to share my TOP 5 Reasons to get your own Nespresso machine (if you don’t have one already)…


TOP 5 Reasons to Own a Nespresso

  1. It’s More Stylish – I’m not trying to say Starbucks is chopped liver, because I still go there too, but Nespresso has this stylish European edge. From the coffee accessories to the sugar packets; it feels classy. You can almost close your eyes for a second and feel like your sipping a cappuccino at a bistro in Italy.
  2. It’s SOO Easy – I grew up working in restaurants as a teen and HATED making coffee with the pots, filters and frustration; but Nespresso is a whole different story. I simply take a glass, put the pod inside the machine and press a button, then add sugar + cream. It’s 15 seconds out of my day.
  3. Club Nespresso Makes You Feel Special –Going to an actual Nespresso store is such a nice experience. After picking out new pods and what intensity to buy, you can go to their coffee bar for a complimentary espresso or whatever you like and they even give you a little custom leather key chain they can easily scan to look up your account.
  4. The Milk Frother – The foam on a cappuccino is one of my favorite parts of ‘coffee time’ and the Nespresso milk frother makes foam in less than a minute so I can pile it on my home-made-coffee and it’s exactly the same as a coffee shop.
  5. Saves Money & Calories – Each Nespresso coffee pod is less than a dollar and because they are smaller, it can be a big calorie saver! I love that they don’t push ‘Big Grande’ coffee’s on you and the simple, clever way Nespresso talks about the calories: ‘Coffee is a pure and natural product, consisting only of water and roasted coffee bean extract. Unsweetened black coffee is naturally low in calories ( <1 kcal). No additives are present in our capsules. Adding milk to the coffee can bring additional nutritional benefits to the coffee. Milk is a good source of various essential nutrients. Nevertheless, milk, cream and sugar provide calories which might become significant if regularly consumed.’


DETAILS – Sipping the new Milano (smooth & elegant) and Palermo (rich & spicy) flavors last weekend in Germany. (Thanks to Nespresso for the sneak peek to try the new ‘limited edition’ pods early). PS – They sell Nespresso machines at Costco now and here’s more below! Do you have a coffee maker at home? What’s your fave…




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  1. Makes me want a cup Dale! I’ll have to try it!

  2. Nice post Dale. We drink nespresso all the time – esp blogging at home our little coffee machine became a life saver 😉

    Have to get these new flavours – are they very strong?

    Yvonne xx

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