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Walk It Off


Taylor Swift may ‘shake it off‘ again this summer, but I’ll just stick to walking. The past week I’ve started to feel like myself again and I take Wilhelmina out for a walk every day. She loves it and I need it. While the thought of running makes every bone in my body cringe, walking has been A-okay. Especially as the sun sets in Switzerland on long summer evenings, we take her out for a stroll. Forget dessert – fresh air and a happy, quiet baby is a true delicacy for any parents with a newborn.

When it came to shopping for a baby stroller while I was pregnant, my husband took the reins. He started doing serious research while I was still in my first trimester. Style, design, safety – he was Googling every stroller you could imagine, so I let him make the final decision. What a surprise? Apparently he likes his baby buggies like he does his automobiles – classic black and made in Germany. ‘Wow, check out the suspension on this,’ he said pushing it along the dirt path last night. ‘And do you see these tires are for off-roading too? We can even get snow tires in the winter!‘ he added. The baby bells and whistles impress me too, but the truth was, I was just soaking in the sights and sounds of the Swiss countryside during a moment out of the house…


The SceneSuper casual sunset walk in Switzerland


<Our Britax stroller that she seems to love and naps in during the day inside so I can easily move her to different rooms>


<Wilhelmina 2 weeks old>


<Hot Pink nails by Sinful Colors called ‘Bikini‘ – the only bikini I’ll be wearing this summer>


<Sunflowers in full bloom>


<The always punctual Swiss trains pass along every few minutes>


<DETAILS by Dale> I Love these Nikes and had to go up in size during my pregnancy so I wear them daily now / nail polish – Sinful Colors (Sold at Walgreens & Walmart) / basic black outfit – top & shorts Old Navy / sunglasses – Prada>

Hope you had a great weekend and are you a fan of sunset walks?



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  1. Nawww she is so precious Dale. I hope she hasn’t been too much of a handful though! Enjoy your walks at dusk (and the peace and quiet hehehe!)


  2. Wilhelmina is such a doll and you look fab! Seriously my abdominal area was crazy for almost a month…
    You are doing such a fab job of going out too. I didn’t do that enough and should have done it for my sanity!

    Britax is a German brand? The wheels look similar to my Bugaboo. The suspension is also fab there! We just got my sister-in-law’s lightweight stroller though. It is nice to have a light one for travel!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

    • Thanks LLL! 🙂 I think it’s easier in the summer because I’m not so sure I’d be as motivated in the freezing cold winters here. 🙂 I just googled Britax and didn’t realize how large it is…they have international offices all over the world and our’s here is from the German division ‘Britax Römer,’ but I don’t think it’s originally a German brand.

      PS — What kind of lightweight one did you get from your sister-in-law?

  3. What a gorgeous place to walk! Good for you for getting out and getting exercise so quickly! Wilhelmina is adorable and I love her little bunny 🙂

  4. Dale it sounds like you are adjusting very well to motherhood. Walking is great for both of you and you have a beautiful area to walk in. Shoe size, with each of my pregnancy’s my shoe size increased 1/2 size. I used to be a 7 1/-2. Enjoy motherhood. Children grow up so fast! It seems like you blink and they are off to college

  5. Dale, she is so adorable! The cutest thing! Your husband didn’t an excellent job picking out a stroller! It is gorgeous and I can tell it’s sturdy. Wilhelmina is in a Bentley! HAHAHAHA Walking is the best form of exercise and Dale you look great. You’ve lost the weight already. Keep it up. I love her bunny! Those ears are just too cute.

  6. Dale, your daughter is a darling… I think walking is one of the best exercises you can do… The Nikes you are wearing are so cute… I am a massive fan of Nike sneakers. Have a really wonderful week ahead ♡♡ xox

  7. I love this post, Dale! I’m sure many new parents are echoing your same feelings about 2 weeks in (blissful and tired?) with a new baby. Getting out for fresh air and exercise sounds so smart. It looks like your little one loves these walks as well. Your hubby did a great job on stroller selection! I’m just back from 2 weeks of vacation and having fun catching up with my blog friends today. 🙂
    Happy mid-summer, Dale!
    xx, Heather

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