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4 Tips to Winterize Your Look


Hello Winter! Last week, we had our first real snow storm this winter in Switzerland. I didn’t leave the house for two days. It was New Year’s Eve, my Fiat was covered in 3 feet of snow that just kept falling and Uggs or not, walking to the grocery store was out of the question. Finally, feeling like a stir crazy house cat, I said to my husband, ‘How do people live in this? What if it was a work day? Do people just stay home?’  

‘Of course they go to work SnowCat, they’re used to this,’ he replied. But I’m starting to believe how you handle winter might depend on where you were born and raised. A fellow expat blogger I know, Lisa, from San Diego now living in Switzerland who writes The Honeymoon Life just shared how her Scandinavian friends in Zurich have their bundled up babies nap in strollers outside during winter because the cold, fresh air helps them sleep. ‘They like to say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing,’ she writes. Thankfully by the weekend, it had thawed out when my husband and I ventured out in the city. Here’s my TOP 4 TIPS this winter from staying moisturized to officially WINTERIZED this January…


The Scene – We brunched in Zurich at a restaurant called Bebek! It’s a new restaurant and one of the best meals I’ve had in Switzerland with Mediterranean dishes (which are called Oriental here) that reminded me of Istanbul.


1. Winterize your Feet – Ballerina flats and heels are a no-go in snow. I wore my UGGs in fresh powder a couple weeks ago and they got soaking wet, which is when I learned UGGs makes a ‘Water and Stain Repellant‘ sold at Nordstom. I also love these leather hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law and rain boots over thick socks.


2. Leather Leggings – I bought these faux leather pants at Forever21 years ago and my legs always feel warmer in these compared to skinny jeans or regular cotton leggings.


3. Combat Chronic Dry Hands – My skin gets so dry in the winter here and I can’t go 3 hours without hand creme! My favorite this winter is the French brand L’Occitane en Provence (super moisturizing and not greasy) and this Almond Milk hand creme is part of a Hand Creme Set (on sale). Put one in every purse and you won’t regret it!


4. Winterized Layering – When it’s -3 °C outside and even a sliver of your skin is exposed, it feels like an ice-cube fell down your shirt. Although not shown here, I always wear a scarf, gloves and a cotton undershirt or tank tucked into my pants under my sweater. Then I add the warmest puffy or fluffy coat I can find.


<DETAILS by Dale> Cable Knit sweater – Target / jacket –  Burberry Outlet / pants (old) – Forever21 / boots (old) – Prada / front & back pearl earrings – Splenderosa (last seen here) / handbag – Ferragamo / hand creme – L’Occitane


What were the winters like where you grew up…mild and rainy or harsh with snow? What do you prefer now and if you have any ‘Winter Style’ products you love, please share…



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  1. That jacket is everything!

  2. Dale, I was born and raised in Halifax, NS… as a child I remember having lots of snow… lately we only get a bad year here and there (last year being horrible)… I do believe it depends on where you are from … my ex is from Russia, he knows how to dress for Winter, years ago, he bought me really expensive and nice winter boots, I am still wearing them after 10 years and he has given me the best winter coats over the years, they keep me toasty warm. I am not a girl who loves a ton of layers but since I walk so much, no matter the weather, I am truly grateful for the warm items I have that keep the cold out..

    I love your little outfit, it is so cute on you… Have a great weekend, I hope it doesn’t snow there xox

  3. Dale, you ALWAYS look like a MILLION BUCKS!!! Such a glamour girl. Girl, I can’t take all that snow either. You should’ve seen me getting out of Ohio in October. LOL I would be in all winter. It’s in the 30’s here in New Orleans and I’m frigid. LOVE your jacket, bag and leggings. Those boots are absolutely amazing. LOVE

  4. Dale that sounds pretty cold! Yikes, I can see why you wouldn’t venture out. I imagine it’s cozy, but then gets a little confining! It must be a transition being a California girl. I love your jacket. Very cute look here. I also have to use heavy hand creme constantly now. I too love the L’Occitane and also SkinFood from Weleda. Happy New Year Dale!! x Kim

  5. I can’t believe how cold it is there! I would not go outside at all I am such a wuss. You look fabulous in your Winterized look and I especially love those leggings. What a good find! xoxo, Bethann

  6. Love the outfit! The leggings are so nice! I need to find a pair! Love them with the boots too!! You have a great blog!

  7. I would have presumed y’all stayed in when it snows heavy and stuff. I really thought you did. But I guess Europeans are a tough lot. I’d just want to stay in and curl up by the fire and watch it fall in the window…


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