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My California Baby Shower


Green or yellow?  We decided to wait to find out our baby’s gender until he or she gets here because I love surprises, but it definitely complicates the ‘prep‘ part for the color scheme of shopping, the nursery and the shower. Thankfully Pinterest is always there to rescue the day and I’m pretty sure Pinterest should be thanked for improving communications between mothers and daughters across the world.

I talk to my mom almost daily on the phone when I’m in Switzerland (6:30 am my time is 9:30 pm her time) and from my ’13 wedding to the baby shower, we had fun pinning cute ideas we loved, but couldn’t quite describe over the phone. My mom, sister and aunt put on a beautiful California baby shower for me last Saturday and I’m excited to share photos of last weekend celebrating with family and friends…


<Instead of yellow & green, the color theme was mint & peach and my mom hosted the party on my parents back deck in Northern California. The weather was perfect in the mid 70’s and while there is a severe drought, luckily there’s been enough rain to keep Nor-Cal green through Spring>


<The Lunch Menu>


<A garland of baby pics from guests and Jakob & I>


<Little Details – She ordered these white cloth napkins & cylinder bud vases that almost looked like test tube vases from Amazon. If you’re planning a party, Amazon Prime is better than any party rental business>


<The Shower Crew! It was so great to see cousins, friends and family from all over Northern California>


<Welcome Apero – My husband and little brother cooked all the food while the ladies were sipping on Peach Bellinis. He loves to add a little European flair to every meal so he created a little Italian style Apero as guests arrived with a mini olive bar, seasoned chips and fresh bread sticks from the best local bakery in town, Schats>


<Pinterest Score – My mom was trying to explain these little veggie dips she saw on Pinterest and created them in these (about the size of shot glasses). Just cut skinny carrots and celery, add a little Ranch dressing or dip and serve. You can use these little 2.5 oz parfait glasses for mini-desserts too and they come with cute sterling silver spoons>


<Time for Lunch>


<My mom, sister and I in the sun / My aunt Jean and I / My friend I’ve known since college, Kristen>


<Mini cupcakes from Kara’s Cupcakes in San Francisco. They sponsored the Savvy Sleepers launch party a couple years ago and I’ve loved them ever since – especially Red Velvet>


<Gift Time – When I started opening all the newborn baby clothes, it started to feel so real that I’d be putting them on a real mini human being in a couple months. Luckily they’re tiny, so I was able to squeeze every little outfit, bib and blankie into a large suitcase back to Switzerland. The handmade quilts were so thoughtful and those gifts you just keep for-ev-er>


<Hermione with her little girl, Venice, who was more interested in the lemon sorbet ice-cream push-pops my sister made for the shower>


<A New Generation – I have 3 cousins on my mom’s side expecting this summer. My cousin Whitney is due in May, me in June and Michelle in July. Lots of babies coming soon!>

Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for all the bump compliments and pregnancy tips in the last few posts.



PS – I got my Whale Print Jersey dress by Julie Brown at Last Call by Neiman Marcus (new store in SF on Market Street). It’s not maternity, but it’s jersey knit, super stretchy, really good quality and on sale. I love the prints and styles of all her dresses below. They remind me of DVF.

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  1. Dale congratulations again and may God bless you and your addition to complete your family. Also beautiful photos and thank you for sharing.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less
    Visit my personal #FashionDiary and get inspired with my Daily Looks! http://www.facebook.com/MadForFashionForLess

  2. So pretty. The test tube vases are phenomenol! Congrats again, Dale!

  3. You look absolutely stunning! I love that the shower colors were mint & peach 🙂

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  4. I love the mint and peach theme and you look so beautiful! Congratulations! Such an exciting time 🙂

  5. Dale, this was so sweet… your mom and family threw you such a great baby shower… I too didn’t care to know the sex of my girls… I waited both times… I did try to find out with Valentina for my ex husband but she didn’t cooperate and I was secretly happy about it… lol

    You look so lovely and radiant… I wish the best for all the ladies in your family who are expecting… wonderful xox

  6. Oh Dale, this was so nice! I’m infatuated with the printed napkins with the cupcakes and whimsical items on them. They are so cute. Absolutely lovely set up! Your mom did a great job and everyone looked like they had a fabulous time. I can’t wait to find out what you’re having! SO EXCITING!!!!

  7. Ahah, the last pic made me so laugh, you 3 look so beautiful! Congrats to your mom, she has such an amazing, classy and super taste, Im not wondered though knowing yours!:) The party must have been a blast, love every single detail and decor, the color scheme, mint and peach, is so cute and perfect if you still dont know the gender, love surprise as well and Im super excited for you! How wonderful you are! A bunch of hugs to you Dale! xo

  8. What a beautiful baby shower Dale! You must miss these people so much and I know your mom will need to see your sweet little baby as soon as it’s born:) The food looks so good and love those cupcakes! You look happy and healthy with a growing baby bump! xxleslie

  9. Adorable!!! You are too cute Dale. What a pretty shower. I love all the fun ideas too. You have a loving family and nothing makes you realize it more than days like that. Looks like beautiful day you had weather wise too. I am so excited for you and this next phase of your life! You will love being a mommy. xoxo Kim
    p.s The dress was darling! I wish they had such cute maternity things when I was pregnant 17 years ago!

  10. Oh Dale-this is just so perfect! Your baby bump has grown since I saw you last month. You are still glowing. I love all the little touches. Your mom outdid herself! It looks like your sweet hubby and brother created an incredible spread. These are the moments of life. What a gift that you have these beautiful photos, with family and friends, to remember these sweet days. So happy for you!
    xx, Heather
    PS-Be sure to join the Lifestyle LinkUp on Friday-I’m hosting with Jennifer. Would love to have your gorgeous blog in the mix! 😉

  11. What a gorgeous baby shower! It is so wonderful that your entire family pitched in from your husband to mom and sister. You look lovely and your family is so lucky to have 3 more members soon!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  12. How freaking adorable are you!!! I love how many ladies in your fam are preggo at the same time – you’re kids will be besties! Also – I am obsessed with this cute quirky dress, why do I always go into that store at the wrong time when they have NOTHING!!!

    xoxoxo Jill
    Latest Post – Latest Post – Billowy Heart-Printed 90’s Shorts – The Cutest They’ve Ever Been

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